ACTFL 2013 1 hour cellphones


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Using BYOD in World Languages Classrooms

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  • Introduce self – QR code goes to Wltech website
  • This is the present and the future
  • *Not all students come to class prepared with supplies. What do you do?
    *Not all students come to class with the same advantages? How do you make sure everyone has the same opportunities?
    *Students are already cheating. How do you monitor them?
    *LOTS of things distract students. How do you keep them focused?
    *Students misuse other resources (write in textbooks, doodle on desks, etc. What do you do?
  • This is really important-
    DQ2 6 Identifying critical information
  • Previewing New information DQ2 8
  • QR code goes to weebly FFLA 2012 handouts/presentation
  • Demo on ipad
  • ACTFL 2013 1 hour cellphones

    1. 1. Cellphones in the Classroom? YES! ACTFL 2013 Orlando, FL Michelle Olah
    2. 2. While you are waiting... If you have a smart phone or iPad, Please... Go to App Store (apple) or Google Play/Android Market and search for a QR Reader (Kaywa is one brand) Download free app Ask me for help if needed :)
    3. 3. Twitter: michelleolah Pinterest: olahmich Michelle Olah World Languages Technology Consultants Orlando, FL
    4. 4. Why? (I’ll be brief)
    5. 5. Enhances student creativity Allows students to communicate outside of the classroom Provides opportunities for student collaboration Requires students to think critically to evaluate resources Engages and motivates students to Communicate in the TARGET Language!
    6. 6. BYOD BYOD
    7. 7. Why allow BYOD? (bring your own device) :) BUT... *They are powerful computers *They are instant recording labs *They are an organizational tool *They can be used ‘on demand’ *Students already have them *Students already know how to use them *It’s not allowed at my school *Not all students have one *Students will cheat *It will be a distraction *Students will use them when they aren’t supposed to
    8. 8. My 2 cents Mange BYOD like you would any other classroom management issue
    9. 9. Which tools should I use? FIRST, decide what you want to do… THEN pick the right tool
    10. 10. Formative assessments Use BYOD in formative assessments to inform instruction, identify potential gaps in knowledge or misunderstandings, and encourage student self reflection on what they know. Some good tools for this - Poll Everywhere, Socrative, Padlet, and Infuse Learning.
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Multi-platform! Texting or web Poll Everywhere Free Student Response System
    13. 13. To respond using website: Go to: Answer the posted question To respond using text ๏ Open your texting window (like you are going to text a friend) ๏ The number you are going to text is: 37607 ๏ In your message box you will type the number that corresponds with your desired response.
    14. 14. How to use Poll Everywhere? • Preview a topic - find out what they know and are interested in • Review yesterday’s topic • Quick comprehension check on what was just learned • Exit ticket • Team building/collaboration
    15. 15. QR Codes Easy access to ANYTHING from your smart phone or tablet! We bsi xt tes e T
    16. 16. Getting info to your students FUN, FAST and EASY
    17. 17. First... QR Codes It is a 3D bar code encoded with information The information can be text, a website, contact info, etc. All you need is a “smart” phone, ipod or ipad with a camera, and a QR code reader It links something physical to the online world It’s EASY... Download Kaywa (or other QR code) Reader from Second... Scan the code to access the information
    18. 18. My Contact info Our Website Make your own No more long URLs...
    19. 19. How can we use QR codes in the World Languages Classroom? Scavenger hunts in the Target Language Put website and additional resources on vocabulary list/homework - students can then access them ANYTIME with their cell phones. Link to youtube video, Quia practice page, etc. Promote your language dept. Add voice with
    20. 20. Summative assessments Let students show you what they know using their mobile device!
    21. 21. Animoto Web based and Mobile (Apple and Android) Text and/or video High Quality works of art in MINUTES
    22. 22. Animoto Project Goal: Create an Verbacious Video! You have 15 minutes to: *Take 5 pictures and/or videos *Add text and music *EVERYONE must participate in some way Steps: 1. Download the Animoto App 2. Log in Information: Username: Password: animoto 3. Create your video!
    23. 23. Tellagami Apple and Android App
    24. 24. Demonstrate Interpersonal Speaking
    25. 25. ThingLink Demonstrate understanding of practices, products and perspectives of target culture
    26. 26. worldlangtech
    27. 27. Thank you! Please go to or ACTFL community to access handouts and presentation