The Grant Writing-Social Media Connection


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Grant professionals can expand their services portfolio, competitive edge and value to clients by adding social media skills and strategic counsel to their repertoire.

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  • Content

    2. Distribute content via: your blog, company website, other blogs, publications, podcasts, press releases, email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

    3-5. Magic happens when people “like” your content [share, +1, like, pin, engage]; they visit your website and search engines reward you because people like your content.
  • The Grant Writing-Social Media Connection

    1. 1. The Grant Writing-Social Media Connection Presented by Lisa Kaslyn President & Chief Content Officer
    2. 2. The Grant Writing – Social Media Connection • How content, social media + SEO work together to make great things happen • Repurposing (curating) grant content • Taking stock + developing a social media plan • Expanding social connections • Building services portfolio + adding value
    3. 3. 1. Understand Your clients/prospects & Listen 2. Keyword & Competitive Research 3. Develop Great Content 4. Distribute Content 5. People Like Your Content (hopefully) 6. Those who Like Your Content will Visit Your Site 7. Search Engines See that People Visit Your Site, Like Your Content and Reward You with Higher Ranking☺ Infographic:, Content Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing When content, social media & SEO work together, great results can be achieved
    4. 4. What is content? • Articles • Blogs • Free eBooks • Images/Photographs • Infographics • Presentations • Podcasts • Publicity • Videos • Webinars • White Papers Tweet about this session using @Kashen and hashtag #GPLH
    5. 5. Content curation + repurposing grant related content Source: Social Media Today |
    6. 6. Repurposing grant proposal content + outcomes Evergreen data that can be posted to social media with compelling imagery; expanded to blog post and included in agency donor/supporter communications Grantors and Grant Award Partners serve to expand sphere of influence and exposure via social media, email database, PR and website (blog) content
    7. 7. Repurposing grant proposal content + outcomes Grant Program press announcement, blog post, social media, Donor and supporter eblast; showcase Grantor
    8. 8. Repurposing grant proposal content + outcomes Blog Post, Social Media, PR feature: Community tre story pitch about sex trade + HIV; position HAP lea Media spokesperson and expert on trend/solutions Grant success story: Publicity, Blog, Social Media; videos can be used on website, YouTube, broadcast PR; Grantor featured prominently
    9. 9. Source: Beth Kanter | Tip: Check out Beth’s Seek, Sense & Share curation planning questions
    10. 10. Content Curation - Seek Article curated from enewsletter subscription
    11. 11. Content Curation - Sense Simple automated content aggregation Curated content from credible source is seed for blog post Editorial and context embrace curated tips
    12. 12. Content Curation - Share
    13. 13. Checklist for Great Curated Content • Select topics based on your market’s informational needs • Put your prospects’ informational interests ahead of yours • Prepare & update buyer personas to avoid wasting time on irrelevant content • Integrate your own content that summarizes key ideas and lessons • Add value and provide a deeper content experience by cross-referencing curated topics to other online resources or perspectives
    14. 14. Taking stock + social media planning Content Calendar
    15. 15. Free Content Curation Tools • Great for social curation: LikeHack and Storify • Great for news gathering: Alltop and TalkWalker • Great for blog reading: Feedly • Good for…all the other things:, Pinterest and Source: AimClear
    16. 16. Expanding social connections • Extending your and your non-profit clients’ social connections tunes them in to news, announcements and other exclusive information from foundations and corporations
    17. 17. Building services + value • Adding social media to your professional repertoire • Expands consultants’ services portfolio, increases value and influence • Employees bring more to the table; increase value • Writing for social media (e.g. social media posts, blogging, press releases) • Understanding and strategizing around social and web analytics • Using social media to build your presence as a grant writing specialist, non-profit advisor, etc.
    18. 18. Resources • “Jab, Jab, Jab, RIGHT HOOK” by Gary Vaynerchuk • Plus many of the “Sources” listed in the back of Gary’s book • “Measuring the Networked Non-Profit” & “The Networked Non-Profit” by Beth Kanter • IFTTT (If This Then That) – helps automate tedious digital tasks • Hootsuite – social platform aggregation tool is invaluable for posting to multiple accounts and “listening” to social conversations • Shortstack – creates custom fan-gated tabs for Facebook promotions; links to email marketing software, such as Constant Contact, MailChimp • Flipboard – content curation tool • Apply to Google for Non-Profits: and YouTube for Non-Profits: • Follow @NonProfits on Twitter to track great uses of @Twitter in the non-profit community • Websites:
    19. 19. Questions… • Twitter: @Kashen • • • G+ Prosper Communications • •