Media Camera Shots


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Media Camera Shots

  1. 1. 2 Understanding of camera shots By Deepak Dosanjh Deepak Dosanjh
  2. 2. Extreme close up • This shot gives us a close up of the main character. This shot is used to shot facial expressions of the characters. This character is looking away from the camera this suggests that he isn't a very friendly character. Him being the first character we see this also portrays him to be the main character. Deepak Dosanjh
  3. 3. Close up • The use of a close up is to show some facial detail but also some of the background behind the character. By using a close up it shows the the audience that this is the main character. This shows he is looking deep in thought and isn't happy about what he is thinking about. Deepak Dosanjh
  4. 4. Medium shot • A medium shot shows a lot more of the character and this therefore shoes some of the clothing they are wearing but also by using this shot it shows much more of the background which gives a idea of where the film is set. From this picture you cant tell a lot about the story but you can tell what the films genre is. Deepak Dosanjh
  5. 5. Long shot • The use of long shot shows the audience a lot of the background this gives the audience a good idea of where the story is set. This shot also shows a lot more of the characters and what they are doing. Deepak Dosanjh
  6. 6. Extreme long shot. • The use of extreme long shot shows just the location of the film. This shot doesn’t show many characters as they cant be seen in detail but they can be seen in distance. Deepak Dosanjh
  7. 7. High angle shot • The use of this shot shows the character not to be as powerful as if a low angle shot was used but in this picture this is contrasted because he is lifting weights and also by the muscle that can be seen this shows him to be strong even though in a vulnerable position. Deepak Dosanjh
  8. 8. Low angle shot. • The use of low angle shot shows the character to be powerful and important. As the audience we aren't at his level and this suggest we aren't as powerful as him. The character backs up this idea. Deepak Dosanjh