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Online Giving: Trends, Tactics, and Getting Them To The Door


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New to online giving, or just want an overview? In this presentation, we cover the most recent online giving stats, trends, online donation page and button optimization techniques, and engagement tactics to bring donors to the door. The presentation includes stats on generational giving preferences, mobile giving, crowdfunding, and giving by sector.

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Online Giving: Trends, Tactics, and Getting Them To The Door

  1. 1. Online Giving RDSP Conference March 24, 2015
  2. 2. Your workshop presenters Kevin Martone Technology Program Manager JCamp 180 and PJ Library @kmartone Ask me about: Siena Saints, Yiddish words I know, technology Debra Askanase Digital Engagement Strategist Community Organizer 2.0 Faculty, Marlboro College Graduate School @askdebra Ask me about: living in Israel, community organizing, ceramics, social & digital media
  3. 3. nonprofit organization supporter list Yearly appeal Special appeals Fundraising events The old way
  4. 4. Every. Single. Day. Nonprofits must earn donor loyalty The donor revolution is not on its way. It has arrived. It’s about causes, not the organization Donor legacy mindset is a thing of the past
  5. 5. Non- profit Non- profit DonorDonor Donor Donor Donor Donor Donor Donor To young donors, nonprofits themselves are not important Non- profit
  6. 6. …and they now choose how they donate to which organization and where
  7. 7. Technology has put donors in the driver’s seat Access to information The rise of influence networks Donation solutions where donors live…online The ability to rate and communicate with each other
  8. 8. FRAMING TRENDS Online Giving Giving Days Mobile Giving
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Size matters in online giving
  12. 12. Online giving by generation Next Generation of American Giving Blackbaud Report 2013
  13. 13. Monetary donations Volunteering and social sharing Matures and Baby Boomers Gen X and Millennials
  14. 14. Tweet this The donor revolution is not on its way. It has arrived. 9% growth in online giving in 2014 over 2013. Smaller orgs see larger growth. #onlinegiving #fundraising Gen Xers and Millennials want to make an impact first through volunteering, social shares. Then they donate. #fundraising
  16. 16. Giving Tuesday 2012: $13.46M 2013: $28.09M
  17. 17. People/time/pressure
  18. 18. Tweet this Giving Days continue to grow greatly year over year. A huge trend to watch in online #fundraising.
  20. 20. Mobile giving • 84% of nonprofits do not have donation forms optimized for mobile – Remember: 9.5% of online donations are made on a mobile device • 34% = percentage increase in conversion rate for responsive websites and donation forms.
  21. 21. Next Generation of American Giving Blackbaud Report 2013
  22. 22. Tweet this 9.5% of online donations are made on a mobile device. And growing yearly. Think mobile first. #fundraising #nptech
  23. 23. Your giving pages on a mobile device…
  25. 25. Be where the giving happens You Offline On website Peer-to-peer Crowdfunding
  28. 28. Optimize your website for online giving • Big, prominent DonateNow button on every page • Button clicks directly to online donation form • Test your auto-thank you (online and via email) – Is it warm? Helpful?
  29. 29. Donation button optimization
  30. 30. Optimized, and always 1-click away
  31. 31. Can you spot the pitfalls?
  32. 32. Giving levels + impact
  33. 33. Six ways to make your donate button rise to the top • Color is crucial: 30% greater conversion with red than grey (Network for Good). A/B test with colors • 2-second test: can visitors find it in 2 seconds? • Creative verbiage: go beyond “Donate Now” with specific asks • Incorporate an image with the button: baby seals, anyone? • Test website positioning and button size
  34. 34. Tweet this Your donate button should always be 1 click away. Can visitors find it in 2 secs? #fundraising
  35. 35. Test & improve your landing page
  36. 36. Donation form
  37. 37. Connect appeal to the landing page Thank You!
  38. 38. What’s the issue here?
  39. 39. Just a couple of fields… = 30% increase in the conversion rate (30% more people actually gave when they reached the donation page!) Source: NTEN Blog
  40. 40. Seven online donation payment & processing ideals • Limit number of clicks to payment • Limit unnecessary text • Limit the number of fields donors must complete • Keep donors on your website • Show payment security badges • Thoughtful thank-you language • Mobile-optimized site and donation page
  41. 41. Real-time examples! Your donation form and landing page • How many clicks? • What language do you use for the button? • Is it easily found? • Landing page (language, look, feel) • Number of fields on donation form • Number of pages for donation form
  42. 42. Peer-to-Peer and Crowdfunding Peer-to-Peer Crowdfunding Friends asking Friends Think Kickstarter, Indiegogo Participants make their own fundraising pages Single fundraising page, rewards offered; Best used for rides/walks/swims Best used for specific projects Existing participant base
  43. 43. Peer-to-Peer and Crowdfunding
  44. 44. Next Generation of American Giving Blackbaud Report 2013
  46. 46. Multi-Channel Communications
  47. 47. Blog Location- based apps Social networks Video/Photo Website
  48. 48. We use email and social media to support print/mail solicitations and campaigns - so they work in tandem. So when we are getting ready to close a campaign, we do a reminder via email. This generally produces a lot of online gifts but also a mini-surge in snail-mail contributions too. Holly Guncheon Herzl Camp
  49. 49. Direct mail reply with online giving option
  50. 50. “Social media fundraising” usually means this
  51. 51. SocialMedia Engage Create Trust Moveto Action Focus on the social media ladder of engagement
  52. 52. Step #1: Engage and create trust 60
  53. 53. 61 Conversational
  54. 54. Step #2: Make it about them
  55. 55. Step #3: Move stakeholders to action
  56. 56. ROE of social media actions: Lily the Black Bear
  57. 57. Offline supports online
  58. 58. Connect channels proactively
  59. 59. Don’t forget ABT: Always Be Thankful 73
  60. 60. Thank you Wednesday
  61. 61. Tweet this The social media ladder of engagement: engage, create trust, move to action via @askdebra #commbuild The key for nonprofits is to focus on the experience a donor has when they switch channels via @smaclaughlin #fundraising You can’t bring donors to the door if you haven’t created a welcoming entry #fundraising
  62. 62. Debra email: Website: Twitter: @askdebra Telephone: (617) 682-2977 We’re always happy to answer follow-up questions! Kevin email: Twitter: @kmartone Telephone: (413) 313-1424