Tx history 21.1


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Tx history 21.1

  1. 1. Chapter 21: The Cattle Kingdom Section 1: Early Cattle Ranching
  2. 2. Spanish Beginnings• 1500s: Spanish had ranches firmly established in Mexico• 1700s: Cattle moved northward to support missions in Rio Grande & San Antonio River Valleys• Good climate & water supply
  3. 3. Spanish Beginnings• First Texas Ranchers: Tejanos who brought knowledge of ranching from Mexico• Brands—marks that made it possible to determine who owned Texas cattle
  4. 4. Spanish Beginnings• Cattle drives—herding groups of cattle to market• Cattle driven from South of Rio Grande to supply Spanish military outposts• Driven from SE Texas to Louisiana
  5. 5. Spanish Beginnings• Ranching spreads: – East TX: near markets in New Orleans – Central/South TX: rich prairies & moderate climates
  6. 6. Spanish Beginnings• Cattle driven out of state: – New Orleans – California after discovery of gold – Ohio
  7. 7. Spanish Beginnings• Problems: – Rustlers—thieves – Access to markets – Low population = low demand
  8. 8. The Texas Longhorns • Longhorn—a cross between Spanish & EnglishBEVO—it’s what’s for dinner! cattle
  9. 9. The Texas Longhorns• Strengths: – Thrived on native grasses – Could endure hot/cold – Could eat prickly pear and survive on little water – Resistant to Texas Fever
  10. 10. The Texas Longhorns• “8 pounds of hamburger on 800 pounds of bone and horn.”• Horns provided protection
  11. 11. The Texas Longhorns• Texas cattle grew during the Civil War because Union blockades made it difficult to move cattle out of state