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The story of the talent show.


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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The story of the talent show.

  1. 1. there was a time when was my jam
  2. 2. at age 12, I was officially a geek.
  3. 3. not a cool geek
  4. 4. or a smart geek
  5. 5. I was the kind of geek who wore cat t-shirts because I thought they were cool. this one was my favorite (this might explain why I don’t like cats anymore)
  6. 6. so when parents sent me off to summer camp, it’s no surprise that I wasn’t miss popularity
  7. 7. luckily I was one of those kidswho was perfectly happy striking out on my own adventures
  8. 8. the popular girls did their thing and I did mine
  9. 9. obviously when it came time to enter the talent show, I didn’t hesitate to sign up
  10. 10. I didn’t lack confidence or ambitionthe only questionable thing I was missing was probably the most important talent.
  11. 11. so while the popular girls perfected their spice girls lip-sync I looked for my talent.
  12. 12. judging from mybrother’s complaints in the car, I wasn’t any good at singing.
  13. 13. my inability to do a forward roll ruled out agymnastics routine.
  14. 14. and most of my jokes never made it to the punchline.
  15. 15. I settled on the one thing no one else in my cabin could do. I decided I was going to play my clarinet.
  16. 16. looking back now,I’m a firm believer that you should have to be atleast 21 years of age before playing the clarinetif ever.
  17. 17. at 12, I thought I was a musical geniuswhen I played my clarinet, beautiful sounds came out (if only I knew what everyone else in the room was hearing)
  18. 18. on the night of the talent show, I took the stageand played a song that I had committed to memory
  19. 19. the star wars theme song
  20. 20. and believe it or not, I won
  21. 21. I’m pretty sure I was awarded best comedy act
  22. 22. but I’ve never seen my parents quite as proud as they were the night I showed the world that star wars was my jam.