Chapter 2 - Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning


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Chapter 2 is all about defining social business strategy. Essentially, I condense the entire content of my first book, Smart Business, Social Business, into one chapter and introduce new thinking, implementation strategies and new models.

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Chapter 2 - Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning

  1. 1. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O 2Defining Social BusinessStrategy & PlanningCHAPTER TWOBy Michael Brito
  2. 2. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O THE BOOK IN A NUTSHELL …Team Structure &Organization!Planning!Content Narrative!& Brand Strategy!PLANNINGContent Execution& Delivery ofPlanned Content!Real-TimeCommand CenterOperations!CreativeNewsroomDeployment!Converged MediaModels!SOCIALBRAND"&CONTENTSTRATEGYEXECUTIONSOCIALBUSINESS"STRATEGYSocial BusinessCenter ofExcellence!!EnterpriseCollaboration!!Identify Roles &Responsibilities!ENABLEMENTContent Audit!!3rd PartyResearch!!InternalStakeholder!Audits!!EnterpriseCollaboration!TechnologyAdoption &Deployment!!ContentGovernanceModels!!Customer &EmployeeEnablement!Cross-teamCollaboration!!MultipleStakeholderAlignment!!Content,production &AnalyticsIntegration!WorkflowManagement!!Integration WithPaid Media Team!!TechnologyPartnerships
(3RD PartyPublishers)!MEDIA COMPANYTRANSFORMATIONINFRASTRUCTUREEmployee &CustomerAdvocacy!Content: Your brandbecomes a contentmachine and producesgame changing contentday in and day out.! !Relevant: Your brandproduces quality contentthat changes customerbehavior. ! !Recent: Your content isrecent and in manycases, real-time withoutthe approval bottlenecks.! !Omnipresent: Yourcontent is everywhere –search, social, word-ormouth.! !Agile: Your brandbecomes a contentorganization and has theability to producecompelling content at amoments notice. !
  3. 3. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O SOCIAL BUSINESS STRATEGY DRIVES BRAND TRANSFORMATIONChap. 2Defining Social Business Strategy & PlanningFigure 2.1 illustrates a timeline of howsocial business is becoming top of mindtoday. Back in 1995 when Al Gore firstinvented the Internet, customers havebeen gaining influence. With the rise ofuser generated content, technologyinnovation and the ability for anyone withInternet access and/or a mobile phone topublish forms of media, it’s no wonder whycompanies jumped into social mediaheadfirst. These dates can certainly beargued, but in 2003, companies began tocreate social media channels to engagewith these influential customers.1995CustomersGainingInfluenceSOCIAL CUSTOMER2003Social MediaRunsWild2008SocialBusinessAdoptionSOCIAL MEDIA SOCIAL BUSINESSTHE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL BUSINESSAs you read through the rest of these chapters and ultimately finish this book, it’s important to get a firm understanding of whatsocial business means and how it can be implemented in your company. Whether you work for small firm or large enterprise, manyof the frameworks and models can be easily adopted and adapted to fit your business needs. You should realize though thatdeploying a social business strategy will never be the same in any two companies even if they are similar in size or sell competingproducts. There are too many variables at stake when considering this business transformation. Leadership, culture, informationsystems, employee behavior are different. They are also changing and evolving daily as leadership, managers and employeescycle in and out of your company. The transformation from brand marketing into a media company does not happen overnight. In fact, the foundation of thistransformation will revolve around the behaviors of your organization. Being able to identify the opportunity, scope out a plan,influence change and ultimately achieve support from the c-suite is a process that can take 24 to 36 months, in some cases. Asocial business strategy will help deliver this change systemically and with precision. But before we jump into dissecting socialbusiness strategy, let’s first discuss how we got here in the first place.
  4. 4. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O SOCIAL MEDIA HAS CAUSEDINTERNAL BUSINESS CHALLENGES Chap. 2Defining Social Business Strategy & PlanningIf you Google “fired for usingFacebook” or “fired for usingTwitter” you will find severalexamples of randomemployees getting fired forthe things they are saying ordoing in social media ,,,,Employees InappropriateUse of Social Media1You probably already have acrisis communications plantucked away somewhere onyour laptop or in emailsomewhere. Chances arethat you haven’t had to uselately if that’s the case …Outdated CrisisCommunication ModelsTwo things are happening inyour company today. Eitherno one is measuring socialmedia marketing initiatives oreveryone is measuring itdifferently. In either case, thisis a huge problem …Inconsistent Social MediaMeasurement PracticesSocial media expansion intonew markets isn’t easy,especially when youconsider the differences inlanguage and nuances thatmake another culturedifferent from yours.Expanding Social MediaPrograms GloballyThis is one of the biggestproblems for companiestoday - content andcommunity management. A2012 Altimeter study, AStrategy for Managing SocialMedia Proliferation …Disjointed Content &Community PracticesWhenever I speak at aconference, I usually ask theaudience where they thinkthe social media job functionshould report into. I givethem two options - corporatecommunications …Internal Confusion of Roles& Responsibilities2 34 5 6
  5. 5. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O PEOPLE        Behavior ChangeCross Silo CollaborationExecutive ParticipationOrganizational ModelsStakeholder ParticipationSocial Media GovernanceTechnology IntegrationContent WorkflowsMetrics Framework"Global Expansion Online MonitoringAnalytics PlatformInternal CollaborationContent PlatformsSocial CRMPROCESSPLATFORMSIt could be difficult when you try and wrap yourhead around social business. I don’t blame you atall and it can get even more complicated wheneveryone’s definition of social business is different.I define social business as the following:“A social business strategy helps evolve thethinking and preparedness of an organizationbridging internal and external social initiativesresulting in collaborative connections and sharedvalue for all stakeholders (customers, partners,employees).”At the core of this transformation is the people oforganization. Why? Because in order for truechange to happen in your organization, you needto change first. Your behaviors, the way you workand the way you communicate and influenceothers all play a crucial role in this transformationprocess. 3 ATTRIBUTES OF A SOCIALBUSINESS STRATEGYChange is often imitated and it’s based on actions. It’s like a manager who preaches work/life balance yet sends emails at 1:00 in the morningand expects responses by 8:00 AM. It’ll never happen unless leadership changes its own behavior. Taking it back to this context, if you want todrive social business adoption within your organization, you must, in turn become social and begin to build in social behaviors into your everydayworkflow. In addition to behavior change, this pillar also involves team and organizational structure. The easiest way to explain it is that you needto build your teams in a way that allows you to scale operations internally. This could mean that you create a centralized team to manage allsocial media initiatives; or a decentralized team that has more autonomy and freedom to try new things and innovate. It will also involve anemployee strategy that empowers, trains and enables them to engage with customers externally … (continued in the book.)A social business strategy is needed totransform your brand into a media company.Chap. 2Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning
  6. 6. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O Chap. 2Defining Social Business Strategy & PlanningThe last pillar is platforms, or technology. Once behaviorchange has manifested itself and you have documentedthe processes and controls, the last thing to think about istechnology. Certainly, you may already have technologysolutions that you are already using and that’s okay. Inthis case you will have to work backwards and attempt tofill in the gaps. As mentioned earlier in the chapter, thesocial media vendor space is extremely crowded. Thereare social CRM vendors (SalesForce, Nimble, InsideView,SpredFast, Sprinklr), content publishing (Kapost,Compendium, Relaborate, Cadence9, Contently,Skyword), online monitoring (Radian6, Adobe Social,Sysomos, PeopleBrowsr, Tracx, Netbase), brandadvocate platforms (Zuberance, Fancorps, Influitive,Extole, Napkin Labs) and lastly, community platforms forinternal/external collaboration (Jive, Lithium, Yammer,Social Cast, Igloo, and IBM Connections). The list can potentially continue forever but as you cansee, there are several software vendors to consider so it’simportant that you plan accordingly and collaborate withIT and build out a scalable road map for adoption.A social business strategy can help companies changeorganizational behavior, improve processes and expand intonew markets because the dynamic nature of business isconstantly changing. This is why many traditionalmanagement-consulting firms are now expanding theirservice offerings to include “social” (fill in the blank) becausecompanies are now faced with new and improvedchallenges of social media. The sole focus of social businessisn’t just about making business more social because it’s the“thing to do” or to collaborate for the sake of collaboration. SOCIAL BUSINESS PLATFORMS!Social business strategyisn’t a theory, buzzword orthe “next big thing”. It’ssimply a natural businessevolution.“”
  7. 7. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O Sprinklr is an enterprise-grade Social Media Management infrastructure provider, sometimes referred to as a Social Media Management System(SMMS) or Social CRM. At a very basic level, the platform enables you to post content to multiple social media channels, monitor brand relatedconversations, and engage in two way dialogue with customers. It also helps you analyze and engage with disparate audiences, build, manage, anddeploy social apps and perform extensive reporting and analytics. Chap. 2Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning@britopianFEATURED VENDOR
  8. 8. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O FEATURED VENDORFeatured VendorSprinklr is an enterprise-gradeSocial Media Managementinfrastructure provider, sometimesreferred to as a Social MediaManagement System (SMMS) orSocial CRM. At a very basic level,the platform enables you to postcontent to multiple social mediachannels, monitor brand relatedconversations, and engage in twoway dialogue with customers. Italso helps you analyze and engagewith disparate audiences, build,manage, and deploy social appsand perform extensive reportingand analytics. While their platformis…Chap. 2Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning
  9. 9. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 1:Understanding The Social Customer And The Chaotic World They We Live In •  We Live In A Multi-Screen Economy•  CADD (Content Attention Deficit Order) is Among Us•  Relevance Is the Key To Content Consumption•  The Customer Journey Is Dynamic And They Are Unpredictable•  Customers Are Influential•  Business Objectives Stay The Same Despite The Changes Externally•  Vendor Spotlight - Social Flow Chapter 2: "Defining Social Business Strategy & Planning •  The Social Media “Bright & Shiny” Object•  Social Media Has Caused Internal Business Challenges•  The Three Pillars of Social Business - People, Process Platforms•  The Social Business Value Creation Model•  The Differences Between A Social Brand And A Social Business•  Vendor Spotlight - SprinklrSection 1: Understanding The External & Internal Landscape
  10. 10. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 3: "Establishing A Social Business Center Of Excellence •  A Lesson From Tesla Motors•  The Establishment Of A Social Business Center of Excellence (CoE)•  The Responsibilities of a Center Of Excellence•  Considerations For Building A Social Business Center of Excellence•  The Organizational DNA And Team Dynamics•  How The Center of Excellence Integrates Within Your Organization•  Vendor Spotlight - Jive Chapter 4: 
Using Employees, Customers And Partners To FeedThe Content Engine •  How To Scale And Plan An Enterprise Advocacy Program•  GaggleAMP Helps Scale Employee Advocacy•  Napkin Labs Helps Scale Customer Advocacy•  Pure Channel Apps And The Channel Partner Content Opportunity•  Vendor Spotlight - ExpionChapter 5: "Building Your Social Business Command Center •  The Strategic Importance Of A Social Business Command Center•  Social Business Command Centers In Action•  The New Form of Command Center Operations: Real-time Marketing•  How To Build A Social Business Command Center•  The Social Business Command Center Framework•  Vendor(s) Spotlight: Hootsuite, Tracx, Mutual Mind, PeopleBrowsr, Tickr,Social Flow Chapter 6:"Understanding The Challenges Of Content Marketing •  Examples of Brands Taking Content Marketing To The Next Level•  Content Marketing Challenges: What Do The Experts Say?•  Content Marketing Challenges From The Data•  Moving Past The Content Marketing Buzzword•  Vendor Spotlight - KapostSection 2: Setting The Stage For Social Business Transformation
  11. 11. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter 7: "Defining Your Story & Content Narrative •  The Inputs Needed To Build Your Content Narrative•  The Outputs Should Equal Your “Hero” Content Narrative•  Simplifying Your Content Narrative•  Vendor Spotlight - Compendium Chapter 8: "Building Your Content Channel Strategy •  Finding And Preventing Gaps With Your Social Media Channel Strategy•  Mapping Your Content Narrative To Social Channels•  Building Your Content Tiers By Channel•  Using One Channel For One Purpose•  Diversifying Your Content Types Per Channel•  Best Practices For Writing Blog Content - It All Starts With The Title•  The Importance of Visual Storytelling•  Vendor Spotlight – ContentlyChapter 9: The Role of Converged Media in Your Content Strategy•  Defining Converged Media•  Why Converged Media Is Important To Your Content Strategy•  Converged Media Modeling•  The Promise of Real-time Marketing•  Real-time Marketing Is More Than Just Being Real-time•  Edelman’s Creative Newsroom•  Creative Newsroom 5-Step Activation•  Creative Newsroom Models•  Vendor Spotlight - NewscredChapter 10: "How Content Governance Will Facilitate MediaCompany Transformation •  Defining Content Governance•  Building An Internal Collaboration Model•  Proactive Content Workflows (Planned & Unplanned Content)•  Reactive Escalation Workflows & Risk Assessment•  Managing New ‘Brand’ Account Creation•  Managing The Security of Social Media Passwords•  Vendor Spotlight - Spredfast Chapter 11:Structuring Your Teams to Become a Content DrivenOrganization •  The Quick Lesson In Change Management•  Tearing Down The Organizational Silos•  Identifying Roles & Responsibilities•  Structuring Your Content Organization By Channel•  Structuring Your Content Organization By Brand/Product•  Structuring Your Content Organization By Region•  Structuring For Converged Media & Real-time Marketing•  Vendor Spotlight - SkywordSection 3: Developing Your Content Strategy
  12. 12. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O VENDORSVendor Platforms Discussed In This Book
  13. 13. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O BRANDSBrands Discussed In This Book
  14. 14. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O THE AUTHORMichael Brito is a Senior Vice President of SocialBusiness Strategy at Edelman Digital. He providesstrategic counsel to several of Edelman’s topaccounts and is responsible for delivering contentand social strategy, community managementoperations and helping his clients scale their socialprograms globally. Previously, Michael worked formajor brands in Silicon Valley to include HewlettPackard, Yahoo! and Intel Corporation working invarious marketing, social media and communitymanagement roles. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences aswell as a guest lecturer at various universitiesincluding UC Berkeley, the University of SanFrancisco, Stanford University, Syracuse University,Golden Gate University and Saint Mary’s College ofCalifornia. He is also an Adjunct Professor at SanJose State University and UC Berkeley teachingsocial business and strategic social media. Michael has a Bachelor of Arts in Business fromSaint Mary’s College of California and a Master ofScience, Integrated Marketing Communications fromGolden Gate University. He proudly served eightyears in the United States Marine Corps. Michael’sprevious book, Smart Business, Social Business: APlaybook for Social Media in Your Organizations,was released in July 2011 and is available inbookstores and Amazon.Michael Brito"SVP, Social StrategyEdelman Digital@BritopianNow available for pre-order!
  15. 15. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O EARLY REVIEWSJascha Kaykas-Wolff, "CMO, Mindjet@kaykas There’s a difference between being a thought-leader and a do-leader. Thought leaders can tell you what you should be doing,but often have no practical, real-world experience translatingthought into action. Do-leaders, on the other hand, are seasonedprofessionals who base their advice on what they’veaccomplished and failed at -- a huge value add for anyorganization. Michael Brito, Senior Vice President of SocialBusiness Strategy at Edelman Digital, is the epitome of a do-leader.In his book, Your Brand: The Next Media Company, he conciselybreaks down one of the biggest challenges brands face today:developing, and more importantly living, their content strategy. Bydeftly tying team roles and responsibilities to the management ofconverged media programs, he takes a three-dimensional view ofcontent strategy that’s usually missed out on by leaders who pushfor ideals over ideas. And unlike some tell-all handbooks with littleto offer besides tired to-do lists and recycled suggestions, hedoes it through intelligently-structured narrative that’s pepperedwith applicable, pragmatic advice. Your Brand belongs on thebookshelf of every CMO.
  16. 16. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O EARLY REVIEWSA must read if you are serious aboutusing social business strategy totransform your brand into a mediacompany!Mei Lee "Vice President, "Digital Marketing"Conde NastMichael Brito brilliantly dissects how toachieve social media success throughtechniques of the Mad Men era manipulatedin to the age of Twitter and Facebook.Discover your audience and the power ofvirtual brand ambassadors, while learninghow to successfully manage your onlinepresence and maximize your exposure withquality content.Kinsey SchofieldTV Personality, Journalist"@KinseySchofieldBrito has written a practical and thoroughlyengaging book for brands looking toeffectively launch a sustainable socialbusiness strategy. Whether early in theprocess or evolving your current approach,Britos holistic view provides actionableinsights to help you navigate both theinternal and external challenges we all face.I recommend this book to anyone who wantstheir brand to remain relevant in a worldwhere meaningful and authentic connectionswith social customers are now tables stakes!Amy Kavanaugh "Vice President "Public Affairs"Taco Bell / YUM BrandsIn the social world, content rules. Michaelsbook makes the case that in order for brands tothrive in this brave new world, brands mustbecome content creatorsPete CashmoreCEO, Mashable@Mashable
  17. 17. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O Social media is causing a fundamental shift inthe structure of business - both internally andexternally. At this tumultuous time, Your Brand:The Next Media Company provides a clearroad map to guide your organization throughthe decisions you need to make NOW toensure you stay relevant and evolve into amedia company.EARLY REVIEWSThis is a great read for anyone who wants tounderstand and learn how to overcome thechallenges of content marketing. And isn’tthat all of us today?Elisa Steele, "CMO Skype Division"Microsoft@elisasteeleAn incredibly accurate assessment of thesocial customer and the challenges we facetoday in garnering their attention. Britocaptures the very essence of what it takes forbrands to cultivate awareness and loyalty intodays saturated content marketplace. Packedwith first-hand knowledge from tenuredmarketing and agency executives, this text is amust-read for anyone invested in tackling thecontent marketing space and making a trueimpact on the industry and, most importantly,the consumer.Shafqat IslamCEO NewsCred@shafqatislamJoshua March"CEO, ConverSocial"@joshuamarchEvery company is a media company, nomatter your business model. I’ve beenpreaching this for over 7 years, and MichaelBrito offers one of the most lucid and usefulresources on the topic yet. Buy this book,you won’t regret it.Brian Clark"CEO Copyblogger Media@Copyblogger
  18. 18. T H E N E X T M E D I A . C O Content Marketing is no longer just a concept,it’s a way of business. Whether you are smallbusiness, nonprofit or a large corporation youneed to read this book to learn the why and thehow to setup your organization to become amedia company. Michael Brito’s experienceand his collection of experts are second tonone and provide expansive and detailsapproaches that are applicable to everyone.EARLY REVIEWSThe future of digital media is alive andwell and its you. In Your Brand: TheNext Media Company, Michael Britoprovides a clear roadmap fortransforming your business into a morerelevant, social and meaningful mediacompany. He has followed up a fantasticbook on social business with a roadmapfor transforming your company into anagile, ubiquitous and relevant contentmachine; and he covers all bases fromsocial business to content marketing tostructuring your organization forsuccess.Lee Odden, "Author of Optimize"CEO TopRank@LeeOddenAdam HirschSenior Vice PresidentEdelman Digital"Prior COO of Mashable@AdamHirschIn Your Brand: The Next Media Company,Michael Brito puts the content marketingconversation into a necessary, neededcontext. He explains how some fundamentalshifts in the way consumers makepurchasing decisions changes everythingfor brands, and why the smartest brandsshould listen up!Ann HandleyChief Content Officer, MarketingProfs@MarketingProfsYes, we are all media companies now...butso many brands dont know how to makethis important transition. Take this book, readit and put it under your pillow. This book willtransform your marketing from "also ran" todominating your informational niche. Now isthe time!Joe Pulizzi"Founder, Content Marketing Institute "Author, Epic Content Marketing@juntajoe