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Using Social Media for Recruiting


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Learn how to develop a social media plan to help your organization recruit and manage talent cost effectively

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Using Social Media for Recruiting

  1. 1. Using Social Media for talent management Darcy Bevelacqua Success Works 917 520-0261
  2. 2. What is social media Social media is a way to engage with employees, prospective employees, business partners and investors to positively influence their perceptions about your company. It is a 2 way dialogue using social communities, wikis, blogs and other forums to exchange information.
  3. 3. What are the social media benefits to HR? • Increase On line candidates recruitment • Build reputation in the marketplace • Build evangelists for your company • Build bridges to channel partners and employees • Develop industry relationships • Decrease training time –provide JIT training • Reduce turnover by increasing connections • Faster integration into the culture • Understand employee concerns/issues • Facilitate personnel effectiveness • Increase collaboration and innovation • Make remote employees feel part of the company • Decrease the distance between remote offices
  4. 4. How can HR use social media ? Innovation & Employee Enhanced productivity Employee Feedback communications Build company reputation On Boarding Your Company Recognition & retention Content distribution: News, thought leadership Events. Training & sharing Knowledge from the Experts thru ask & answer Maintaining Connecting Recruitment- Relationships-building Remote locations Finding, Employee Benefits Ad hoc teams attracting & hiring talent
  5. 5. social media can be used across the employee lifecycle Build co reputation Prospect Terminate for candidates Engage Lead & qualified innovate leads Training & Interview/ develop- ment screen On Offer/acce boarding- integration ptance to build and maintain relationships
  6. 6. Where are you now? • No real long term plan in place • HR needs are not defined and included in the IT roadmap • Business case for social media development had not been approved by finance • Struggling to do more with less resources
  7. 7. How to begin –short term plan Internal Plan External Plan • Define the HR social media • Begin social media listening to strategy determine the company’s reputation • Develop user requirements – Identify key influencers • Define the financial impact of – Identify key competitors participation • Focus on developing and • Communicate the needs to the managing new hire referrals social media owner ( IT – Reach out to employees, friends of /Marketing). employees and partners • Measure results • Get consensus to move forward • Identify opportunities • Develop social media plan roll out plan
  8. 8. Short term plan Social Monitoring Engagement Measurement Roadmap • Variety of Listening • Development of • Measure cost per hire • Build roadmap for tools content for versus traditional how to move forward • Clipping services distribution sources • Develop timelines • Multiple • Influencer database • Develop longer term • Costs platforms:Linkedin • Distribution of content metrics for quality of • Resource blogs, Facebook, and participation in hires and retention requirements industry forums, Linkedin, questions, • Monitor length of time Twitter etc. white papers, videos, to fill openings blogs, PR, surveys etc. to build and maintain relationships
  9. 9. How does it work? Global Country State City Individual Public Engagement Prospective Assessment Employee Social Via corporate Recruitment Evaluation On boarding Networks Website Process Process Long term Monitoring And on line And metrics Retention & Community Quality
  10. 10. What are the benefits? Reduces risk by starting slowly with limited investments. Enables organizations to produce bottom line results without a large upfront investment in people, process and technology infrastructure. Gets HR involved with IT, Marketing and Finance to create a unified approach. Targets the right social media platforms, influencers, and conversations to better understand and influence the market. . Builds reputation and buzz before you need it to help you stay in front of the hiring curve and get the best recruits. Gives you a realistic picture of your reputation in the marketplace and how to leverage it for best results. Leverages current staff, HR and public relations.
  11. 11. Where do I go from here? Measure results Develop roll out plan Quantity the benefits Get funding Hire Talent Engage others Test and learn Share learning
  12. 12. Build the Long term roadmap Leverage Facilitate Monitor your Power of Proactively Enhance new Build employee shared company networks-HR search for talent hire on boarding communications knowledge reputation and employees exchange External Networks Internal Networks
  13. 13. Social Media long term benefits Improved use of recruiting dollars –social media is cumulative rather than one time Ability to recruit the right talent more cost effectively Less elapsed time to hire and recruit talent Improved employee retention and productivity
  14. 14. Need help? Phone: 917 520-0261 Email: Website: