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Digital Sketchnotes 101

Visual Notetaking using an iPad

Sketchnotes are visual notes that incorporate words, lines, shapes, color, and simple drawings. You do not need to be an artist to sketchnote! This session will share the why and how to get started with creating digital sketchnotes using an iPad, along with the presenter’s personal journey with taking visual notes. An overview of the basic elements, techniques, apps, and styluses will be given, along with examples/lessons from the presenter and students.

Digital Sketchnotes 101

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Creative
  3. 3. Twitter: @karlyb
  4. 4. Beginnings: Link to Pinterest Brad Ovenell-Carter
  5. 5. My First Sketchnote link to my sketchnotes
  6. 6. Sermons
  7. 7. Sermons
  8. 8. Podcasts
  9. 9. Conferences
  10. 10. Conferences
  11. 11. Book Quotes
  12. 12. Meetings
  13. 13. via Sunni Brown
  14. 14. Why?
  15. 15. Sketchnotes are fun to “REVISIT” - helps them STICK!
  16. 16. Link Sketchnote Handbook/Workbook by Mike Rohde
  17. 17. Link to my resources
  18. 18. Link to video
  19. 19. Pencil (link) - my current favorite stylus
  20. 20. Linktec Apex Fine Point Stylus (link) (Bluetooth, wonderful thin point, but jagged diagonal lines if you draw too slowly.)
  21. 21. Other Stylus Tools ‣Inexpensive stylus - for student use ‣Adonit Jot Pro ($29.99) - fine point ‣Sensu Brush ($39.00) - iPad brush Go search for pens with stylus tips in the vendor areas!
  22. 22. My Sketchnote App Essential Features: Realistic tool simulation: marker, pen, pencil, crayon, watercolor Ability to customize tool width and transparency Easy zoom in for details, easy undo Background grid/lines and colors Type in text Insert photos For advanced users: Layers Lasso or resize tool Paint over/under tool Tool to fill shapes
  23. 23. Link to App Pros/Cons Tayasui Sketches (free/paid)
  24. 24. Tayasui Sketches Example
  25. 25. SketchbookX(free/pro) Link to App Pros/Cons
  26. 26. Sketchbook Pro Example
  27. 27. Link to App Pros/Cons Paper53 (free!) All tools are now FREE!
  28. 28. Paper53 Example
  29. 29. Flipink (paid) Link to App Pros/Cons
  30. 30. Flipink Example
  31. 31. Link to App Pros/Cons Procreate (paid)
  32. 32. Procreate Example
  33. 33. Sketchnotes for Learning Student examples with Flipink app
  34. 34. Student Projects: Sermons (middle school)
  35. 35. I listen better when I draw. It’s so easy to focus…your attention. Taking sketchnotes… helped my understanding because I had to visualize what he was talking about to draw it.
  36. 36. Student Projects: Discovery Streaming video (sixth grade)
  37. 37. Student Projects: Science Notes (fourth grade)
  38. 38. Student Projects: Science Notes (fourth grade)
  39. 39. Student Projects: Science Notes (fourth grade)
  40. 40. Student Projects: Fiction Books/Stories (middle school)
  41. 41. Student Projects: Social Studies (middle school)
  42. 42. Student Projects: Bible (middle school)
  43. 43. Educator Example: Book Study (Sherri Clemons)
  44. 44. Hybrid Sketchnotes: Drawing & _____________ Audio: Fotobabble Audio & Annotation: Explain Everything, Educreations Linked Sketchnotes: Thinglink eBooks: Book Creator - add audio and additional text, publish Animated Video Narrator: Tellagami Multimedia: combine in iMovie, add audio, music, titles Other ideas?
  45. 45. Prepare titles in advance/make templates
  46. 46. Helpful trick: grid/zoom in and out Note: you can turn the grid off when you are done
  47. 47. Helpful trick: over/ under drawing
  48. 48. Use pen/notebook/phone camera if things go too fast!
  49. 49. Use two steps: do text live do graphics later (Gives time to reflect on what was heard and learned.)
  50. 50. Focus on what resonates with YOU!! (not everything!)
  51. 51. Google “clipart” or use Noun Project site on phone while working on iPad
  52. 52. Fill empty space with large text/pictures
  53. 53. Use Layers to Trace (I used Procreate app to export this drawing process as a video)
  54. 54. Sketchnotes into Video Procreate, iMovie, Garageband
  55. 55. Twitter: @karlyb