8 Ways Experienced Marketers & Entrepreneurs Leverage Social Listening


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Learn 8 ways marketers and entrepreneurs are leveraging media monitoring and social listening to benefit their businesses from General Assembly, Light in the Box, CMX Summit, Mailjet, Groove, Instapage, and Marketing Land.

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8 Ways Experienced Marketers & Entrepreneurs Leverage Social Listening

  1. 1. 8 Ways Experienced Marketers & Entrepreneurs Leverage Social Listening
  2. 2. For Building Relationships & Gathering Insights General Assembly had trouble keeping track of what people were saying about their events. Now they rely heavily on media monitoring and social listening to: • Gather insight on what resonates (and doesn’t) with their community • Keep tabs on the @ga conversation • Find new friends “Social listening and the tools necessary to be in tune with our community are essential for our business.” Erin H. May (@erinhmay) Tweet
  3. 3. For Catching & Fixing Bugs If a customer tweets about a bad experience, Groove doesn’t treat it as a defensive PR issue. Alex Turnbull (@alexmturnbull) Instead, they treat it as a support interaction, and figure out how to solve their problems and turn them into loyal customers again. “Social media and social listening is a huge part of our support workflow at Groove.” Tweet
  4. 4. For Building Brand Awareness Social listening is an extremely important aspect of brand building strategy at Instapage. They use Mention daily to discover people talking about both their product and the competitions’ on blogs, forums, videos, and social networks. “Media monitoring creates new conversations within our market that we would otherwise never have!” Tyson Quick (@TysonQuick) Tweet
  5. 5. For Content Creation Kapost uses monitoring tools to track trends in what gets shared, and uses that data to educate what content should be created more/less often. They created the Content Marketing Academy LinkedIn Group not to champion their software and blog posts, but to have a place where they can regularly interact with their community and learn what type of content they crave. “For Kapost, social listening leads directly to content creation.” Andrew J. Coate (@andrewjcoate) Tweet
  6. 6. For In Real Life Events CMX Summit uses media monitoring & social listening to build relationships and improve the experience for attendees. At every CMX event, they have a team listening to any mention of CMX on Twitter, Facebook or on blogs/media. They’re looking for: • Great content to share from the community • Opportunities to help people in little or big ways • Any complaints they can address right away. David Spinks (@DavidSpinks) “We create an engaging experience for our attendees by encouraging them to share what they learn at @CMXSummit.” Tweet
  7. 7. For Identifying Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Marketing Land & Search Engine Land use Mention to identify who is sharing their content when they see a social spike in traffic. They have discovered a lot of Facebook mentions they haven’t seen in the past. They use this info to highlight influencers without a lot of digging into profiles. Monica Wright (@monicawright)
  8. 8. For “Field Research” & Tracking Customer Needs Mailjet uses Mention to take a see how customers are using their product and which features to prioritize. They join relevant conversations even if customers forgot to tag them. Media monitoring is an active approach and a win-win situation for Mailjet and their customers, not that they’re able to answer more of their needs. Denise Chan (@denisechan26) “Mention allows us to see the bigger picture; how customers are using our product and features.” Tweet
  9. 9. For Customer Service & Support LightInTheBox knows that a big % of today´s customers turn to Facebook & Twitter for customer service. They use social and web listening to keep track of customer feedback, complaints & problems in real time. They use Mention to help customers in several languages. “We use social & web listening to keep track of customer feedback, complaints & problems in real time.” Miguel Madiera Tweet
  10. 10. 8 Ways to Leverage Social Listening 1.Building Relationships & Gathering Insights 2.Catching & Fixing Bugs 3.Building Brand Awareness 4.Content Creation 5.In Real Life Events 6.Identifying Influencers & Brand Ambassadors 7.Field Research & Tracking Customer Needs 8.Customer Service & Support
  11. 11. Learn more about how these entrepreneurs & marketers are using media monitoring at: http://blog.mention.com/leverage-social-listening/