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The Great Beyond with Open English Language Resources


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Presentation for the Open Education conference 2012 in Vancouver

Published in: Education
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The Great Beyond with Open English Language Resources

  1. 1. The Great Beyond with OpenEnglish Language Resources Alannah Fitzgerald
  2. 2. The Great Beyond• Prising open research corpora with OER for ELT – FLAX collections with the BNC, BAWE, Wikimedia, Google N-grams – SPINDLE podcast corpora (OER audio/video + transcripts)• More language samples than the textbook and the dictionary – More powerful = more examples of language in use across a range of linked authentic language contexts – More user-friendly than the standard concordancer interface – More OER for learners and teachers • Independent study resources • Pathways for crowd-sourcing the development of OER collections• New audiences – linking formal and informal learning – TTV, BALEAP, IATEFL, OCWC, OERu
  3. 3. TOETOE Technology for Open English Toying with Open E-r Alannah Fitzgeralds blog
  4. 4. BNC/BAWE
  5. 5. The BAWE text sub collections
  6. 6. Wikify key words & phrases
  7. 7. Training Videos for FLAX
  8. 8. Beyond audience boundariesRussell Stannard - Teacher Training Videos
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Creative commons podcast contentWhat can you do with this? 10
  11. 11. Linking open tools and open pods http:// 11
  12. 12. SPINDLE at
  13. 13. OERu – open and distance education
  14. 14. Widening audience participation
  15. 15. Global Local Computer Assisted Language Learning
  16. 16. Materials Development with OERArguably, competencies with resources cut across the whole of the TEAP framework. 16
  17. 17. Open Content, Practices, Communities
  18. 18. Thank you Email:;Blog: Technology for Open English – Toying with Open E-resources Twitter: @AlannahFitz Slideshare: