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Camera ideas


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Camera ideas

  1. 1. Camera Ideas
  2. 2. Common Camera shots used in Horror films! • • • • • The common camera shots used in horror films are usually extreme close up to show a characters emotion or expression so that the audience can feel more connected with them in the film. Close up shots which displays detail of the character or the object to the audience, it could also leaves them in suspense as they won’t be able to see what else is in the scene. Medium shots are mainly used in horror films to show both the characters facial expression and their body expression. By using this shot it gives the audience a clear understanding of the characters emotion and how they are feeling at a specific moment in time. Long shots are used but not very frequently, they are normally used to show a whole object, person or setting. They are generally used to show the audience the setting of a place. They also use low angle shot to show what could be larking low down that the characters cant see but only the audience. It is sometimes used to implement suspense to the audience and make them wonder about what they are trying to show via using that shot. It could also help show to the audience that one character is more powerful or more important that another.
  3. 3. Our Camera Ideas In our film trailer we are planning on using: • Close up shots to show to the audience the emotion of the characters via their facial expression. The audience are able to see the detail in an object or a characters facial expression. • Medium shots to show the audience both the characters facial and body language because in a possession film the characters are able to portray a lot the audience via their body language and facial expression. • Long shots will be used to show scenery and location and to give the audience a better understanding of the characters surrounding and where the scene or film will be set. • Low angle shots to show to the audience who is the more powerful character and who’s controlling who. This is a good shot to create fear in the audience mind and you aren't able to see the whole setting via this shot so it keeps them in suspense of what is going to prop up next. • High angle shots to show the setting and to create suspense to the audience as both the audience and the characters in the narrative don’t know what’s lurking from up above. This helps makes the narrative more realist and chilling.
  4. 4. Over the shoulder shot Over the shoulder high angle point of view shot High angle point of view shot Close-up shot
  5. 5. Over the shoulder shots • The use of over the shoulders shots in horror films trailers are to make the audience feel as if they are peeking behind the characters. As gives them a sense that they are involved in the film and that they are creeping around and lurking in the backgrounds. • This is a good shot to use in my trailer as it give the audience a better insight and makes it more real for them to engage with.
  6. 6. High angle point of views • This is a necessary shot that is used in many horror films and trailers. This is done so that the audience can get an understanding of the setting and also it gives them the feel like something/someone is lurking from up above. • Both the audience and the character can’t see what is lurking and leaves them in suspense. • This is a good convention which I would like to feature in my own horror trailer.