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Why a DevOps approach is critical to achieve digital transformation


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The Internet of Things, mobile, big data and social media have all contributed to the need for a digital transformation of the products and services that companies deliver. The main objective of DevOps is to tightly integrate development and operations to improve the velocity of launching both new and enhanced existing applications to market whilst meeting other essential criteria such as quality, security and efficiency. DevOps can be a key enabler to support the Digital Transformation journey towards the new era of a unified, consistent and channel neutral experience.

Alexis Gaches
Advisor within the DevOps Business unit, CA Technologies

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Why a DevOps approach is critical to achieve digital transformation

  1. 1. Why a DevOps approach is critical to achieve digital transformation Alexis Gaches Technical Advisor – DevOps @ CA technologies
  2. 2. Digital transformation ? Digital transformation refers to the changes associated with the use of digital technology  Digital = Investing in new technologies : mobile, big data, analytics, etc..  Transformation = Reinventing business model, customer interactions…
  3. 3. Why Digital transformation is critical for all organizations ?  Today, technology is becoming the biggest thing in business.  Today, companies that cannot integrate technology will be in trouble whatever industry they are in  Today’s leading companies are already becoming obsolete. In 10 years, 40% of the Fortune 500 was replaced !
  4. 4. Why Digital transformation is critical for all organizations ?  Web giants are growing faster than the “brick and mortar”  Traditional organizations have to take into account that they are not growing as fast as their new competitors
  5. 5. What are the benefits behind the Digital transformation ?  Getting performance advantage  Listen the voice of customers  Improve brand visibility and notoriety Digital master companies increased revenue and profitability
  6. 6. We are in a middle of a Digital revolution… that’s only the beginning, new technologies are coming on a very quick path (artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of thing, 3D printers…)
  7. 7. We get inspired by the companies we all love.. What make them so different  Agile development  Deploying smaller changes means less to go wrong and it's easier to fix Frequency Size Huge Change Deployed rarely (High Time to Recovery) Tiny change Deployed often (Low Time to Recovery)
  8. 8. We get inspired by the companies we all love.. What make them so different  Lean Startup (react fast) : Earlier and more frequently you get working software in front of real users, the quicker you get feedback to find out how valuable it is really
  9. 9. Good news : Some companies already started their digital transformation successfully
  10. 10. Digital transformation in the bank industry - challenges  Banks have been offering products & services that were physically distributed through branches  In most cases, each product is managed by a separate entity with its own team  Business has been built on a core system which is complex (legacy hard to change)  Also many companies who created an online or web channel actually created a distinct separate channel with it’s own backend.
  11. 11. Digital transformation : Multichannel strategy  Objective of most banks is to adopt a customer centric approach  Multichannel require to fully integrate front office (customer facing), middle office (risk management…), and back office to increase velocity of product and customer satisfaction  Multichannel applications have strong dependencies with the rest of whole IT system… therefore developing and testing such application becomes more complex
  12. 12.  Jake McCarthy, Group Infrastructure Architecture CTO and DevOps lead : "What we have been looking at within Lloyds Banking Group is how are we transforming the business. One of the things that will really accelerate [that transformation] is DevOps." The same causes produce the same effects… To enable Digital Transformation organization had to redefines their SDLC to accelerate application delivery and quality
  13. 13.  DevOps is a huge think – But it’s not new – Everybody has an idea of what devops is – It is not a tool, it’s not a person our a group of people… it’s a question of culture and organization – Very important : it is not just dev and ops  DevOps is about collaboration and tools can help to improve collaboration (not the opposite)… Tools can help people talk the same language
  14. 14. DevOps - Cultural aspects  DevOps adoption is hard because it’s a disruptive methodology (impacts organization, role & responsibility, process .. Etc..) – Needs a top down approach – Most traditional organizations are very resistant to change – Even so, it is not straight forward  Start where it hurts  Build a team responsible for trying this new approach… but to increase its chance of success, need to find a good candidate : Highly visible & strategic project
  15. 15. DevOps – SDLC aspects  “Shift left” strategy to support high deployment frequency without sacrificing quality : QA team is involved early in the development cycle  To reduce risk, an end to end testing approach is required in multichannel applications  Due to the complexity of a bank environment, providing production like environments for each dev/test team is hard and costly. Instead, they adopted virtualization solution
  16. 16. What concrete benefits so far… by Nick Stemp – principal lead architect  It used to take us five people days to do 20 tests. Now it takes one minute to do the same.  We’re seeing more defects in development, which is where we want to see them.  We saw savings in terms of cost of licenses for some of the infrastructure  Reduce the number of local testing environments
  17. 17. Digital transformation requires speed, agility, and 24/7 performance DevOps helps to Increase collaboration between departments Increase deployment frequency Improve quality Reduce cost on development and operations Why a DevOps approach is critical to achieve digital transformation ?
  18. 18. Thank You