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Beyond Content: Open Educational Practices for English Language Education

  1. Beyond Content: Open Educational Practices for English Language Education Alannah Fitzgerald IATEFL 2013
  2. Overview • TOETOE International with the University of Oxford and the HEA/JISC – Open Educational Resources (OER) International Programme – Evaluating and developing OER with international partners – OER metaphors for ELT resources development • Oxford-managed and -created content in FLAX (The Flexible Language Acquisition project) – Research corpora & Teaching podcasts • OpenSpires project at Oxford – Creative commons-licensed content • Building language collections in FLAX with OER – Linking to open linguistic tools and content – Creating interactivity in your collections
  3. TOETOE International: FLAX Weaving with O (HEA Case Study) • Oxford, UK – project home University of Oxford IT Services • Vancouver, Canada – OpenEd 2012 conference • Beijing, China – GLoCALL 2012, British Council, Publishers • Seoul, Korea – Korea University • Hamilton, New Zealand – FLAX, University of Waikato • Hanoi, Vietnam – Hanoi Open University • Delhi, India – Delhi University • Southampton, UK – LLAS eLearning symposium • Sao Paulo, Brazil – Association for Distance Ed. in Brazil (ABED) • Montreal, Canada – Concordia University • Nottingham, UK – OER13 / BALEAP conferences • Liverpool, UK – IATEFL 2013 conference
  6. TOETOE Technology for Open English Toying with Open E-r Alannah Fitzgerald's blog
  7. Love is a stranger in an open car to tempt you in and drive you far away...toward OEP
  8. OER metaphors for ELT resources development • Contexts • Confucian dynamism in the Chinese ELT context • The English language skyline in South Korea • Vietnam’s Open University rising dragon • Emancipatory English in India • Braving OER battles in Brazil • Resources • Oh, what a BAWE! The British Academic Written English corpus • Re-using Oxford OpenSpires content in podcast corpora
  10. University of Oxford OER 10
  12. Training Videos for FLAX on YouTube
  13. Learning Collocations in FLAX: in response to ‘where are the good published collocations resources?’ • Research shows that the successful use of collocations in student writing and speaking supports not only improved levels of accuracy but also improved levels of fluency in their use of English (Wray, 2002; Nesselhauf, 2003). • Constraints with published collocations resources – Publication issues = the number and specificity of collocations examples that can be assigned to print and CD-ROM formats.
  14. FLAX British Academic Written English (BA
  15. British Academic Written English corpus: browse by genre or discipline
  16. BAWE sub corpus wordlists
  17. The BAWE sub corpus text collections: POS-tagging phrases
  18. Search and store collocations
  19. Retrieve and save collocations
  20. Collocational links to further resources
  21. Wikify key words & phrases
  22. Word lists: general, academic, specific, key
  23. FLAX Do-It-Yourself Podcast Corpora with
  24. Build YouTube into your FLAX collections
  25. FLAX Do-It-Yourself Podcast Corpora 2: Building interactivity into your collections
  26. Developing podcast activities in FLAX
  27. Close exercises in FLAX
  28. Scrambled sentences in FLAX
  29. Drag ‘n’ Drop exercises in FLAX
  30. Training Videos for FLAX on YouKu
  31. Open Dissemination Channels for ELT Russell Stannard - Teacher Training Videos
  32. Please register with FLAX to build your own collections!
  33. Open Content, Practices, Communities
  34. Thank you Email:; FLAX Language:; Twitter: @AlannahFitz Slideshare: Blog: Technology for Open English – Toying with Open E-resources

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