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Audience Intelligence: Using Social Data to Inform Content, Paid Media and Influencer Activation


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Webinar slides from webinar with Crimson Hexagon. Topics covered were social listening, audience intelligence, paid social, influencer marketing and media relations.

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Audience Intelligence: Using Social Data to Inform Content, Paid Media and Influencer Activation

  1. 1. AUDIENCE INTELLIGENCE + Using social data to inform content, paid media & influencer activation
  2. 2. PRESENTERS & AGENDA MITCH BROOKS SR. DIRECTOR MICHAEL BRITO HEAD OF US DIGITAL Deliver more impactful stories Prioritize media relations Drive strategic paid media Identify & activate influencers An overview of Crimson Hexagon @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  3. 3. SUMMARY OF CRIMSON HEXAGON @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT Crimson Hexagon is the leading social listening platform delivering customer insights that drive strategic decisions. Key Capabilities: • Data library of over a trillion documents • Customizable text analysis • Image analysis • Audience analysis
  4. 4. HOW WE LOOK AT THE MARKET INFLUENCERS These are the top influencers driving the conversation about a specific topic. This includes the traditional media, bloggers and influential people on social media. 1% CREATE CONTENT AUDIENCE This is a larger audience and are interested in topics. They re-package influencer content, provide their own POVs and re-share with their micro- communities. 9% SHARE & REPACKAGE THE MARKET This is the rest of the market. They rely heavily on word of mouth, peer recommendations and Google search. They are highly influenced by what the Influencers and Advocates say and share. 90% LISTEN & LEARN @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  5. 5. AUDIENCE OVERVIEW Chief Security Officers Audience Size: 900 self identified in bio as working in security & c-suite ALEX STAMOS Chief Security Officer Facebook Geoff Belknap Chief Security Officer Slack Jad Boutros Chief Security Officer Snapchat Nicole Fellouris Chief Security Officer Project Halcyon Helen Patton Chief Security Officer Ohio State University Tammy Moskites Chief Security Officer Venafi Security Influencers Amanda Rousseau Malware Researcher Audience Size: 49K 120 Influencers. Influence calculated by Reach, Resonance & Relevance STEVE RAGAN Staff Writer, CSO Online Audience Size: 9.7K Eric Vanderburg Security Consultant Audience Size: 136K @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  6. 6. COMMON INTERESTS & AFFINIITES BigData Syfy StarWars HealthCare Unix Leadership SoftwareDevelopment Statistics ProductManagement Drupal OpenSource InternetSecurity Apple Forensics MilitaryDefense RealEstate BusinessIntelligence Privacy Innovation Analytics ScienceAndTechnology InformationTechnology AffordableCareAct VideoGames Security Saas Health Wikileaks GameDevelopment MarvelComics ESPN NBA Sustainability Entrepreneurship Malware Java Bitcoin Linux Ecology Energy RiskManagement Communications Basketball Cybersecurity Finance Economics NFL CloudComputing Design Hacking InformationSecurity Management Influencers CISO @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  7. 7. CONVERSATION TOPICS Dates: 1/1/17 to 11/1/17 Security Influencers N = 1.1M Chief Security Officers N = 519K @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  8. 8. MEDIA SHARING & CONSUMPTION Chief Security Officers 8.2K shares 6.5K shares 6.1K shares 5.2K shares 4.7.K shares 3.3K shares 9.3K Shares What the Best Transformational Leaders Do Top shared article @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  10. 10. WHY INFLUENCER MARKETING @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT 58% Trust is 58% higher for experts and peers when forming an opinion about a brand or product. TRUST CREDIBILITY ENGAGEMENT IMPRESSIONS 90% 90% of Internet users consider consumer recommendations to be the most credible form of advertising. 67% 67% of shoppers spend more online after reading positive recommendations online. 65% 65% of consumers need to interact with a brand 3 – 5 times before they believe or buy. Source: Nielsen, Boston Consulting Group, Tomoson
  11. 11. HOW INFLUENCE IS MEASURED INFLUENCE REACH RELEVANCE RESONANCE REACH How large is their community across all channels – blogs, contributed posts, social? RELEVANCE How often are they talking about the topics that are relevant to your business or brand? RESONANCE When they create content, how does it resonate with their broader audience? @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  12. 12. 360 VIEW OF INFLUENCER CHARACTERISTICS REACH BY CHANNEL: Eric Vanderburg is a cybersecurity leader, consultant, author, and thought leader. Vanderburg leads the cybersecurity consulting division at TCDI. TCDI’s cybersecurity division provides companies with peace of mind in our digital world by protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and critical systems. In addition to being the Vice President of Cybersecurity at TCDI , Eric is also the Vice Chairman of the board of directors for the Technology Ministry Network, a nonprofit that equips those in ministry with the technology tools and training to accomplish their ministry goals. He serves on the editorial board for the HITSF Journal and on advisory boards for a number of colleges. CLEVELAND, OHIO RELEVANT CONTENT • The lonely castle: insights into the evolution of cybersecurity defense • IoT security is living on the edge • GDPR and the road to increased customer loyalty and trust INFLUENCED BY 135K 66K500+ ERIC VANDERBURG: CYBERSECURITY THOUGHT LEADER TOTAL NETWORK SIZE Kirk Borne Analyst, Booz Allen 177K Followers 10K 200K AUDIENCE OVERLAP 25.9K followers of Brand A also follow Michelle 3% Security Company 21.6K followers) Eric Vanderburg (135K followers) TOP INTERESTS 48% Business 38% Small Business 88% Politics 17% Film 24% Consumer Tech 11% Family 36 45 74 121 67 29 19 31 45 RANSOMWARE MALWARE DDOS CYBERCRIME HACKING DATA BREACH DATA PROTECTION CYBER THREAT INSIDER THREAT TOP KEYWORDS AMANDA ROUSSEAU Malware Researcher 50K Followers RATAN JYOTI Security Researcher 12K Followers JANE FRANKLAND Security Author 8K Followers @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  13. 13. WHAT’S TOP OF MIND FOR SECURITY INFLUENCERS? 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 12/20 12/25 12/30 1/4 1/9 1/14 1/19 1/24 1/29 2/3 2/8 2/13 2/18 2/23 2/28 3/5 3/10 TRENDING ARTICLES Incident Response – Being Prepared for the Worst-Case Scenario 6 Regulations That Require File Integrity Monitoring for Full Compliance Threat IntelligenceGDPRCloud SecurityDevOps New DevOps product announced Threat Intelligence Whitepaper released by Symantec Kirk Borne Analyst, Booz Allen 177K Followers AMANDA ROUSSEAU Malware Researcher 50K Followers RATAN JYOTI Security Researcher 12K Followers JANE FRANKLAND Security Author 8K Followers MIKE QUindazzi Strategy Director, PwC 55K Followers ADAM SEGAL Director, CFR 7K Followers Kelly higgins Editor, DarkReading 8K Followers LESLEY CARHART Security Architect 49K Followers ERIC GELLER Reporter, Politico 63K Followers @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  14. 14. MEDIA SHARING & CONSUMPTION 12.5K Shares 9.8K shares 9.2K shares 7.7K shares 7.2K shares 9.2K shares Security Influencers Why Cybersecurity Should Be The Biggest Concern Of 2017 Top shared article @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  15. 15. USING THIS DATA TO TAKE ACTION IMPACTFUL STORYTELLING A thorough analysis will reveal the insight Imitate audience vernacular @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  16. 16. USING THIS DATA TO TAKE ACTION MEDIA & ANALYST RELATIONS Prioritize media outreach based on what the audience is reading Identify new media targets Quantify analyst relations based on desired media @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  17. 17. USING THIS DATA TO TAKE ACTION STRATEGIC PAID MEDIA Use affinities & conversational topics as paid media inputs Buy media on sites relevant to audience Custom audience building @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  18. 18. USING THIS DATA TO TAKE ACTION ACTIVATING INFLUENCERS Use data to find the right influencers that will deliver impact Analyze topics important to influencers. Imitate. Target using paid media @teamlewisglobal | @crimsonhexagon | #IAT
  19. 19. Thank you! Questions?
  20. 20. THANK YOU Michael BRITO Head of US Digital, LEWIS MITCH BROOKS SR. Director, Product, Crimson Hexagon @teamlewisglobal | #IAT