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Non verbal communication

Here is something I have done for my ESL discussion class. It is a very simple one. I also added an extra slide showing a piece of homework. You can download it. You can also make some changes that suit your teaching method and your students' learning styles.

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Non verbal communication

  1. 1. Non Communication Verbal
  2. 2. Uses convey emotion define relationship provide feedback reinforce verbal messages regulate communication
  3. 3. interpersonal communication
  4. 4. NVC haptics paralanguage proximity appearance
  5. 5. haptics affection familiarity sympathy care concern power/control
  6. 6. Paralanguage • all aspects of the voice: tone pitch speed volume p.a.u.s.e.s he/si/ta/tions/
  7. 7. How close are we? • Intimate Distance (touching to 45cm) - bf/gf; husband/wife • Personal Distance (45cm to 1.2m) - friends/family members • Social Distance (1.2m to 3.6m) - colleagues/co-workers • Public Distance (3.7m to 4.5m) - teachers/public speakers . . . p r o x i m i t y
  8. 8. appearance color clothing hairdo tattoo accessories group
  9. 9. Homework: Jealousy • How does jealousy affect relationship? • When is jealousy good? When is it bad? • When was the last time you were jealous of somebody?