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Merit Profile Executive Brief


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Merit Profile Executive Brief

  1. 1. 2009 Executive Brief MISSION: To help organizations create, transform and sustain a character-driven culture that maximizes human capital investments, enhances predictable business outcomes, minimizes risks and delivers bottom-line results to its valued stakeholders. OVERVIEW Future Achievement International (FAI) provides several proprietary “character-based” predictive analytic technologies and intellectual properties that help organizations optimize their human capital initiatives. Each proprietary process provides cost-effective, concrete solutions for business growth and risk management, which improves overall performance and productivity of Maximizing Performance and Productivity an organization’s human capital assets. of Human Capital Assets! Future Achievement is fulfilling an unmet market opportunity in the area of converging its proprietary predictive analytic technology solutions and intellectual properties, built around a standardized integrated “character-based” human capital appraisal framework and data-driven processes, supporting an organizations needs for talent acquisition (selection); employee development (intervention) and succession planning (retention). CHANGING TIMES: CHANGING TRENDS “The pace of change has accelerated dramatically in recent decades, producing seismic changes in business and society. One consequence of these shifts is that people are more important than ever to success. Their importance will only grow in the future.” (Creating People Advantage: How to Address Human Resource Challenges Worldwide through 2015, Boston Consulting Group: study of 47,000 executives in 83 countries) Future Achievement International® Steve Chelette Vice President of Sales 423.544.9037
  2. 2. Predictive Character-Based Human Capital Solutions Impacting Performance and Growth…Minimizing Risks and Expenses! Question: Is there a deficiency of character, ethics and integrity in our industries, government, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations? Has the public confidence in our organizations in these sectors been compromised? If widely accepted universal principles of character and behavior were being adhered to, then why would we have the need for legal provisions such as Sarbanes-Oxley or have an industry dedicated to background checks, drug screens and so on? Over the past several months and years we have seen a great deal of destabilization across many of our industry markets and government institutions. Almost every day the news reports of another company, group, or individual who has failed. When these failures occur we see the devastating impact on the lives of many people. Over the past decade many studies and papers have been written researching the connection between corporate values, character and its impact on performance and productivity. Recently, thought leaders like Jim Collins, Stephen Covey and Ron Jenson have asked, “What is the source of these failures?” “How or why does Bernie Madoff swindle thousands of people out of billions of dollars?” “Why are so many government officials falling into scandals?” Their conclusions have been that many people have lost the ability to adhere to universal principles of character and behavior. In the End It Came Down To Character and Behavior! At Future Achievement International we believe that a person’s ability to govern themselves in an ethical and trustworthy manner is directly associated to their attitudes, beliefs and commitments, which comprise the foundational source of their character. We also believe that most of the expenses and risks associated with the human capital of any organization can be directly tied to a person’s character and behavior. As such, if an organization can staff or cultivate a culture of leaders and employees to a higher standard of character they will perform at a greater level of efficiency and productivity, while minimizing overall human capital cost and risks. Future Achievement International has invested over a decade researching and developing several proprietary human capital technologies and solutions to support organizations who desire to establish cultures of strong character and values. Organizations today realize the direct impact a person’s character and behavior has on achieving their financial and business objectives, as well as the bottom-line results that will satisfy their customers and stakeholders. “Leadership is the potent combination of Character and Strategy. But if you must be without one, be without Strategy.” General H. Norman Schwarzkopf ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 2
  3. 3. Culture Transformation and Sustainment Future Achievement’s human capital solutions address and integrate the three primary needs of every organization; Talent Acquisition, Employee Development, and Succession Planning. By integrating a proprietary methodology of predictive performance analytics that incorporates a process of assessing and measuring a person’s character and behavior, Future Achievement has developed a revolutionary, integrative approach to character-based human capital appraisal and development. Our technology takes the data discerned from an individual and relates it to specific performance indicators tied to business outcomes and objectives (per hiring position). Furthermore, our technology can move from the individual to the organization at large to provide tangible information that reveals the state of that organization’s character and culture. We call this Culture Shaping and it gives our clients the capability to assess alignment of their primary stakeholders to their core values (i.e. Investors, Board of Directors, C-level leaders, all levels of management, and the general employee population). Alignment of core values significantly mobilizes the mission statement of any organization and provides a foundation to maximize human capital assets to optimize overall performance and productivity! Applying a measurement process (Predictive Analytics) to human capital assets, will strengthen an organization in the same way as balanced score cards do for production, and financials for the capital assets! “Many leaders have the drive and competence to lead. But too often, organizations elevate people who lack the integrity. Such leaders seldom last, for the simple reason that without all three, especially the moral compass, it is difficult to engage followers to sustain results.” Warren Bennis, Leader to Leader Institute (formerly the Drucker Foundation) CURRENT BUSINESS PARADIGM… Organizations today are cutting costs and restructuring their human capital assets to keep pace with market demands and trends. In turbulent times organizations are realizing the VITAL IMPORTANCE of maintaining a high level of leadership trust and a positive company morale regarding its overall culture environment. Whether a company is on “Wall Street” or “Main Street”, human capital is the # 1 Investment and #1 Risk. Today, more than ever cost-effective, timely and relevant human capital solutions are needed! ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 3
  4. 4. MARKETPLACE CHALLENGES Future Achievement International’s predictive analytic technologies and human capital solutions provide 12 primary benefits to our clients: 1. Align the “compatibility” of people to the culture of the organization. 2. Identify the best candidates that “fit” for a specific hiring position (customized key performance indicators). 3. Assess character competencies and behavioral traits versus just job skills in the interview process. 4. Reduce hiring practice risks, costs and human capital liabilities / lawsuits. 5. Decrease turnover expenditures (minimize wrong hires). 6. Uncover the strengths and weaknesses of management and employees “personal leadership” competencies. 7. Empower workforce to work in their strength areas and improve upon personal development needs. 8. Maximize the leadership competencies of management and employees via training and coaching solutions. 9. Improve communications between leadership and employees through a “common language.” 10. Provide learning methodologies that reduce leader and employee conflicts. 11. Enhance trust and confidence regarding direction and leadership of the organization. 12. Execute a sustainable evaluation process to review performance and productivity to help enhance an individual’s career path.  IBM Global Human Study 2008. If the workforce is truly to be valued as an asset, much like financial capital or brand equity, the entire C-suite…will need more robust and accessible information about current and future talent needs, employee productivity and resource availability. ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 4
  5. 5. MERIT Integrated Solutions™ (Predictive Analytics / Learning Processes) Future Achievement’s proprietary MERIT Integrated Solutions are relevant to the growing needs of organizations. Each technology solution and learning process is delivered through three distinct phases.  Selection (Talent Acquisition) MERIT Corporate CQ™ – scientific methodology and technology that determines the current state of an organizations culture, provides insights defining the future state relative to the core values, then the degree of “compatibility” of an individual’s alignment to those values. MERIT Performance Index™ – proprietary technology and online process that captures, interprets and applies relevant business performance data to help management assess talent, empower leaders and to predict future employee outcomes to improve its overall human capital decision-making. MERIT Profile™ – web-based character and behavioral assessment tool (6-page Recruitment Report/13-page Employee Development Report).  Intervention (Employee Development) MERIT Character-Driven Leadership™ – manager and supervisor development program designed to align and advance the professional and personal profile of the leadership team. MERIT Operating System™ – character development resources that are implemented by trained managers and supervisors to help build a character-driven team of employees at department levels.  Retention (Succession Planning) MERIT Certification™ – certification program to develop MERIT Consultants, Trainers and Coaches. MERIT Coaching Forums™ – sustainable learning process to enhance overall performance and productivity. MERIT Results Indicator™ – measures performance of human capital assets over a sustained period of time. Pacific Dental Services (Client Testimonial) “Our company mission and culture depends substantially on our ability to foster and reward a common language around strong character. Future Achievement’s MERIT Character-Driven Leadership program has given our 250 Managers the tracks to run on in terms of their personal and professional growth. It has also equipped them with the tools to mentor our employees and leverage this positive character- focus into a competitive advantage.” Steve Thorne Chairman, CEO/President Maximizing Employee Resources…Implementing Transformation™ ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 5
  6. 6. Integrated Relationships That Support A Character-Driven Culture… The MERIT Integrated Solutions platform provides a human capital appraisal framework and data-driven processes that are designed to identify the character and behavioral attributes linked to four overarching business objectives: 1. Culture Shaping: Implementation of a MERIT Corporate CQ™ (Character Quotient) that captures the quantifiable attributes representing the core values, mission and vision of an organizations culture. This process involves specific proprietary technologies that quantify the character competencies and behavioral traits linked to achieving company-specific business standards. The outcome includes a metric that quantifies an individual’s compatibility with the defined Corporate CQ. This enables an organization to align and maximize their human capital assets. 2. Performance: Isolation of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) unique to each job position to achieve maximum human capital alignment with desired business outcomes. FAI’s proprietary technology and process helps organizations integrate customized business data with the desirable character competencies and behavioral traits for a specific job position. Process outcomes can include savings in talent acquisition costs, enhanced hiring predictability, minimized turnover, and a reduction of overall human capital risks. Risk mitigation is accomplished by identifying the traits associated with high-risk behaviors leading to workplace accidents, health and wellness issues and/or quality control problems resulting in product liability claims. 3. Trust/Confidence/Morale: Structuring a character-driven leadership process that helps to “restore trust and confidence” at all levels of an organization. The learning processes provided are built upon a train-the-trainer certification program that equips participants with a full understanding of how a person’s Attitudes - Beliefs - Commitments (Human Capital DNA) impact overall performance and productivity through all levels of the organization. 4. Assess/Develop/Measure: A sustainable process can be executed that provides a concrete means to review and measure human capital performance, productivity and commitment, over a defined period of time, to ensure maximum efficiency regarding an organization’s human capital assets. “Enhancing workforce performance in today’s business environment requires: 1) an adaptable workforce that can rapidly respond to changes in the outside market; 2) leadership to guide individuals through change and deliver results; 3) an integrated talent model that addresses the entire employee life cycle; and 4) data and information to deliver strategic insights and measure success.” IBM Global Human Capital Study, 2008 The Right People Are The Greatest Asset To Any Organization! ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 6
  7. 7. Creating Value For The Customer Future Achievement International’s MERIT Integrated Solutions™ platform utilizes strong predictive analytics with our proprietary character competency grid, enabling our clients to link their key performance indicators (KPIs) to strategic business outcomes and alignment to core values. Examples of business settings where MERIT Integrated Solutions can be applied include: Financially troubled companies needing a human capital rebuilding framework. Merger and Acquisition settings where human capital integration is necessary to achieve a successful blending of the required skills, as well as shaping the new corporate identity. Healthy companies with revenue growth plans needing a human capital strategy finely tuned to support their business development plans. IPO and Private Equity Investment settings where investor confidence can be elevated through a clear understanding of the targeted organizations human capital health. Battered industries where integrity and character in general have been compromised, and there is a new surge of interest in rebuilding a positive reputation (financial services, real estate, etc.). Specific contexts where human capital evaluation and intervention through hiring and training can solve certain business problems (reducing accident rates, lowering turnover, etc.). Downsizing scenarios where preservation of the best talent, relative to key performance indicators, is critical to ensuring a company’s future. Companies challenged with an aging workforce needing reliable analytics for succession planning. ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 7
  8. 8. Competitive Differentiation / Unique Value Proposition Future Achievement’s comprehensive human capital solutions uniquely incorporate and integrate the three primary business silos of any organization (i.e. talent acquisition, employee development and succession planning). The major competitive differentiators that Future Achievement provides are: Innovative technology that empowers any organization to objectively locate qualities of character of their business culture on a quantitative scale (MERIT Corporate CQ). Predictive technology that focuses on customer-defined business goals using the Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) important to a specific organization. Full capability to customize, per hiring position. Integrated technology that applies a character and behavioral assessment process designed for a specific purpose, versus using general-purpose personality and cognitive measurement instruments. Research-based methodology replacing sense-and-respond approaches with predict-and-act processes to human capital management. Proprietary processes that optimize workforce diversity through the adoption of a common language across the business spectrum of talent acquisition, employee development and succession planning. Learning methodologies that add concrete measures of character quotient (CQ) beyond emotional quotient (EQ) and intelligence quotient (IQ), to form a complete perspective on an individual and their alignment to the organizational strategy. Web based tools that provide dashboards for decision-making on human capital selection, development and succession planning. Data-driven technology that addresses risk mitigation with quantifiable goals and outcomes that are linked to the specific safety exposures an organization experiences. Summary Future Achievement’s innovative value proposition helps organizations converge several human capital best practice initiatives regarding recruitment, employee development and succession planning. Our client solutions favorably impact an organization’s culture (character-driven) and provide an integrated process to help measure the effectiveness of their human capital investments. Future Achievement’s proprietary solutions provide cohesive alignment of foundational character principles, proven science methodologies, combined with the brilliance of predicable analytic technology, to meet the demands of the new trends in the human capital marketplace. Performance…Not Promise℠ ©Copyright Future Achievement International® 2009 All rights reserved. Page | 8