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UX skillsharing at Betahaus Sofia


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My talk and workshop on how to use UX frameworks in your startup. Taking inspiration from my own PhD research and the EPUI methodology I now try to adapt to startups and especially the Lean process.

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UX skillsharing at Betahaus Sofia

  1. 1. UX for #startups UX framework that works :) Damjan Obal / @damjanobal / @edgartells
  2. 2. I’m Damjan. A UX dude with a PhD.
  3. 3. 1. Work with people, not against them 2. Introducing UX from the ground up 3. Goal Driven 4. Decide fast 5. Generate many options 6. Delivery, not deliverables 7. Validate hypothesis - go for wins 8. Good Design today is better than great design tomorrow Damjan's Guerilla UX Manifest* * Proudly stolen and modified from the amazing Bowles & Box.
  4. 4. Word of advice. Do research. Today. Graph - why research? Cost of change.
  5. 5. EPUI - methodology to integrate users in the interaction design process (Obal, 2013)
  6. 6. Explore Quantitative - do your homework on the competition Passive ethnography Shadowing, Fly-on-the-wall Be a ninja, not a voyeur.
  7. 7. photo lego
  8. 8. Observe Explore the broader context (How does it all fit together? What channels, touch points...?) Look for challenges Discover "hacks" and shortcuts Consider edge cases and extreme users
  9. 9. Observe. More. Active ethnography Contextual Inquiry (Show & Tell) (Beyer & Holzblatt)
  10. 10. photo - slepi v galeriji
  11. 11. Interviewing 101 Plan Ahead Interview where the interaction happens Ask open-ended questions (look for HOW & WHY) Avoid fixed set of questions Avoid leading questions (esp. what's wrong with your existing product or Do you like our idea?) Focus on goals instead of tasks Encourage storytelling! Ask for Show & Tell (people love it!) Master your small talk & improvise
  12. 12. Make sense of “Explore” Brainstorming & Bodystorming Brainwritting Affinity Diagrams / mapping ! (with your whole team)
  13. 13. Photo - affinity map
  14. 14. Participate v1.0 You participate ! Be the user. 1st hand experience. Master and apprentice (Contextual Inquiry cntnd) ! _Play in_ - let your users "play"
  15. 15. Participate Mobile ethnography: User diaries. Frustration diary. Cultural probes. ! Platform for collaboration / communication (eg. FB, G+) ! Group show & tell - let them bring their diaries and talk about it
  16. 16. Participate Future workshop - also could be critical design. Let your users go wild. Don't constrain them! Topic: the problem you identified ! Co-design / Participatory design Only here you start designing your actual product
  17. 17. Understand Personas and Scenarios User Journeys - more crucial than personas ! My fav: Experience maps Touchpoints where user interacts with your service/product ! ! Know your touch points - They are NOT Channels or medium
  18. 18. Understand Paper prototype - team creates it first Quick usability study with users (Show & share the prototypes)
  19. 19. Integrate “Congrats. Your users are ready to design with you.” ! Participatory design workshops Process: Sketch / Build / Measure / Prioritise
  20. 20. Sketch / Build Paper / lo-fi prototypes Hi-fi - data-populized prototypes ASAP
  21. 21. Measure Heuristics are your friends - Pervasive IA (Resmini & Rosati) - IA heuristic (Abby Covert & The Understanding) - Nielsen/Norman (Oldie but goodie) !
  22. 22. Prioritise Card Sorting Affinity Diagrams
  23. 23. Play IN / Play OUT Always keep your participating users in the loop - give them an intro as well as an epilog ! Users co-owning your product = fans for life ! Also look: Gamestorming cheat sheet (a selection by Brynn Evans)
  24. 24. Gorenje - happy people
  25. 25. Case named Edgar
  26. 26. Case named Edgar
  27. 27. UX does not end with the product launch. It's an ongoing process to make people happy. Damjan Obal / @damjanobal / @edgartells