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WUD 2011 - Bringing IT to life


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Talk we had together with Marusa Novak at the World Usability Day 2011. Presenting our work bridging the gap between art, science, biology, technology...

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WUD 2011 - Bringing IT to life

  1. 1. Bringing IT to lifeWhen art, plants andtechnology meet
  2. 2. 1_O-oo. World in danger!2_Making IT Human(e)3_Building the bridge4_Open-source, the way 5_Participatory Design & Co-creation 6_Case Study 7_Game Over
  3. 3. O-oo. World in danger!Electronic waste, pollution,toxification, over-consumption ...Sustainable, ethical design.Myth or reality?Captain Planet:“We must raise the global awareness!”
  4. 4. Makin IT Human(e)Human-centered, user-centered,goal-directed, activity-centered,user-friendly, user experience...designBeyond users, beyond the limits of UXSymbiosis between biologicaland electronic systems (?)
  5. 5. Building_the_bridgeUX designers as architects of changeUSER - IT - NATURE / IT - USER - NATUREPLANTS Vs. ZOMBIES IT orPLANTS + IT ?
  6. 6. Open-source: Art & ITOpen-source already embraced in ITTechnology as means, not as goalRise of Intermedia art and mixing ofdisciplinesThe process of joint creation becomesthe art work, the result
  7. 7. Participatory design andco-creation“New” users, new set of valuesCollective/shared intelligenceRise of user-generated contentDesign for user engagement, encourageparticipation,co-creation
  8. 8. Biomoddis an open source andco-created art project
  9. 9. Biomodd in Maribor & DelftNovember 2010, October 2011,10-14 days to ideate and assemble
  10. 10. I<3Plantsis a spin-off project afterthe end of Biomodd workshopAdopt a plant and develop itspersonality, online presenceRaise the awareness throughpersonal attachment
  11. 11. Tell a
  12. 12. _ResultsInterdsiciplinaryCross-generationalBuilt the users-IT-nature bridgeRaise the environmental awareness
  13. 13. Game Overor Game ON?Make IT more humaneMore engaged = more aware“Save a plant.Save the World.” :)
  14. 14. Get in touch!Damjan Obaldamjan@blok-blok.comMaruša