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Break-Through Storytelling Starts with Analytics


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Keynote presentation for the #SocialTools15 conference in San Francisco - October 27 & 28. The focus is using data and analytics to drive more effective storytelling and content strategy.

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Break-Through Storytelling Starts with Analytics

  1. 1. Break-through Storytelling Starts With Analytics Michael Brito Head of Social Marketing @Britopian Britopian
  2. 2. It’s critical to first understand the digital ecosystem 1% CREATE Content Influencers Individuals who drive ideas that fuel conversations and are sharing with current/potential customers. Focus content and relationships here. 9% SHARE & REPACKAGE 9 Advocates Individuals who carry a trend, and where top influencers source ideas. Important to surround with paid & earned media. 90% LISTEN & LEARN 90 Enthusiasts Consumers who read, search and consume trends online every day. Important to listen, educate, share and provide unique experiences. 1 Britopian
  3. 3. barriers to reach your audience online4 Britopian
  4. 4. there is a content & media surplus Britopian
  5. 5. there is an attention deficit Britopian
  6. 6. tunnel vision is a requirement Britopian
  7. 7. the customer journey is unpredictable Britopian
  8. 8. So how do you break through the clutter? Britopian
  9. 9. You break through the clutter with precision Community Engagement & Measurement Build a social governance model to ensure all content / ads are within brand / FTC guidelines, listen & response; and that all conversations are monitored, responded to, tracked, reported and escalated. Narrative Development Deliver an editorial and creative framework to reach the right audience using content best practices and community engagement. Analytics Participatory Storytelling Empower, train and mobilize brand advocates (employees/customers) to participate and tell the brand story. Channel Strategy Build a channel and media strategy based on audience segmentation and native social platform capabilities and user functionality. Paid Social Use analytics to determine the best targeting on social channels based on audience behaviors and conversations – where they spend their time and what media outlets the “like”, “follow” and “talk about.” Britopian
  10. 10. Audience architecture; it always and I mean always starts with the data 1% CREATE Content 9% SHARE & REPACKAGE 90% LISTEN & LEARN 1 Influencer Analytics A ranked list of the top 50 people who are driving the conversation about a given topic, industry or brand. This is the digital 1%. They move the market when they speak, write, record. SocialGraphics Group an audience by analyzing at what they follow, share and discuss; and segment them by interest and passions. Examples include ITDMS, Physicians, Millennials, Affluent Consumers. Conversation Analysis Study the market conversation (news, social media, forums, blogs) to better understand the broad conversation about an industry. Find the “winnable truth” that your brand can own. Britopian
  11. 11. Data Determine “winnable moment” and creative positioning The brand is the hero of the story The brand is a character in a story The brand comments on a story Data & insights extracted from the analytics will be used to inform a strategic framework or a creative platform. The strategic framework will inform all content creation and creative assets. An editorial and creative framework that categorizes content based on guidelines and the brand criteria. Content & Creative Categories Align editorial structure and/or creative position with the insights Britopian
  12. 12. Facebook audience is 65% female; interested in technology and live in the US. Community engagement (vs. corporate announcements and other content) posts generate X% more engagement than the average content, but account for only X% of posts. YouTube audience is 70% male; interested in extreme sports and most live in the US. Thirty- second videos generate 15 times the engagement and impressions, but 75% of branded videos are longer than 1 minute. Twitter audience is 80% male; interested in sports and music and most live in the US. Followers engage mostly with product-related content, but they make up only X% of branded tweets. Corporate news garners little engagement but make up 85% of branded tweets. Ensuring that you are using the right channels to reach audiences Britopian
  13. 13. 20% Facebook Text Rule for promoted content Correct use of #HASHTAGS Using the right pixel dimensions content shared on each channel Mobile-first content Best time to post content Optimizing content for each network utilizing social channel best practices Britopian
  14. 14. Ensuring the combination of post copy and image or video tell a compelling story; one completes the other Britopian
  15. 15. SOCIALGRAPHICS (the 9%) Data- driven; paid targeting MATCH MATCH PAID SOCIAL TARGETING INPUTS CUSTOM AD SERVED Custom Audience Targeting & Re- Targeting TOP INFLUENCERS (the 1%) UPLOAD INFLUENCERS TO & AS CUSTOM TARGET AUDIENCE Target the right content, at the right time, in the right channel and to the right customer Britopian
  16. 16. Editorial Planning Content Marketing & Publishing Social CRM & Listening Advocacy Platforms This is a “social tools” conference so here are some of my favorites Britopian
  17. 17. Thank you! Michael Brito Head of Social Marketing @Britopian