Talent Hunt In Indonesia - Asia Region HR Congress 2011


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Talent Hunt In Indonesia - Asia Region HR Congress 2011

  1. 1. TALENT HUNT IN INDONESIA Presented at ASIA Region HR CongressSheraton Towers Singapore, July by. Agung Wibisana
  2. 2. The War for Talent - McKinsey Study Greater Supply of talent competition for shrinking and “best” talent more elusive More sophisticated skills required for leading growth, Talent entering globalization, and retirement age technological It will become change increasingly Supply of Demand for talent is difficult to tomorrow’s growing rapidly to attract and leaders declining response the retain best business opportunities and talent Talent more challenges mobile across companies Companies waking up to their talent gap, vying to upgrade their talent and improve the way to manage their talent.Source : McKinsay’s Organization & Leadership Practice Study 2001McKinsey & Co. is a global mgt consulting firm established in 1926. They are serving two-thirds of the Fortune 1000
  3. 3. Indonesia FACTS • Wide : 1,919,440 square kilometers (741,050 sq mi) • Consists of 17,508 islands • Divided in 33 provinces • Population : 237,64 million* • Labor force : 119,40 million* • Population who work : 111,28 million* • Population who work by level of education : - Sr. High School – below : 102,42 million* - Academy : 3,32 million* - University : 5,54 milllion* * Source : BPS – Statistic Indonesia
  4. 4. Winning The Talent War Retention DevelopmentAcquisition Performance Management Compensation Employee Relation Personal Development Leadership Development Career Management SourcingSelecting & Hiring
  5. 5. Sourcing Channels Newspaper Advertising Referral Job Fairs / Career Fairs Corporate Career Site Goes to Campus Internal Group Transfer Recruitment Online / Job Site Head Hunters / Recruitment Executive Search Student / Practitioner Social Networking Community WB
  6. 6. Hired Candidates Source of Channels WB
  7. 7. Selecting & Hiring Initial Screening Test Final Process • Personal Data • Interview • Remuneration • Educational • Ability/Skill Test negotiation Background • Personality • Signing contract • Related Work • Reference Check • Onboarding Experience • Medical Check Up • Induction Training • Licences / Sertification • Location / Domicile WH / WB
  8. 8. TALENT DEVELOPMENT People Leadership CareerDevelopment Development Management Coaching Supervisory Career Path Mentoring Development SuccessionJob Assignment Management Planning Development Talent Pooling Training ExecutiveSharing Session Development Knowledge Management WB
  9. 9. TALENT RETENTIONPerformance Compensation EmployeeManagement RelationTarget Planning Financial : Conseling Performance Direct Employee Survey Coaching Indirect Employee Final Review Non Financial : Gathering Job Itself Channel Communication Working Environtment
  10. 10. Summary• Talent acquisition is become more challenging .• Company need to recruit talent continously.• Company need to be more aggresive in recruiting the talent. Recruiting is need to be more like marketing and sales.• Beside recruitment, other aspects that is also important in Talent Management are Talent Development and Talent Retention.