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Building Community From Content Data


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Knowing what social media data to track is critical to transforming data into content your community wants, and ultimately building a stronger online community. The presentation looks at the one metric you want to measure, what content to optimize to build community, the data metrics that tell you what you need to know about your community and the content it wants, and how to build a social media community of content contributors and curators. Practical examples support this presentation. 

Key Takeaways:
 a.) How to use social media metrics to better understand your online and social media communities.
b.) The top cross-channel metrics you need to track for developing and optimizing content for the community.
c.) The right content to engage and deepen online relationships within your social media spaces.

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Building Community From Content Data

  1. 1. Building Community from Content (Data) Presented by Debra Askanase Engagement Strategist Social Media for Nonprofits – Boston August 28, 2012
  2. 2.
  3. 3. About Debra Askanase
  4. 4. Today’s conversationI. Know What Content Resonates: Significant DataI. Design User-Generated Content Paths: Trust the ResearchIII. Putting it together: Community-based content (consistent engagement and action, multiplied by love)
  5. 5. The social media activity funnel Move to Action Creates TrustSocial Media Engage
  6. 6. Diagram courtesy of Darim Online
  7. 7. Know your SMART Goals Design your socialSpecific media activities toMeasurable meet your org or programmatic goals:AttainableRealistic • resource awarenessTimely • membership • fundraising • activism • sign up for a program
  8. 8. Develop Post to Define content and social mediayour goals data points channels What content Measure key does not data points engage? against goals Optimize that What content content! engages?
  9. 9. Significant Data
  10. 10. Facebook Insights – PTAT is key metric
  11. 11. Track clicks
  12. 12. Track RTs (Crowdbooster)
  13. 13. What content resonates? And why?
  14. 14. What content resonates? And why?
  15. 15. What content resonates? And why?
  16. 16. Significant DataResources:Facebook Insights (PTAT)YouTube Insights (shares) clicksTwitter RTsPinterest repinsSimply MeasuredCrowdbooster
  17. 17. Content depends on fans caring: Know your fans
  18. 18. Digging into engagement metrics …
  19. 19. Digging even deeper into reach*Using Facebook Insights
  20. 20. What we learned1. Fan demographics do not equal participationdemographics2. Not all top content is equal3. Demographics change frequently – stay on topof them4. Fans share certain types of content much morethan others, though they view many types
  21. 21. How we used it to optimize content1. More content aimed at older audience2. More frequent posting3. More photos and especially more video4. Experimented with adding photo collages,different types of photo albums, videodocumentary vs. video footage of events5. Popular FB content inspired corresponding blogposts6. Added photos to announcements and blog posts
  22. 22. User-Generated Content Paths
  23. 23. ROE of user-generated content Engage Participate Contribute Create Create a Visit Become a Post video, Watch fan reviews message, Download Friend Give tweet, Read Follow feedback blog post Play Join Vote product Discuss Contribute about the ideas company Lowest to highest Return on Engagement* Based on
  24. 24. Creators talked and proactively shared information about the brand the most. They also influenced buying decisions the most, and spent the most $.Low-level engagement by itself did not produce significant ROE
  25. 25. How they influenced purchases Engage Participate Contribute Create Create a Visit Become a Post video, Watch fan reviews message, Download Friend Give tweet, Read Follow feedback blog post Play Join Vote product Discuss Contribute about the ideas company 20% 26% 32% 35% Percentage of each group that spurred a purchase* Based on
  26. 26. 2012 Wildfire study: engage brand advocates (+ build community) “…brand pages that are very effective at engaging advocates were 3x more engaging across the board and would grow 13x more than the typical active Facebook Page over a year.” Brand advocates bring in an average of 1.3 new people each Superfans-5-Best-Practices-for-10X-Greater-Fan-Growth-on-Facebook&pid=811
  27. 27. Content is for building community
  28. 28. Weaving your community Bring them Inside Be part of the planning Create connections between fans: What content encourages this? Ask them to tag each other, respond, and help each other. Control:What would giving the content over to them mean? How might you create trust?> Offer Connection, Trust, and Content
  29. 29. Twitter curator for a day
  30. 30. Building community on FB: Lily the Black Bear
  31. 31. Lily the Black Bear FB Forum
  32. 32. Actionable next steps• Know your SMART Goals• Understand your own Venn Diagram• Mine Significant Data: what content engages, who’s engaged, and to what extent• Create user-generated content paths• Facilitate reciprocity: co-created content, let them in on the plan, demonstrate that you value their contributions• Bring fans inside your social media: they’re your advisory board *p.s. Offline events are fabulous for creating community!
  33. 33. Build community based on content data = engagement + action, multiplied by love
  34. 34. I’m always available to answer follow-up questions! Email: Website: Blog: Linkedin: Twitter: @askDebra Other slides: Telephone: (617) 682-2977