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  • IntroductionDemetrio Maguigad
  • Who is CMW?Who we areWhat we do
  • Discuss what will be covered:Gaining a perspective of the social webDeveloping a social media policyDeveloping a social media strategyUnderstanding tools and tacticsSearch engine optimizationThen discuss what they would like to learn or focus on
  • Preparing for the danceUnderstanding the dynamics of the danceNiche groupsListening and engagement
  • Creating an online communications strategy by developing a social media policy and plan of actionExample of problem and developing strategy:Strategy Center LA
  • RAZORFISHCoca-Cola
  • Exercise using the Social Media Policy WorksheetHave a few people read their policyShow them the Social Media Policy Generator
  • Have them work on the social media game worksheetShare their results
  • Survey the room regarding what they learned about Soc med policy and planning
  • Managing the day to daySocial media is not free – you need to invest time to be successful
  • Tactics encompass the learning and use of tools and providing the time to reach the goals.
  • Measuring landing pages
  • What is it?Optimizing your web presence/content for search engines to improve ranking and searchabilitySpeedOrganizedRelative LinksConsistency
  • Organizing data and information and allowing it to move freely = the web
  • IntroductionPresentersExpertise Nora FerrellExpertise Demetrio Maguigad
  • Social media-strategy-presentation

    1. 1. social media strategy
    2. 2. Connecting the Community with Media, the Workshop promotes news that matters!
    3. 3. collaborative learning space
    4. 4. what is thesocial web?
    5. 5. It’s kind of like…
    6. 6. creating a plan of action
    7. 7. online communications strategydeveloping a social media policy & plan
    8. 8. social media policy
    9. 9. a social media policy defines andsets guidelines for…who is communicating onlinewhat is to be communicatedwhat is NOT to be communicatedhow and where organizational messages are communicateddemonstrating and strengthening the organizational voice,it’s values and over all brandPreventing communications crisis or procedures for handling crisismuch more…
    10. 10. social media policy case studies
    11. 11. social media policy worksheet
    12. 12. social media plan
    13. 13. elements of a social media plan…audiencemeasurable goalsdesired outcomes – what is to be changed?analysis of media landscapemessaging and framingdefined content & conversationstacticsresources needed
    14. 14. social media plan worksheet
    15. 15. 10 min break
    16. 16. and we are back
    17. 17. developing a social media policy & plan review
    18. 18. tactics = tools + time
    19. 19. nurturing a community creating and sharing multimedia content generating buzz tools participating in conversationslisteningand monitoring time
    20. 20. push + pull = control
    21. 21. search engine optimization
    22. 22. social media game!
    23. 23. Q+A
    24. 24. social media strategyDemetrio MaguigadNew Media Manager, Community Media or