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Blair John Stevens


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Blair John Stevens

  1. 1. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 Blair John Stevens SUMMARY Over 40 years 0f experience over-seeing all phases of fabrication, welding, coat- ing, of onshore/offshore structures and production equipment. I’m also experi- enced with material handling for pipeline pipe distribution to ROW’s. I’m experi- enced in visual witnessing of non-destructive testing methods and hydro-testing procedures. I have experience in deepwater construction and platform and pipe- line installations, tank battery installations, abandonment, coating proce- dures/applications. Extensive coordinating, expediting and inspection experi- ence. I’m experienced with the Microsoft Office Professional software. I’m known for excellent communication skills, computer skills, organizational skills, record keeping, leadership abilities and punctuality. Passport is current and does not expire until 2025. WORK EXPERIENCE 2015 to Present Intertek (Moody International) Final Bench Inspection (Coating) Paragon Industries Sapulpa, OK Final bench Coating Inspection on 12” & 6” line pipe for QPS Engi- neering, Maurapas project. 2012 to 2015 Cleveland Integrity Services: Multi-faceted Utility Inspector Scanning/Stringing/ Ditching/Lowering-In/Padding/Back- fill/Cleanup/Environmental/Tie-Ins/Weld Mapping/As-Build Completed working on multiple pipeline projects in Oklahoma for Oneok Partners. Performing Installation of H Bracing, goal posts, fencing and gaps, cut & grade of ROW, receive materials, stringing pipe, main line welds, Blasting & coating of welds, apply RD6 coating and tape to welds, lowering-in, tie-ins, weld mapping, backfill and as-built. Completed working on Bridge Tex (Magellan) 20” Line in Waco, TX working with tie-in crews and welding inspector verifying all jeeping/coating repairs/bell holes/gas freeing of bell holes/ditching of tie-in ditch to assure adequate depth of cover over pipe and pipe protection after lowering in of tie-ins. Working in conjunction with welding inspector on documentation of tie-in sta- tion numbers and correlating information. Completed working on Enbridge Energy 6B 36” Replacement line in Niles, MI working with Environmental Inspector and environmental crews assuring all company, local, county and state environmental regulations were in compliance with ECD’s and wetland protection as performed by pipeline contract crews.
  2. 2. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 Completed working on the Plains Mississippian Lime Pipeline Project in Enid OK scanning barcodes, stringing of pipe and ditching ROW to lower in pipe and Pad- ding/backfilling of ditches after lowering-in, also includes final clean up. All this was being performed within Client guidelines, industry standards and codes. 2011 to 2012 SGS INDUSTRIAL, SERVICES Coating Inspector/Hydro Test Inspection/Pre-Shipment Inspec- tion/Resident Inspector I performed MTR document collection and random dimensional for pre- ship- ment of plates for New Zealand Limited. I also witnessed coupon cutting for GEA do Brazil. Pre-shipment of 4.0” center to center and 6.0” center to center u- bends, verify piece count of each, verify measurements for leg extensions to u- bends and visual assessment of any damage. PRE-SHIPMENT INSPECTION of Water pumps including Quantity Verification, Quality Verification, Damages or Defects Inspection Verification of Export Packing and Shipping Marks/ Integrity of packing / Damages Document Review for PACT Engineering FZE. I attended kick off meeting for YARA Trinidad for heat exchangers. Reviewed and received all pertinent documentation for project and passed along to Project Coordinator in advance of project commencement to assign to qualified personnel. I per- formed hydro testing verification for shell leakage and seal test on 2-18” ball valves for Hyundai Engineering & Construction. I’m performed coating inspec- tion on 12” piping for application of FBE and 3 Layer Poly Coat at Shawcor. Per- formed inspection for WILSON/OXY (GERALD DESMOND BRIDGE PROJECT) in Levelland, TX. I performed dimensional, plug & gauge inspection, surface blast inspection for defects & profile testing to API code standards to apply Corvel pri- mer to ID and the FBE powder coat on ID and OD of pipe. I’m also verifying DFT readings and holiday detection on every joint of pipe from 4” – 6” – 8”– 10” – 12” – 16” and 20” pipe with various WT of 12” piping. PRE-SHIPMENT INSPEC- TION of all piping including Quantity Verification, Quality Verification, Damages or Defects Inspection Verification, with all proper documents and photo docu- mentation of all phases of this operation. I verified piece counts and stencil infor- mation on pre-shipment inspection of 8” bends for WILSON/OXY (GERALD DESMOND BRIDGE PROJECT). I performed some off and on plug gauging on piping for WILSON/OXY in the Houston area. 2011 to 2011 OMC International, LLC Dimensional/Documentation Inspection HOUSTON PIPELINE COMPANY, LP / SAN CAJOS PHASE ll 24” / ACIPCO BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA. Performed dimensional inspection and documenta- tion verification per specifications on 20” piping. Including but not limited to WT gauging, diameter measurements, straightness of pipe and bevel and land meas- urements, checking for all visible defects. Verified stencil markings and docu- mented all reject/rework codes as required.
  3. 3. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 2010 to 2011 On & Offshore Quality Control Specialists Utility/Materials Inspector EL PASO RUBY PIPELINE PROJECT / Golconda, Nevada / Elko, Nevada Visually inspect 42” pipes for physical defects and coating damages, document and verify 42” piping from staging area to ROW. Check ovalities of joints and check holidays on same joints based on projected load out amounts to ROW. Load and scan piping as needed and reject any shipment as needed to reconcile incorrect information in database to ship piping to ROW. Generate daily reports from web based company portal as needed to verify footages and pipe counts from scans to assigned ROW. Verifying pup measurements on all pipe and inven- tory all pipe on yard to utilize on pipeline and distinguishing useable from scrap as directed by El Paso management. Managing Elko yard on pipe and pup recov- ery to stage and document accordingly. Received and culled mats as needed for lumber broker to evaluate for purchase. I scanned all pups on yard to scrap after final reconciliation of inventory. Segregated and reconciled all pipe information for emergency use status. Inventoried pipe for scrap and disposed of accordingly. I handled remediation of property to turn over to landowner. 2010 to 2010 Moody International Pipe Inspector/Technical Specialist PDVSA GAS/VENEZUELAN PROJECT (JSW STEEL) I worked final bench Dimensional inspection of 26" piping at steel mill including and not limited to pipe straightness-ovality-thickness-bevel degree-landing measurement-roundness strapping for final approval before coating of joints. This also includes inspection of varnish coating for corrosion prevention to ship overseas. MC TUBULAR BRAZILIAN PROJECT/Arica, Chile Supervised - Documented and received piping for storage until vessel load out for overseas project at Texas Terminals. I verified stenciling for dual projects be- ing loaded out. EL PASO PROJECT/Ruby/SNG (Panama City, FL.) I performed final inspection on OD blast on 42" x 0.600 pipe as well as OD blast inspection of SNG 36" piping. I also performed inspection of FBE OD coat on 42” piping on final bench for EL PASO/SNG piping and load out of piping on railcars for shipment. 2007 to 2009 Prezco, Inc. Inspector/Consultant
  4. 4. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 Pipeline Inspection/Tank Battery Installations/Amine Gas Plants/Offshore Con- struction/Blasting and Painting Inspection for Pioneer Natural Resources in South West Texas and Offshore at Eugene Island 208 and South Pelto 13. Supervised contractors in fabrication and installation of on-land gas pipelines with well hook-ups and tank battery installations and used B31.3 code for above ground pipeline welding and 1104 code for underground piping. I delivered both projects within budget and delivery schedules. I ordered materials as needed for well hookups under my supervision. Supervised Level II inspection of platform bottoms and side sonar scans as per MMS regulations following damage to off- shore platforms and pipelines from hurricanes. I assisted in the installation of an Amine Gas Plant with the Pioneer Construction Superintendent and contract installation crews. Inspected and supervised the offshore construction crews in repairs and upgrades and working with the sand- blasting and painting crew on construction items offshore. Inspected and super- vised hurricane repairs on platforms for both Eugene Island 208 and South Pelto 13. Inspected and supervise hanging anode installations as required to specifica- tions for both Eugene Island 208 and South Pelto 13. 2005 to 2007 EDG Engineering & Consultants (Bes Technical Services) & (K-Temp) Inspector Supervised floor sweep operations for Murphy Oil in GOM Blocks Eugene Island 323A and 322B Coordinator (Logistics and Materials) I worked as a coordinator on a $250,000,000.00 upgrade to the Chevron Texaco Takula field in Malongo Angola, West Africa. I reported directly to the Project Manager. I was responsible for all personal movements, housing and material requisitions and movement from Malongo dock to the field and I was also re- sponsible for all boats utilized during the project; working hand in hand with Ma- rine Logistics and Material Coordinators at the dock facility. 2000 to 2005 Newpark Environmental Services, LLC Site Manager Supervised and managed facilities in receiving NOW waste from offshore and in- shore waters. I maintained and verified all state issued documents for accuracy for state audits. I analyzed waste samples using the silver nitrate titration methods for establish- ing chlorides and standard mud retort for total oil and /or solids content if re- ported by volume and standard Ph paper. 1992 TO 2000 Soloco LLC Administrative Manager of Southeast Operations
  5. 5. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 I managed day to day operations with VP. I dispatched crews as needed for land based access for drilling rigs using lumber, wooden and composite mats system to frame rig locations. I managed repair crews on yard site to refurbish mats as required to specs utilizing new lumber. I ran office operations with VP of opera- tions in writing bids, procurement, purchase orders and assisting our corporate office in handling safety insurance and trucking procedures. 1979 to 1992 Gulf South Inspection Services Senior Inspector I supervised contract paint crews in utilizing Chevron paint maintenance pro- grams in accordance to specifications and industry standards in Main Pass – South Pass – West Delta and Romere Pass areas of South Louisiana. I verified surface preparations on substrates with Mylar tests to provide information on specific anchor profiles and using wet mill gauges to determine proper applica- tions for applications based on theoretical coverage’s from manufacturers & com- pany specifications. I also utilized dry film magnetic gauges to measure coating thicknesses upon full cure. I used sling psychrometers to measure atmospheric conditions i.e. dew point and relative humidity. This was done in conjunction of Chevron USA platform corrosion maintenance program for various fields. Supervised levee repairs and bulk head construction for Marathon Oil in Bayou Penchant field. I inspected all phases of construction of 2 - 4 pile platforms and 2 - 8 pile deep- water platforms, production packages, living quarters with corresponding jackets for Getty Oil. This included observation of NDT testing with all field documents of findings forwarded to engineering department. This was also done in conjunc- tion of observation of radiograph testing of welding performed in compliance of industry standards. I also inspected all phases of coating preparations for the same project. I supervised refurbishment construction on a heliport, 1 - 4 pile platform and jacket for Samedan Oil. I also handled all welding and coating inspections ac- cording to all company specifications with all records and documents retained and turned over to company engineer upon completion of projects. 1973-1979 Avondale & McDermott Shipyards Welder/Leader man I worked in the fabrication yard and the fabrication shops. I was certified in sub- arc welding, shielded arc welding, short-arc welding and flux core welding. COMPUTER EXPERIENCE: Microsoft Office Professional: MS WORD, MS EXCEL I have working knowledge of MS Access and PowerPoint.
  6. 6. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES: X: NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) Certification Level I: Certificate has expired: Completed all required CBT’s for Enbridge Energy El Paso (Veriforce, LLC Online Testing) List of Certificates of Completion: Passing all exams ELP Construction Drawing Redlining Overview ELP Pressure Test Record Overview ELP Electrical, Instrumentation, Communications Standards ELP Environmental Inspector Training Overview – Part 1 & 2 ELP Engineering Documentation and Close-Out Procedures Part 1 & 2 ELP Land Pipeline Standards ELP Compressor & Meter Station Standards ELP Coating Standards References: David Sadler: Field Office Online Pipeline Construction Management Services Cell # 618-357-1916 Email: John Deville: El Paso Western Pipelines Sr. Project Inspector Cell # 719-252-1393 Email: Blake Harp: CWI/CPI/Material Expeditor Cell# 918-822-0085 Email: Mark Stevens: Worley Parsons Quality Manager Tel: 281-206-8471 Mob: 713-855-7227 Email: Tamara Trout: SGS Industrial Services Division Product Development Manager Mob: 832-339-3592
  7. 7. Blair John Stevens 5026 Oxford Chase Trail, RichmondTX 77407 Home# 281-239-3135 Mobile# 281-667-5344 A.J. Smith: Cleveland Integrity Services Chief Inspector Cell: 918-740-7414