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Service Design Jam


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Presenting how we managed to gather meaning during the GSJ 48h event. Presented at the Architectures of Meaning workshop at Pervasive 2012 (Newcastle, UK) and briefly also at the World Usability Day in Slovenia.

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Service Design Jam

  1. 1. Jam me a serviceDesigning a cross-channel experience
  2. 2. The story about
  3. 3. Service Design:( = Customer eXperience = salesmen pitch:) = “The big picture” approach = easier to explain/sell than UX
  4. 4. About the Jam thenMaribor, SloveniaGlobal Service Design Jam48 hours to design an innovative service
  5. 5. About the Jam then15 (regular) participants + 3Gardeners, artists, nurses, developers,designers, students, elderly.
  6. 6. Double Diamond- SWOT. - Business plan+ users
  7. 7. The toolsUser Journey Map, User ShadowingPersonas, Brainstorming, Design BriefExperience Prototyping, Service BlueprintsScenarios, Experience Maps
  8. 8. UCD & PD, UX & IxD with non-designersDiverse audienceActive participation / motivationLateral, design thinkingThe Challenge(s) 8/16 Halfway done
  9. 9. So, how are we?- 2 participants the first day“I don’t get it, sorry.“Data. Data. Data.
  10. 10. Make sense, pleaseData into information into insightInformation onto journey map = reference pointDesign & show & tell & repeat
  11. 11. IA as a...Glue & bridge. “Aaah, we are on the same page.“Tool for synthesizing ideasTool for sense makingTool for service prototyping
  12. 12. More pleaseDesigning a true cross-channel experienceUsers = wicked designers
  13. 13. Damjan Obal@damjanobalUniverza v Mariboru /blok_blok not me, but Jernej >More, please