The Oberoi Group


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The Oberoi Group

  1. 1. Our Dharma
  2. 2. Chairman and Chief Executive Mr. Prithvi Raj Singh Oberoi is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of East India Hotels (EIH) Limited, the flagship company of the Oberoi Group Mr. Oberoi is credited with placing Oberoi hotels on the international luxury traveller’s map with the opening of several award winning luxury hotels in recent years Mr. Oberoi has been instrumental in establishing ‘The Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development’ at New Delhi in 1966 Today, this institute is considered amongst the best in Asia
  3. 3. Group’s Business Segments EIH Press EIH Aviation Mercury Car Rentals
  4. 4. Our Fundamentals People Profit ServiceA combination that makes The Oberoi Group a greatplace to work.
  5. 5. Our People The key to How you treat excellence is toPeople are our people reflects focus on talent key asset the culture of and motivation the workplace of the people
  6. 6. Our Perspective Driving our Employee Retention of Mission, Vision Satisfaction and Key Talent and Dharma Engagement Hiring the right Managing the Capability people Talent Building Building Leadership Employee Development Motivation
  7. 7. The Oberoi Group A Great Place to Work Company Nurturing Social Appreciation Communication Practices Talent Responsibility•Mission •STAR Program •Team Hearts and •Robust Performance •Rain water harvesting•Vision •The Oberoi Millionaire Minds Management System •Environment week•Dharma •Champion program •Round Table •Cross Exposure •Heat recovery system•Recruiting practices •Leading Quality •General Manager’s Training •Flash Floods in Leh•The Oberoi Alumni Assurance champ Address •International Exposure •Tsunami relief in Japan Group on LinkedIn •Shining Stars •Team Lunch Training •Blood Donation Camps•Employee Benefits •Appreciation Tree •Employee Newsletter •Bulletin Boards/ Notice Boards
  8. 8. Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development The learning centre of The Oberoi Group is based at Maidens Hotel, Delhi
  9. 9. Oberoi Centre of Learning & Development Training operations executives through two-year postgraduate diplomas in: •Guest service management •Housekeeping management •Kitchen management
  10. 10. Career path through OCLDThis is the first post – GMOperations Executive Department Head Supervisors Operation Assistants • Almost 80% of our current General Managers and Senior Management are alumni of OCLD. They are well groomed and inculcated with company standards and values.
  11. 11. Hospitality Industry- India According to HVS India reports, India’s rank in world tourism arrivals is 41 and India has the potential to be in the top 20. India today, hosts about 5 million tourists annually with the potential to increase to 18 million tourists by 2016. India’s domestic market also is growing with 540 million domestic travelers a year
  12. 12. Manpower Shortage Over one lakh On an average, quality rooms the room to available in staff ratio is India 1:1.75. Over 400 projects with over 70,000 rooms in the near future With more and more hotel projects being announced and the room inventory expected to almost double in the next five years, the demand for trained manpower will rise dramatically.
  13. 13. Key Challenges Industry attrition rate 25%(Approx)Survey reveals above halfof the hotel graduates are Manpower crunch at thenot interested in joining entry and juniorthe hospitality industry management levels
  14. 14. Composition of Employees in a hotel Percentage of Employees Staff (80%) Hiring and retaining the Staff is most Leadership (15%) challenging Middle Management (5%)
  15. 15. How do we meet challenges? Partnering in Personal career Team Employee developmentPerformance planning engagement Satisfaction targets &Management through initiatives Surveys need based mentoring & training coaching
  17. 17. Talent Management Partnered with eCornell (E-Learning Programs) Franklin Covey Workshop Management Development Program, MDI Campus, Gurgaon Executive Development Plan
  18. 18. What makes a Great Place To Work? TRUST THE OBEROI GROUP PRIDE CAMARADERIE
  19. 19. CamaraderieGreat workplace is measured by the quality of interconnected relationships that exist : EMPLOYEES MANAGEMENT STAKEHOLDERS GUESTS
  20. 20. Our Key Initiatives