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Media evaluation question two 1 group064


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Media evaluation question two 1 group064

  1. 1. Group 064 EVALUATION: QUESTION 2
  2. 2. How Effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?We have devised a teaser trailer, poster and a magazine cover with ‘LittleWhite Lies’. In this assessment we are going to deliberate how effectivethe ancillary texts in our products and how it is combined. Beforehand wehave researched several posters, trailers and the outline of films that hasthe same genre we want to produce. We have found a movie ‘The BlackSwan’ which consumed the exact same genre and sub-genre, aphysiological thriller. We analysed every poster and trailer that we haveresearch to classify the texts within the main products. We haveresearched the common key concepts which are mise en scene, camerashots and angles, editing and sound that makes the film’s genre moreeffective. For example, in The Black Swan there is a close up shot on herface so the viewers can realise her facial expressions and leads up to‘bloody-eyes’ which makes it effective and benefits the audience to realisethat this film is a thriller. We have researched many type of appropriateediting as well, like having a foggy effect on the material, making it blurrywhich is effective for a thriller or horror genre.
  3. 3. BLEEDING AMBITION TEASER TRAILER Right click to preview.This is our Bleeding Ambition teaser trailer. The texts in this teaser iseffective because of the appropriate camera shots, effects, mise enscene (costumes, make-up, lighting, setting etc.) and the sound. Nextslide we will be talking about the mise en scene and how it iscombined with the teaser trailer of the film …
  4. 4. MISE EN SCENEWe think that the teaser trailer and the mise en scene have an effectivecombination. Here is why we think that:• Costume: The costume is casual clothes, just a hoodie or jumper on a pair of jeans, which attracts the younger generation which can relate to them since our target audience is aimed at the younger generation.• Make-up: This also has relates to the audience, however we have glued on the main character fake eyelashes to make her eyes bold and attractive because most of the footage is her eyes looking towards the camera, it draws the audience attention. We also used mascara and dripped water for a scene where she cries as she reads her book, this is effective because it shows that she is a troubled teenage which also relates to some of the audience and we can sense some psychological in this scene.• Location/Setting: The setting of the synopsis is in a college because it relates to the young generation. This does not help us achieve the thriller atmosphere so we have researched some effects we can use when we edit the footage which can give us a more of creepy mood.
  5. 5. MISE EN SCENE• Lighting: The lighting in our trailer is artificial lighting. In our production filming day the light outside was a bit too bright for achieving that thriller atmosphere. However, we have looked at some effects we can use in the future. In one of the scenes, we have used spot lights. As the main character sat down in a chair in a spacious room we used them to build up the suspense because we could make the lights go low and high. This was a really big deal because this helped us achieve that effective ancillary text combination.• Props: We have used the basic props in this product. Nothing special that really made the genre effective, for example we didn’t want to use props that was stereo-typical and sort of mocking the thriller genre. The most effective prop we have used was the book, to show the tears falling onto it. This was effective because it showed her emotions.• Acting: There wasn’t much dramatic acting because a teaser should only last a minute and thirty seconds. So we have focused on the main character’s face so the audience can analyse her facial expressions, it tells a story behind her facial expressions and body language. Her emotions are always upset, troubled and a bit of anger. This is effective because it demonstrates how effected she is without friends and people judging her.
  6. 6. CAMERA SHOTS AND ANGLESWe think that the teaser trailer and the types of camera shots andangles have an effective combination. Here is why we think that:• Wide/Long Shots: In the beginning of the teaser trailer there is a wide shot. It is not a establishing shot, but the point of this long shot is to direct the audience that she is in a very spacious dark room, sitting in the middle. This could make the audience think she is a strange person, physiological atmosphere.• Zoom Lenses: In the scene with the chair in the middle of a spacious room was a great way to start zooming into the character, it adds suspense and tension. We thought of zooming in, then black out which leads to the character’s face with a scream however this was a bit stereo-typical so we ended up with a zoomed in lenses on her face to show facial expressions which will leave the audience wondering what ever happened to her to attract them to come see the full film in theatres.• Hand Held Shots: This was on used when the main character was holding her books and has been pushed by bullies and then it switches to a point of view shot. The actor had to hold the camera to get the shot that we needed for this scene. This was effective because it became a bit wobbly as she walked, this was effective because it felt like we were her eyes.
  7. 7. CAMERA SHOTS AND ANGLES• Oblique/Canted Angle: This was used because in one of the scenes we wanted to have the main character’s point of view at the same time we wanted to use an oblique angle because it this technique is suggested to be used in point of views and usually used in thriller and horror movies. This angle and shot were used at a tree looking up the sky and leaves and turning around.• Pans: This was used in one of the effective shots in the teaser. The pan was used as the main character was sitting down against the tree alone. This is zoomed into her face to display her facial expressions and shows that she is looking at a far distance, it demonstrates that she has a lot of things going through her mind. The camera then starts to move away from her face into the background where she is looking at. The camera is also focusing on the main thing of the shot and the background is out of focus.• Cut-In: This is used when the girl is sitting against the tree reading her book. This book was used in this type of shot because it is the main subject of the scene because it reveals her emotions when she starts crying and tears running down the pages of her book as she reads. This is effective because it shows her emotions, makes the audience more concerned about her and the story of the film.
  8. 8. EDITINGWe think that the teaser trailer and the editing have an effectivecombination. Here is why we think that:• Cut: In the editing process of the production time we have been using Final Cut Express HD. We have imported our raw video of our teaser trailer. Cut is one of the editing we have applied to the raw footage. The cut allows you to cut unwanted footage that we did not need and to cut footage that was not too long so audience would not lose their interest and focus for the trailer.• Dissolve: We have used this edit on all of the footage. It is a gradual scene transition and makes it look smoothly done instead of big jumps. We have also used the dissolve (or we call it a fade in and fade out) effect because as it fades out the lighting becomes dimmer and then it brightens up when the other scene fades in.• Jump Cut: This is used so we do not give too much information away to the audience, it leaves the audience wondering what happens after. For example, when the girl cries and tears fall to her book it did not have a shot before to explain her tears. This makes the audience wondering what had happened, plus it makes them want to come and see it. The jump cut also made it a bit more chaotic which combines with the genre, physiological thriller.
  9. 9. EDITING• Montage: This type of editing is usually used in thriller films. This edit makes the film more effective because it creates an emotional impact. This is used in most of the teaser trailer. This is achieved by editing together many brief shots. Helps make the teaser look a bit chaotic, this maybe has helped us achieve the psychological mood as we have no done many psychological acting.• Shot over Shot: We have used this edit for two shots over lapping each other. The first shot was a close up on the girl and a low angle which shows the audience that she is reading and at the same time shows her facial expressions. The second over lapping shot is of a tree, and the shot is a over the shoulder shot. This edit makes the main character look like she was dizzy because the shot of the tree was also a point of view shot. The over lapping also demonstrates the audience that she has realised that the tree has always been her permitted area, where she can only sits at alone ad this is the only place she can fit in and not fit in with the other people in college. This illustrates the audience that she has been effected by her loneliness which will drive her insane.
  10. 10. SOUND We think that the teaser trailer and the sound have an effective combination. Here is why we think that:The type of sound we have used in our trailer is a non-diegetic sound. Anon-diegetic sound is the sound the audience can hear, but the characterscannot hear. For example, mood music, theme music or a narrator. We onlyhave used a non-diegetic sound because it is just a teaser trailer which is asneak-peek for the audience. We did not want to give much informationaway, and we thought by just using facial expressions could really tell a bitof the story. The sound we have used was on the iMac using theSoundTrack programme to produce our own trailer music. We have used apiano instrument, this is effective because it is combined with the title ofthe movie ‘Bleeding Ambition’ and a shot we have used in the trailer of thegirl playing the piano. This explains the title of the movie, she is ambitiousto become a piano player so other people can appreciate her. The soundtrack is effective because it is not a bright sound, it makes the audience feelsympathetic for the girl especially when there is calm and emotionalinstruments playing.
  11. 11. Title: The title of the Camera shot: The camera is a movie gives that effect wide shot, showing the spacious of a thriller genre room. Also shows the lighting of because it looks likeCostume: Wearing the words are alla hoodie with her the room which is artificial, using the lights to make the mood smudged up, which ishood up, hiding her also combined with theface and hiding her dimmer and gives a thrilling effect. world ‘Bleeding’.identity. Showing Looks like bloodthat she is ashamed smudged up.of who she is. Editing: TheProduction: editing in thisinforming poster has anthe audience artistic effect tothe make it look aproduction bit blurry, alsoteam, actors the lights wereand the darkened totheatrical give a tensionrelease date. and suspense feeling.