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Deploying Social Media For Brand Storytelling & Customer Engagement

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Deploying Social Media For Brand Storytelling & Customer Engagement

  3. 3. THERE IS A CONTENT & MEDIA SURPLUS Content is omnipresent. There are no shortages of devices either. Everyone is a content creator, which adds to the noise.
  4. 4. THERE IS AN ATTENTION DEFICIT Most can barely consume—much less comprehend—285 pieces of content in a day. Multitasking and multiple devices is a cultural norm.
  5. 5. TUNNEL VISION IS A REQUIREMENT We only want to consume content relevant to us at a very specific moment in time. Tunnel vision helps us do that.
  6. 6. THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY IS UNPREDICTABLE Most of us embark on an open-ended purchase path, and our content consumption patterns change daily.
  7. 7. CREATING AND MANAGING CONTENT IS A CHALLENGE FOR MOST BRANDS 2013 CONTENT MARKETING BENCHMARKS, CONTENT MARKETING INSTITUTE % of respondents Producing Enough Content 64% Producing Content That Engages 52% Producing a Variety of Content 45% Lack of Budget 39% Inability to Measure Content 33% Lack of Knowledge, Training 26% Lack of Integration 25% Lack of Buy-in, Vision 22% Finding Trained Content Marketers 14% 78% of marketers say that their biggest challenge with content is "creating original content," and that they don't have enough time to do it 44% of marketers do not have a documented content strategy. @ B R I T O P I A N
  8. 8. An Analytics-Driven Content Solution C O N T E N T A S A S E R V I C E @ B R I T O P I A N
  9. 9. CAAS IS AN ANALYTICS APPROACH THAT HELPS BRANDS BECOME EFFECTIVE PUBLISHERS Social Narrative Development ANALYTICS & RESEARCH Social Channel Strategy Content Performance & Analysis Participatory Storytelling Develop a story that breaks through the clutter, is relevant to a specific audience and delivers brand value. Deliver a global social media channel strategy based on audience segmentation and native platform capabilities and functionality. Empower, train and mobilize brand advocates (employees/customers) to participate and tell the brand story. Build an analytics infrastructure that tracks content through the lifecycle and informs future content creation. Content Operational Framework Craft an operational framework that facilitates the evolution into a content organization. @ B R I T O P I A N
  10. 10. Social Narrative Development “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman
  11. 11. Social Narrative Development THE FOUNDATION OF A SOCIAL NARRATIVE IS BASED ON RESEARCH AND ANALYTICS NARRATIVE REQUIREMENTS 1 2 3 4 Social Graphics Influencer Muse/Meme Content Gap Analysis Search Insights Your audience, categorized. By looking at what your audience members follow, share and discuss, we group them by interest and passion. We examine influential conversations about a topic or brand and compare it to what a brand is sharing online; the gaps that emerge are the brand’s new areas of focus. A ranked list of the top 50 people who are driving the conversation about a given topic, industry or brand. This is the digital 1%. The Muse tells us where they get their inspiration. A broad analysis that examines the search volume and frequency of certain topics, keywords and industries. @ B R I T O P I A N
  12. 12. Social Narrative Development CREATE AN EDITORIAL/CREATIVE FRAMEWORK ALIGNED TO AUDIENCE AND MARKET INSIGHTS Data & Insights Strategic & Creative Framework The brand is the hero of the story The brand is a character in a story The brand comments on a story Data & insights extracted from the analytics will be used to inform a strategic framework or a creative platform. The strategic framework will inform all content creation and creative assets. An editorial and creative framework that categorizes content based on guidelines and the brand criteria. Content & Creative @ B R I T O P I A N
  13. 13. Social Narrative Development CONTENT AND STORYTELLING SHOULD BE ANCHORED IN THESE 8 CORE VALUES UTLITY Helps me “do” something or solves a problem EDUCATION Makes me smarter about a topic or subject ENTERTAINMENT Makes me laugh; inspires me to be happy ACCESS Connects me to others that share the same passions EMOTION Elicits a passionate reaction that empowers me EXCLUSIVITY Makes me feel special and emotionally vested INFORMATION Gives me current news, views and insider information FINANCIAL Provides sales, rebates and product-related promotions @ B R I T O P I A N
  14. 14. Social Channel Strategy Content isn’t king. The right content, at the right time, in the right channel, to the right customer is royalty!
  15. 15. Social Channel Strategy PERFORM CHANNEL ANALYSIS THAT IDENTIFIES AUDIENCE BEHAVIOR AND CONTENT PERFORMANCE Facebook audience is 65% female; interested in technology and live in the US. Community engagement (vs. corporate announcements and other content) posts generate X% more engagement than the average content, but account for only X% of posts. Twitter audience is 80% male; interested in sports and music and most live in the US. Followers engage mostly with product-related content, but they make up only X% of branded tweets. Corporate news garners little engagement but make up 85% of branded tweets. YouTube audience is 70% male; interested in extreme sports and most live in the US. Thirty-second videos generate 15 times the engagement and impressions, but 75% of branded videos are longer than 1 minute. @ B R I T O P I A N
  16. 16. Social Channel Strategy ALIGN CONTENT WITH DIGITAL CHANNELS BASED ON FINDINGS FROM CHANNEL ANALYSIS Prioritize and map storytelling initiatives to specific digital channels based on audience segmentation, scorecard analysis, campaign programming and brand priorities. Branded Content, Promotions Employee Stories & Interviews Third-Party Stories About the Brand Lifestyle Content Real-time or Agile Content Customer Stories @ B R I T O P I A N
  17. 17. Social Channel Strategy BUILD CONVERGED MEDIA MODELS ACROSS PESO – PAID, EARNED, SHARED & OWNED MEDIA EARNED MEDIA Media relations, Influencer engagement Word-of-mouth SHARED MEDIA Social media channel strategy Community management Social content creation Engagement Content Experiences SHARABLE STORIES PAID MEDIA AMPLIFICATION Content syndication Native advertising Search Social paid OWNED MEDIA Brand website/newsroom Campaign microsite Mobile apps @ B R I T O P I A N
  18. 18. Social Channel Strategy DELIVER REAL-TIME CONTENT WHEN THE RIGHT AUDIENCE IS PAYING ATTENTION Brand Alignment Relevant to current brand positioning Agile Content Audience Passion Based on targeted segmentation Trending Conversation Within a very targeted segment Audience Segmentation Targeted Listening Creative Production Agile Content @ B R I T O P I A N
  19. 19. Social Channel Strategy Participatory Storytelling When it comes to trust and credibility, “people they know”, “consumer opinions online” and “colleagues and friends” rank the highest when consumers are seeking information about a brand or product (BCG)
  20. 20. Participatory Storytelling PARTICIPATORY STORYTELLING IS BRAND ADVOCACY ON STEROIDS Brand advocates are trusted and found credible by others when seeking brand or product-related information. of people find "people like yourself" and "employees of a company" credible and trustworthy when seeking information about a product or a brand 92% of consumers say that peer recommendations are their most credible source of brand information 67% 65% of business pros participate and engage with colleagues and peers within social media @ B R I T O P I A N
  21. 21. Participatory Storytelling LEVERAGING INFLUENCE ACROSS THE DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM 90% Listen and Learn ninety % Enthusiasts • Reflects what customers read, search and discover online every day • Important to listen, engage and provide unique experiences 1% of People Create Content Influencers • Top opinion leaders – 1% or less who drive the ideas that fuel conversation share • Important to focus content and relationships here 9% Share and Repackage nine % Advocates • People who carry the message, and where top influencers source ideas • Important to surround sound with paid + earned media one % @ B R I T O P I A N
  22. 22. Participatory Storytelling OPERATIONALIZING BRAND STORYTELLING USING EMPLOYEES, CUSTOMERS OR BOTH Content Alignment Technology Partner Distribution Strategy Align content shared with advocates within the existing editorial framework or campaign initiatives. Advocacy programs require a technology partner in order to scale. @ B R I T O P I A N
  23. 23. Content Performance & Analysis What used to be the “galvanizing idea,” which has always been the anchor in creative marketing programs, has now been replaced with “what does the data say?”
  24. 24. Content Performance & Analysis CONFIDENCE IS EXTREMELY LOW IN MEASURING CONTENT PERFORMANCE Only nine percent of marketers said they are very confident their key metrics are effective in measuring business results. Source: Contently 90% of marketers expressed uncertainty that their key content metrics are effective in measuring business results. @ B R I T O P I A N
  25. 25. Content Performance & Analysis DETERMINE THE RIGHT SCORING SYSTEM FOR BRANDED CONTENT Build an analytics infrastructure that identifies performance benchmarks and improves content over time. Content Gathering Content Processing Content Scoring We collect all your content from its multiple platforms—even content shared across multiple platforms. All content is loaded into a custom database and scored. All possible variables (likes, shares, comments, clicks) are taken into consideration. Primary and secondary channels are weighted appropriately to their importance. Total post scores are the average of all possible channel variables (e.g., likes, shares, comments, clicks for Facebook). Each post’s score is a function of all content for the brand, rather than an isolated quantification. As such, engagement is a realistic reflection of your brand’s content. @ B R I T O P I A N
  26. 26. Content Operational Framework Continuous storytelling implies that there is an operational framework in place to keep the content engine going day in and day out.
  27. 27. Content Operational Framework BUILD A NEWSROOM ORGANIZATION THAT ALIGNS INTERNAL RESOURCES AND WORKSTREAMS Start with identifying the roles and responsibilities with internal stakeholders and agency partners. BRAND AGENCY PARTNERS Content Strategy CONTENT AGENCY (PR/Social/Digital) Leads community; drives brand strategy, analytics and publishing Develops brand narrative, leads content strategy and development CREATIVE AGENCY MEDIA BUYING AGENCY Develops brand and creative platform for large-scale productions Leads media planning and buying Content strategy, creative and media direction Community & brand engagement Converged media (PESO) buying and direction Creative content direction Content creation and production Content publishing Converged media planning Consumer insights research Brand creative direction Large-scale content production (TV, advertising, etc.) Media strategy Media buying Media partnerships & promotions @ B R I T O P I A N
  28. 28. Content Operational Framework ESTABLISH A “CENTRALIZED” EDITORIAL CONTENT TEAM AND FUNCTION Develop Content Strategy Scale Content Globally Source Technology Vendors COE B C A M B C A M B Brand, Business Unit, Region M Media Agency Creative/Ad Agency A C Content/PR Agency Content Governance @ B R I T O P I A N
  30. 30. Content Operational Framework OPTIMIZE THE CONTENT SUPPLY CHAIN AND EDITORIAL WORKFLOWS Build workflows (for real-time and planned content) that control the planning, production and distribution of content based on roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder group. CONTENT PLANNING Ideation and planning of drumbeat or campaign-related content CONTENT CREATION Creating original content or curating content from relevant third parties CONTENT APPROVALS Approvals from brand and legal teams and other stakeholders CONTENT DISTRIBUTION The execution and posting of content within digital channels Content performance and effectiveness informs future CONTENT INTEGRATION Integrating content across PESO (paid, earned, shared & owned) content planning CONTENT SCORING Scoring content based on type, distribution and engagement @ B R I T O P I A N
  31. 31. Content Operational Framework DETERMINE THE RIGHT TECHNOLOGY STACK TO ADDRESS YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS Editorial Planning Content Marketing & Publishing Social CRM & Listening Advocacy Platforms @ B R I T O P I A N
  32. 32. THANK YOU Michael Brito Head of Social Strategy