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recruitDC Spring 2012

  1. 1. Recruit DC broch:Layout 1 5/17/12 8:44 AM Page 2 9:00 – 10:15am Keynote : Choose Your Challenge: for companies that are willing to hire candidates who have been out of work for more than six months. Lead or Be Led – Grand Ballroom But as a recruiter, how do you ensure that you’re recruiting the best talent for your team? How do you effectively assess a candidate’s skills and interests and long-term potential with your organization? John Vlastelica - Managing Director, Recruiting Toolbox, Inc And, how do you overcome the objections of your hiring managers who may not want to deal with Recruiting isn’t rocket science, but it’s not easy, either. As recruiters and recruiting leaders, we have employees who have more experience than they do? 1,000 things competing for our limited time, and can sometimes struggle to lead and be the credible expert that can take our recruiting efforts to the next level. In this engaging and irreverent keynote, College Recruiting in 2012 – Room 307 you’ll learn 8 things that the best recruiting pros do better than the rest. These include: The keys to Steve Tiufekchiev - Chief Strategy Officer, RECSOLU executive influence, critical for your success in recruiting; How to accurately diagnose problems with PANEL : hiring managers, and get to the root issues and solve the real problems; and how to confront bad behaviors and lead the critical conversations you need to have with stakeholders. Kara Yarnot - VP/Director Talent Acquisition, SAIC Jake Ridgeway - Manager, Recruiting and Campus Programs, comScore 10:30am – 11:30am Break Out Sessions - Attend one of the following: Thomas Jones - Recruiting Lead, Military Programs, CSC This is NPR: Leveraging Social Media To Recruit For A Big Brand In uncertain times, is there is a case for investing in college recruiting, and if so, what is it? As the military prepares to cut in excess of 120,000 active duty personnel over the next five years, what Without The Big Budget – Room 302 opportunities exist for sourcing new “seasoned” college grads from veterans returning to school to Lars Schmidt - Director of Talent Acquisition, NPR. pursue their studies? Join a panel of college recruiting experts as they share tips and strategies for successful recruiting of traditional and non-traditional new college graduates. National Public Radio (NPR) is a thriving media organization at the forefront of digital innovation. Lars Schmidt will discuss how he’s re-imagining NPR’s talent acquisition model by building a strong Becoming a Trusted Advisor: employment brand leveraging social media, brand advocates, and a rapid experimentation approach. He’ll be sharing examples and metrics about what’s worked, what hasn’t, and how to build internal The Key to Successful Internal Client Relationships – Room 308 champions and support within your organization with limited budget and resources. Alan Strauss - Managing Partner, Startfinder PANEL : Predictive Staffing Modeling - A Case Study – Room 307 Keith Elson - North America Account Director - HR BPO, Accenture Larry Clifton - Sr. VP Recruiting, Workforce Planning & Development, CACI. Michele Neiman - Director, Talent Acquisition, Northrop Grumman One of the key components of CACI’s overall success is attributed to its predictive staffing model Holly Paul - US Recruiting Leader, PWC which basically connects all the human capital dots and ties them directly to the company’s strategic Over the past decade, talent acquisition professionals have been seeking a “seat at the table” with business plan. This powerful approach allows CACI’s Recruiting, Workforce Planning, and Development corporate executives. The question is…Are recruiters entitled to be at the table with executives or Team to stay ahead in the war on talent and deliver impressive results/savings to the company’s have recruiters earned the right to that seat? In this session, a panel of talent acquisition executives bottom line. will discuss what it means to be a trusted advisor and how that will improve a talent acquisition professional’s abilities to develop strategic, consultative relationships with their clients. Managing Your Career - Are you Becoming a Recruiting Rock Star, or Are You Spiraling Toward Rock Bottom? – Room 308 2:00pm – 3:00pm Skilled, Trained and Ready to Fight for our Jobs – Grand Ballroom Bob Corlett - Founder and President, Staffing Advisors Kathleen Smith, CMO, ClearedJobs.Net PANEL: PANEL : Jessica Lee - Director, Digital Talent Strategy, Marriott International Mike Bruni, SAIC Mary Pat Martin - Staffing Advisor, HP ES US Public Sector Chrissa Dockendorf, ICS, Inc. William Joyce - President, TSC Services Brenden Wright, Veeco Instruments In this panel discussion with recruiting experts, we will discuss: Things that will sabotage your career, Companies are always looking for highly skilled, well trained, motivated talent, yet we have over Mistakes not to make that are short of sabotage, but counterproductive; Critical skills you must learn 900,000 unemployed veterans in the United States currently with more veterans returning every day to in the next five years; What are the best ways to showcase your skills; What are the best low effort, rejoin our communities. Even with large-scale veteran hiring initiatives that include a federal tax high yield personal branding strategies; How do people make the jump into hot growth opportunities? credit, many recruiters are challenged with how to hire a veteran or how a veteran will fit within their company. We plan to take this issue head on and provide the recruitDC community with the 11:30am – 12:45pm Networking Lunch – Grand Ballroom inspiration and tools to bring veterans into their talent pipeline. We are honored to have with us Colonel David Sutherland, Special Assistant to the Chairman of the 12:45pm – 1:45pm Break Out Sessions - Attend one of the following: Joint Chiefs of Staff - Warrior and Family Support at The Department of Defense. His service and concern for our veterans drives his passion to find programs, organizations and partnerships to The ‘Over Qualified’ Candidate: Should we consider? – Room 302 support veterans in returning to local communities. Following Colonel Sutherland we will have a panel discussion that will include local recruiters who are on the recruiting frontlines, who will share their Michael Heller - Managing Principal, Pillar One Consulting. tips on how they incorporate veteran hiring into their talent acquisition programs. It seems that the market is awash in over-qualified talent. Everyone is talking about them and how to deal with them, from the National news media to President Obama, who is proposing a tax incentive 3:00-3:30pm Closing remarks with prize giveaways