Strategic Talent Management& Leadership Development CanadaSuccessfully Developing and Managing Talentand Leadership Progra...
DAY ONE | July 21, 20117:00    Registration and Morning Networking                                                        ...
DAY TWO | July 22, 20117:00     Registration and Morning Networking                                                      1...
MEDIA PARTNERS:The EEA is a coalition of companies and associations dedicated to the concept that engagement is an enterpr...
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Talent Managementconference Toronto


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Please consider attending this Talent Development Conference in Toronto. I will be presenting on July 22, 2011.

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Talent Managementconference Toronto

  1. 1. Strategic Talent Management& Leadership Development CanadaSuccessfully Developing and Managing Talentand Leadership Programs to Enhance Competitivenesswhile Driving Business GoalsJuly 21-22, 2011 “Toronto Marriott Downtown EatonCentre Hotel | Toronto, ON Plan, develop, Transforming the organizations competitive ability place and retain through effective talent management. valuable to achieve talent business goals.”Attending this Premier marcus evans Featuring Sessions from Leading Talent Management,Conference will Enable You to: Organizational and Leadership Development Experts Including:• Connect talent management strategies to the Sharon Torgerson Daniela Mayol business development strategies Director, Leadership and Employee Development Director, Talent Planning and Acquisition• Create and Implement a multifaceted leadership Suncor Energy The Hudsons Bay Company development strategy that contributes to overcoming Elsa Rolo Stephanie Hardman various business challenges Director, Leadership & Development Director, Organizational Development• Strengthen the internal brand while driving a culture SNC Lavalin Tim Horton’s that prioritizes talent performance and leadership development Jaci Edgeworth Keith Lobo• Develop high potential talent management programs Director, People Potential Director, Talent Planning Lululemon Athletica Lowes Canada that can grow and overcome future challenges of the organization Stephanie Argentine Lisa Wilkins• Redesign and Transform current talent management Director, Talent Management Director, Organizational Development programs to increase effectiveness & Organizational Development and Workforce Planning• Position the employee value proposition where Rich Products Corporation Mount Sinai Hospital career development & planning are key drivers Shawn Elliott, CHRP Francine MacInnis Assistant Vice President, Talent Management Executive Director, Talent Management Munich Re and Organizational Development/Who Should Attend: People and CultureSVP’s, VP’s, Directors and Senior Managers in: Guilherme Dias CBC/Radio-Canada• Talent Management • Organizational Director, Strategic Talent Management Pitney Bowes Canada Diane M. Wiesenthal• Leadership Development Vice-President, People Development • Organizational Stella Cosby and Organizational Services• Talent Planning Effectiveness Senior Director, Human Resources Canadian Wheat Board• Talent Development • Talent Acquisition Agrium• Workforce Management • Employee Experience Maija Mitchell Elisa Bannon Vice President, Human Resources• Succession Planning • Talent Lifecycle Vice-President, Talent Development Psion Teklogix• Learning • Employment Branding Wireless Vision & Development • Internal Branding• Corporate University Rebecca Nemaric AVP Global Talent Management Manulife FinancialMedia Partners: Official Conference Blogger:
  2. 2. DAY ONE | July 21, 20117:00 Registration and Morning Networking HARNESSING A RECOGNIZABLE TALENT7:50 Chairpersons" Opening Address DEVELOPMENT CULTURE SETTING THE TALENT & LEADERSHIP PLANNING STRATEGY 1:30 Interactive Discussion IN LINE WITH CORPORATE BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Strengthening the Internal Brand while Developing a Culture that Prioritizes Talent Performance and Leadership Development • Harmonize the organization’s culture, brand message, and strengths8:00 Keynote Presentation with the intended talent management messagesDriving Talent & Leadership Planning Programs to Achieve • Reconnect employees to the internal brand through leadership and talentOrganizational Objectives management activities• Focus on key talent management activities that have the greatest impact • Identify internal barriers and overcome them by aligning talent management on employee motivation in spite of the current economy strategies to echo the brand and culture• Communicate ongoing efforts to align development programs • Engage employees through story telling and other internal communications to long term goals vehicles that identifies a unified internal culture• Demand department manager collaboration to drive programs for employee • Look for the strengths in the brand and being true to them development and growth• Remove redundancies and ineffective activities in current talent management 2:00 Case Study programs and processes Driving a Culture of Individual and Organizational Development,Guilherme Dias, Director, Strategic Talent Management Accountability and InnovationPitney Bowes Canada • Create and manage a culture where individual and group development is a part of the organization’s DNA8:45 Case Study • Demonstrate and demanding accountability throughout the organizationConnecting Talent Management Strategies to the Business Development Strategies • Enable employees to understand organizational and talent management• Use the business development strategy as the framework for developing strategies and goals talent management goals and objectives • Understand the necessary elements and leadership buy-ins to create• Invest in employee development that aligns to business goals and manage such a culture• Engage and drive talent development accountability within mid Jaci Edgeworth, Director, People Potential and senior level management to achieve business goals Lululemon Athletica• Demonstrate the real connection that talent management has to business success• Help corporate Human Resources contribute to the bottom line 2:45 Case StudyStephanie Argentine, Director, Talent Management & Organizational Development Building the Business Case- Obtaining Leadership Sponsorship to the TalentRich Products Corporation Management Strategy • Create an effective business case that builds support from various leadership levels9:30 Networking Break • Understand what senior leaders require and respond to gain their support • Communicate the talent management strategy and align them to the senior10:00 Interactive Networking Activity leadership goalsInteractive Networking Introductory Activity • Attain management sponsorship and accountability for talent planning initiativesDuring this interactive session the delegates will be given the opportunity to introduce Elsa Rolo, Director, Leadership & Developmentthemselves to their peers. Each member of the delegation will be asked to share SNC Lavalinthe following information.• Name, title and organization 3:30 Networking Break• What interested you in attending this conference?• What was a major Internal Branding or Employee Engagement achievement for your group last year? DEVELOPING VALUABLE AND COMPETITIVE TALENT• What do you hope to walk away with from taking part of this event? 4:00 Case Study10:45 Developing Effective High Potential Talent Management ProgramsCreating a Leadership Development Strategy to Drive Cultural Integration • Identify and developing high potential talent through a well architected HIPO programFollowing the Largest Merger in Canadian history - Suncor Energy with Petro-Canda • Prepare high potential employees to manage business challenges• Integrating cultural development and merger change management and complex environments aspects into key leadership development programs activities • Understand necessary elements of an effective HIPO program for various career levels• Communicating ongoing efforts to align leadership development programs • Create brand ambassadors of HIPO graduates to long term goals and merger priorities • Embed talent management principals into various enterprise-wide objectives• Obtaining cross department collaboration to drive programs for employee Rebecca Nemaric, AVP Global Talent Management development and growth Manulife Financial• Fast Tracking valuable talent into leadership development programs to meet business needs 4:45 Case Study• Removing redundancies and ineffective activities in talent management programs and processes Structuring Leadership Fast-Track Programs to Overcome ChallengesSharon Torgerson, Director, Leadership and Employee Development of Rapid Growth or ChangesSuncor Energy • Identify and place necessary talent to fast-track their leadership development • Work closely with various business leaders to develop effective programs11:30 to fill in talent gaps • Minimize program turnover by understanding essential elements of whatEstablishing Effective Talent Measurements To Better Understanding makes successful programsthe Current Talent Risks and Make Knowledgable Business Decisions • Maintain consistency and action in following up to improvement plans• Deploy surveys to analyze employee opinions to development and available skill set • Assess the business value of integrated leadership fast-tracking programs• Establish effective dashboards and systems to capture and quantify metrics Shawn Elliott, CHRP, Assistant Vice President, Talent Management• Capture and measure KPIs of talent management to organization’s goals Munich Re• Convert measurements into actions that drive desired results and activitiesMaija Mitchell, Vice President, Human Resources 5:30 Closing Remarks of the ChairpersonPsion Teklogix 5:40 End of Conference12:15 Networking LuncheonSPONSORSHIP INFODoes your company have solutions or technologies that the conference delegateswould benefit from knowing? If so, you can find out more about the exhibiting,networking and branding opportunities available by contacting: Nick Comerford,
  3. 3. DAY TWO | July 22, 20117:00 Registration and Morning Networking 12:30 Networking Luncheon7:45 Chairpersons Opening Address PLANNING FOR FUTURE TALENT TRANSFORMING TALENT PROGRAMS AND RENEWING COMMITMENT 1:30 Interactive Panel Discussion Workforce Planning Challenges and Goals for Today and Beyond • Forecast regional and global HR function trends for 2011 and 20128:00 Keynote Presentation • Establish effective dashboards and scorecards to capture and qualify talentAligning Talent Transformation for Business Transformation planning metrics against workforce planning goals• Align the corporate learning and development plan to invest in employee and manager • Use metrics that capturing and measure the impact of workforce changes development such as: leadership, management, technical cross-functional, succession • Convert metrics into actions that drive results planning, and career ownership • Predict the demand for talent and what the organization needs in terms• Investment in new skill development to ensure employees had the right skills required of human capital to meet its business objectives to deliver on corporate business modernization initiative • Discuss the impact of talent management talent shortage• Focus on Strategic Talent Management to build leadership and management capacity This panel will consist of invited guests and program speakers throughout the organization, and enhance employee/manager accountability, ownership and engagement 2:15 Case Study• Change a traditional culture of entitlement formed by long standing institutional Managing a Diverse Talent Pipeline practices and behaviours to a modernized business focused culture • Develop a strategy to maximize a diverse talent pipelinefor leadership positions• Build a shared vision and corporate “Farmer First” focus, breaking down • Explore new channels to bring in diverse talent into leadership fast track programs departmental silos • Capture the attention of diverse talent to the organization• Create a challenging, positive culture and fun work environment with a strong emphasis • Create programs to develop high potentials from diverse backgrounds on growing organizational health and individual health through an integrated • Measure and track key performance indicators to grow talent diversity wellness strategy Lisa Wilkins, Director, Organizational Development and Workforce PlanningDiane M. Wiesenthal, Vice-President, People and Organizational Services Mount Sinai HospitalCanadian Wheat Board 3:00 Networking Break8:45 Case StudyRenewing an Effective and Engaging Onboarding Program that Strengthens 3:30 Case Studythe Internal Brand Drives the Talent Retention Strategy Successful On-boarding Programs- Engaging Employees from Day One• Developing a plan alongside department managers to assimilate new managers • Get the employee value proposition and branding right before the on-boarding into positions and harnessing them to be successful leaders • Provide opportunities for new hires/new managers to connect/reconnect• Engaging various business leaders and employees in the on boarding process with the brand and their career path goals and helping them understand how it plays to the organization’s retention strategy • Designing talent management activities to engage, connect and career-checkup• Utilizing new technology media and tools to communicate and guide new managers throughout the employee lifecycle while strengthening the internal brad at this important touch-point within • Incorporate effective career coaching programs in part of the on-boarding process the employee’s lifecycle Stephanie Hardman, Director, Organizational Development• Measuring and tracking on boarding processes in relation to other talent Tim Horton’s management metricsFrancine MacInnis, Executive Director, Talent Management and Organizational 4:15 Case StudyDevelopment/ People and Culture Growing and Managing a Successful Succession Planning ProgramCBC/Radio-Canada • Plan-out and communicating to top talent • Integrate succession management plans and metrics to the talent EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATIONS FOR COMMITMENT management dashboard and to all talent management decisions • Deploy a well-designed leadership change plan without disrupting TO SUCCESS the organizational continuity Stella Cosby, Senior Director, Human Resources9:30 Networking Break Agrium10:00 Case Study 5:00 Closing Interactive DiscussionPositioning the Employee Value Proposition where Career Development Be sure not to miss your opportunity to discuss, debate, and evaluate the topics presented& Planning are Key Drivers within the conference case studies in an open format. This session has been specificallly created• Validate employment attributes through various measurement activities to ensure that all participants have the opportunity to share their thoughts, ask questions, and• Create a well articulated career management program that draws employee give feedback on what they have gathered from the two days of the event. commitment, attraction and retention• Retain employees by engaging them in their career planning 5:10 Closing Remarks of the Chairperson and End of Conference• Interconnect talent development, strategic planning, brand building, and communications for a successful end resultElisa Bannon, Vice-President Talent DevelopmentWireless Vision10:45 Case StudyBuild and Leverage the Employer Brand into Recruitment 2010 TALENT MANAGEMENT• Attract and acquire the valuable talent your organization needs• Understand what valuable candidates say about the organization CONFERENCE TESTIMONIALS:• Make a positive brand impact to candidates in every step of the recruiting experience• Tap into current employees and turn them into recruitment ambassadors "Very impressed with the conference. Good use of my time." and employer brand champions Sr. Director, Organizational Capability, CDW• Engage and influence the online community to create positive discussion about employment within the organization "Ive learned some great new concepts & models I hope to take back and useDaniela Mayol, Director, Talent Planning and Acquisition at any organization. The best two days I have spent at a TM Conference."The Hudsons Bay Company Management Development, Exelon11:30 Interactive Activity & Discussion "marcus evans has an intriguing business model. A powerful seminar withLaunching and Managing an Effective Internal Talent Management excellent participants & presenters at a resurcharge cost."Communications Strategy Vice President, Leadership Development, Danaher• Understand the value of clear and consistent communication strategy has in developing employee trust and commitment "I liked the focused topic, deeper dive with many executives & valued companies• Determine what information employees want to hear in regards to their career management and the smaller conference site. I have pages of notes that will help my team• Deploy managers and other leaders in addition to the talent management team and company succeed in the future." as advocates to share stories of career success and possibilities within the organization Dish Network• Reinforce the message that the company is a great place to work and develop one’s career• Develop internal unity and morale for external recognition awards i.e. Best Places "Packed agenda with relevant topics." to Work, Most Admirable Company Culture, etc. JetBlue
  4. 4. MEDIA PARTNERS:The EEA is a coalition of companies and associations dedicated to the concept that engagement is an enterprise-wide endeavor that “begins with people and ends with profitability.” The primarymission is to support research, education and outreach that creates a better understanding of how organizations can make the connection between engaging people in business and long-termfinancial performance. over 25 years, Leadership Excellence magazine has continued to shape tomorrows leaders. Month after month, the foremost minds on management and leadership share their breakthroughideas. By constantly publishing the best ideas from experienced consultants, trainers, and business leaders, this now digital magazine is shaping organizations throughout the world.HRO Today Forum is an environment for real engagement — for HR execs to meet with each other and with vendors to tackle the issues facing today’s HR departments. A highly interactivesetting that provides the big picture, dynamic dialog, and deep dives on the issues that count. It unites the HRO Summit, MSP Summit, RPO Summit, and HR DemoShow under one roof toprovide the ultimate networking and learning experience.DiversityInc is the leading publication on diversity and business. DiversityIncs CEO and owner is Luke Visconti. DiversityInc was founded in 1998 as a web-based publication; our print magazinewas launched in 2002. We reach more than 1 million unique monthly visitors on, and the magazine has circulation of over 340,000. has the largest dedicatedcareer center for diverse professionals. For more information visit: www.DiversityInc.comThe ability of senior managers to understand the culture and dynamics of organizations and to deliver strong leadership during periods of change, could be the difference between organizationalfailure and success. The Leadership & Organization Development Journal examines the body of management theory around leadership and organizations in order to discover new, more effectiveways of managing in organizations. The journal encourages original thinking which will contribute to knowledge and understanding in these areas. For more information please go HR Review is the definitive guide to global issues in the HR arena. It offers practical solutions for developing an effective culture, managing change, moving from a transactionalto a strategic function and managing a global and dispersed workforce. Strategic HR Review is written by practitioners for practitioners.OFFICIAL CONFERENCE BLOGGER:HRM Today, powered by i4cp, is one of the leading free resources for HR Professionals in the world. A combination of a powerful social network and a central repository for many of the bestHR blogs, HRM Today elevates the human resources profession to a more strategic and business-centric level of sophistication. PRODUCER INFO: I would like to thank everyone who has assisted with the research and organizationof the event, particularly the speakers for their support and commitment. Tatawan Plengsirivat,