Wildfire - Optimizing Social Engagement Across the Enterprise


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Social networks like Facebook and Twitter create powerful opportunities for brands
to engage with consumers. But to harness the full value, you need a robust platform
that lets you create, manage, and optimize your social media presence.

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Wildfire - Optimizing Social Engagement Across the Enterprise

  2. 2. WILDFIRE HELPS BRANDS DRIVE BUSINESS RESULTSSocial networks like Facebook and Twitter create powerful opportunities for brandsto engage with consumers. But to harness the full value, you need a robust platformthat lets you create, manage, and optimize your social media presence. That’s what1. brands are building brand awareness and creating buzz with unprecedented speed and impact.2. Capture leads and consumer data. For many brands, lead generation is the #13. social media as an always-on communication channel, allowing them to engage with consumers and show their personality in an authentic way.4. into their entire marketing strategy, brands turbocharge their marketing across all channels, including print, broadcast, digital, and in-store.5. incremental sales. Common tactics include the use of coupons, discounts, and other
  3. 3. MULTIPLE SOCIAL NETWORK SUPPORT LINKEDINhaving a Facebook account, they are likely to be active on othersocial networks. On Twitter, they follow celebrities, causes, through targeted ads, promotions, and branded content.and other interests. On LinkedIn, they maintain professionalcontacts. On Pinterest, they pin items about products they YOUTUBElike or intend to buy. On Google+, they engage with circles world’s 2nd-largest social network with over 800 million users.presence and engage with consumers across all these channels GOOGLE+ Reach consumers through Google+, including its uniqueFACEBOOK “hangouts” that bring users together in live video chats. WithCreate and maintain multiple Facebook pages; design andpublish all types of rich content; schedule, post, and manage designed to engage Google+ users and drive viral activity.messages; run and optimize ads; and launch and manage any PINTERESTkind of promotion (contests, coupons, sweepstakes, giveaways,quizzes, surveys, and much more). your Pinterest assets by automatically re-publishing your pinTWITTER boards on your Facebook pages, allowing you to drive moreaudience through engaging tweets, targeted ads, high-impactpromotions, and rich media content. Create, schedule, publish,and manage Twitter content from a single platform. Wildfire Suite 2.0 enables brands to manage their social media presence across multiple social networks through a single, integrated enterprise platform. 1
  4. 4. BROCHURE | Personalizing Interactions Between Brands And ConsumersDATA-DRIVEN SOCIAL MARKETINGthe power of data-driven social marketing and master the complete socialDEVELOP YOUR STRATEGY PUBLISH DATA-DRIVEN CONTENTSuccessful social media marketing begins with a well- tools enabling you to develop and publish all kinds of impact messages, pages, ads, and promotions that aretechnology platform necessary to support and enableyour strategy. But we recognize that technology alone is can publish that content across multiple social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels,application of best practices and a robust methodology and to your website and microsites. And you canfor achieving consistent and ongoing results. dashboards and reports to inform your content development and publish data-driven content – trackStrategists work in tight coordination with your social what content is working best, and continuously optimize your approach.technology is aligned with your strategy and businessstrategies and tactics designed and optimized allows you to create, publish, and manage beautiful content without any technical skills required. Withknowledge of what works best in social media. Ourcampaign, and they maintain ongoing and regular content once and simultaneously publish it to multiplecommunication and support throughout your use of means your content will automatically look great on all devices – smartphones, tablets, and desktops – without2
  5. 5. Comprehensive, detailed analytics enable brands to continuously refine and improve their social media content to drive ongoing engagement and business results.MEASURE AND REFINE MANAGE AND CONTROL The ability to manage and control your social mediasocial media marketing are those that set precisely presence and activities is critical to ensuring consistent constant concern for companies is the potential risk toresults. Through comprehensive, real-time analytics, the brand and to the company’s reputation from social media activity. Companies need to guard againstyour social media marketing activities, so you can unauthorized or inappropriate use of social channels.content are producing the most engagement, which social marketing activities and delegate publishing andpromotions and campaigns are driving the most content management rights, while minimizing risk toparticipation, which ads are yielding the best results. your brand and reputation. Key management and control capabilities that are builtanalytics provide detailed visibility into every aspect ofyour social media marketing. View metrics and results Role-based Permissions:at an aggregate level across all your activities and modify roles, customize permissions attached toproperties, or at a highly granular level providing roles, and assign users to roles.campaigns and properties, and you can also compareyour performance against industry benchmarks. Ready- Audit Trail: Allows brands to audit their usage of themade reports allow you to easily communicate yoursocial media performance and results to team and date/time stamp.members and management. 3
  6. 6. BROCHURE | Personalizing Interactions Between Brands And ConsumersWILDFIRE SOCIAL MARKETING SUITE 2.0COMPLETE INTEGRATED SOLUTION And for completely customized content, code your own reusable templates. Pages also includes native supportset of tools that enable companies of all sizes and kind for mobile devices. Create your content once and it runsto create and manage their social media presence optimally on any device – desktop, tablet, or smartphone.across multiple properties and networks. Promotions Promotions is the industry-leading solution to create, run, and manage high-impact social promotions that drive business results. Build and launch a promotion in a matter of minutes, with no technical skills whatsoever. Choose from the industry’s widest selection of formats, including sweepstakes, coupons, giveaways, and more. customize your content look and feel. And it gives you powerful results data, including referral sources, third party tracking, advanced demographics, Likes and followers gained. Ads Ads enables you to plan, purchase, manage, and optimize social advertising across multiple networks includingWildfire Social Marketing Suite 2.0 provides a complete set of integratedtools that enable brands of all sizes to create, manage, and optimize Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The Ads tool integratestheir global social media marketing across leading social networks. with unique technology from Adaptly, the leading providerMessagesMessages is a comprehensive solution that enables you such as Kraft and Pepsi. It automatically optimizes yourto create, schedule, publish, and manage messages only clicks, but downstream engagement such as Likesapplication. View incoming and published messages in promotions while reducing advertising cost and increasing click-through and engagement.Schedule messages to post at pre-determined times, and Analyticstarget your messages using various parameters. Analytics provides comprehensive tools for tracking andMessages can contain multimedia content, includingphotos, videos, and links. to continuously improve your strategy and drive betterPages results. Pre-built reports and dashboards provide messages, and promotions. View summary rollups oryour pages up and running quickly. For more customized across numerous variables. View and compare yourcontent, modify any pre-built template at the code level. performance against industry benchmarks.4
  7. 7. GLOBAL LEADER IN SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGLEADING PROVIDER OF SOCIAL MARKETINGSOFTWARE than the average brand on Facebook. On average,software, with over 16,000 paying customers worldwide,including 30 of the world’s 50 most valuable brands. Large their fan base while beating their cost per fan goals bybrands and agencies such as Virgin, Amazon, Unilever,and Ogilvy as well as thousands of small to medium and became the number one mascara in EnglandGLOBAL PRESENCE sales transactions during the promotion period involved promotion entrants(London, Paris, and Munich), and Asia (Singapore). Non-dairy drink maker So Delicious ran a “100 Days of Change” campaign, resulting in two of its most successful sales dayscountries around the world.TRACK RECORD OF INNOVATION million in incremental revenue over a 12-month periodIts is the only social media marketing company to EXCEPTIONAL CLIENT SERVICESreceive an investment from Facebook’s fbFund, of with customers throughout the entire onboarding and value delivery process, and engage with customers on an ongoing basis, including quarterly reviews. Social Media First social marketing company to integrate with Facebook, Strategists, Technical Product Specialists, and Industry Strategists advise customers on all aspects of their social First to provide native mobile support for Facebook canvas pages First to deliver an app that generates Sponsored Stories First to deliver an iFrame Facebook app ROBUST VALUE DELIVERY METHODOLOGY Through a robust and proven methodology, we guideINDUSTRY-LEADING DOMAIN EXPERTISE you through a structured process that results in rapid delivery of value. Typically in a matter of a few short250,000 social marketing campaigns for customers weeks, our team guides you through a streamlinedthroughout the world – far more than any other vendorvisibility to analyze and understand what works in social Training your marketing team;PROVEN CUSTOMER SUCCESS Measuring the results; and Iterating to continuously improve the strategy, campaign, 5
  8. 8. Redwood City London Munich ParisChicago Los Angeles New York City Singapore 646.503.2166 +65 9323 16901600 Seaport Blvd., Suite 500, Redwood City, CA 94063 | 888.274.0929 | | | 07/12