Open Educational Resources:Strategies to enhance Networking and Collaborative Opportunities


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what are open educational resources, OER initiatives in Asian countries and in India. How WikiEducator can be used to create OERs, WikiEducator India chapter, WikiEducator UPE winners

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Open Educational Resources:Strategies to enhance Networking and Collaborative Opportunities

  1. 1. Open Educational Resources:Strategies to enhance Networking and Collaborative Opportunities Ramesh SharmaIndira Gandhi National Open University
  2. 2. Whatare…
  3. 3. Open Things…• Open Access• Open Content• Open Course ware• Open Source Software• Open Education / e-Learning• Open Educational Resources• …and many more things
  4. 4. What is anOER? Image source:
  5. 5. Beginning… The term was first used at a UNESCO conference in 2002, although OERs were being produced and used before that time. For instance, the MIT OpenCourseWare project, which began in 2001, was one of the first major initiatives of the OER movement.
  6. 6. Open Educational Resources (OER) are‘materials offered freely and openly to useand adapt for teaching, learning,development and research’.- The Commonwealth of Learning (COL)
  7. 7. Open Educational Resources (OER) are teaching andlearning materials that are freely available onlinefor everyone to use, whether you are an instructor,student or self-learner. Examples of OER include:full courses, course modules, syllabi, lectures,homework assignments, quizzes, lab and classroomactivities, pedagogical materials, games,simulations, and many more resources contained indigital media collections from around the world.- OER Commons
  8. 8. OER are teaching, learning, and research resources that reside in thepublic domain or have been released under an intellectual propertylicense that permits their free use and re-purposing by others. Openeducational resources include full courses, course materials, modules,textbooks, streaming videos, tests, software, and any other tools,materials, or techniques used to support access to knowledge. - The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  9. 9. Open Educational Resourcesfree and openly licensed educational materials that can be used for• teaching,• learning,• research, and• other purposes.
  10. 10. Types of Open Educational Resources • Courses • Course materials • Content modules • Learning objects • Collections, and • Journals
  11. 11. open content / open practices
  12. 12. Wondering where to find Course Related OER Materials?
  13. 13. Asian Initiatives…
  14. 14. OER Based ODL Course Material
  15. 15. The OpenCourseWare Consortium, APIKOM, the Ministry of Communication and Informatics of Indonesia
  16. 16. OCWC Global Conference 2013
  17. 17. Japan Opencourseware Consortium (JOCW)
  18. 18. OER in Thailand
  19. 19. Thailand Cyber University Open Courseware
  20. 20. OER in Pakistan
  21. 21. Sri Lanka
  22. 22. OER Repository
  23. 23. OER in Thailand
  24. 24. Creative Commons Korea
  25. 25. KOCW
  26. 26. Indian Initiatives…
  27. 27. National Knowledge Commission Govt. of India
  28. 28. Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB)
  29. 29. Open Educational Resources for Schools (OER4S)
  30. 30. WizIQ: Open Tutorials
  31. 31. Open Course materials
  32. 32. National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL)
  33. 33. The National Institute of Open Schooling
  34. 34. SAKSHAT
  35. 35. National Council of Educational Research and Training textbooks….
  36. 36. Vidyanidhi (Meaning Treasure of Knowledge in Sanskrit)
  37. 37. Rai OpenCourseware (Rai Foundation)
  38. 38. Consortium for Educational Communication (University Grants Commission)
  39. 39. eGyanKosh
  40. 40. FlexiLearnIndira Gandhi National Open University
  41. 41. Networking and Collaboration
  42. 42. WizIQ: Virtual Classroom for Online Education
  43. 43. Open Course from University of Mumbai
  44. 44. WikiEducator pages on courses of IDOL
  45. 45. Open Course from Mumbai University The Professor and testimonial
  46. 46. Conversations with luminaries from Education arena
  47. 47. Online Live Conversations:Prof Sugata Mitra with Dr Nellie Deutsch
  48. 48. Free Educational Resources:Case Studies, Whitepapers, eBooks, eLearning insights
  49. 49. Free Educational Resources:Case Studies, Whitepapers, eBooks, eLearning insights
  50. 50. Free Educational Resources:Case Studies, Whitepapers, eBooks, eLearning insights
  51. 51. Strategies…
  52. 52. Open Educational Practice (OEP) A characteristic of Open Educational Practice, compared with conventional forms of professional practice, is that it changes the nature of relationships… - Allison Littlejohn, Lou McGill, Isobel Falconer, Jay Dempster
  53. 53. What this change is?• Between academics and support staff (as people work in multi-disciplinary teams, sharing areas of expertise);• Amongst academics (as teaching practice shifts from individual practice to cross-institutional and inter- institutional collaboration);• Between academics and students (as teachers and learners (who may not be registered with a university) interact in new ways);• Between academics and organisations {including the university where they are employed} (as university activities open up).
  54. 54. What further we can do?
  55. 55. Explore… find… search… Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
  56. 56. Collaborate for content creation… Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education
  57. 57. Collaborate for content creation…
  58. 58. Author:Document, remix, license, and share OER
  59. 59. Curate…Create a specific collection of OER for easy access and sharing
  60. 60. Share…
  61. 61. JoinOERFoundation…
  62. 62. Beome aproud memberofWikiEducator
  63. 63.
  64. 64. WikiEducator - India
  65. 65. Free professional developmentopportunity from the OER Foundation
  66. 66. Winners from Maharashtra…
  67. 67. Dr Sujata Dhopte
  68. 68. Dr Kalpana Gupte
  69. 69. Dr Kalpana Gupte
  70. 70. OER Project: Guide for newly enrolled distance learners
  71. 71. Thank You !