Technology in the Classroom 2012


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Technology in the Classroom 2012

  1. 1. Warning..Peligro..Achtung with thick accent...
  2. 2. Technology Update
  3. 3. Cell Phones • BYOD - so far all we have are cell phones. Class, today we are going to use our cellphones to learn ! You would have to assume that: 1. ) All students have the same system: Android? Iphone? Windows? Firefox? 2. )They have sufficient memory (data plan) 3. ) Their screens are apt for reading. Did you envision universal tools? Do you have a vision to go paperless? Have/need FLASH? (nope)
  4. 4. BYOD • What does this mean now? • Who is registered? • Who is not?
  5. 5. Your ideas • “I forgot to of the biggest problems that I see in the use of cellphones is the internet. Schools can block inappropriate content because we control WIFI but almost everyone has their own connection.” - A. Graña, KAS Taiwan (3/24/13) Teachers speak:
  6. 6. conversations with TV students- spring 2013 What if we aimed to go paperless? WHAT? No Way? I can’t access your PDF* and I am not reading on this screen. What if we used Twitter to backchannel in class? That will drain my battery. (I don’t want to charge at school!) Just access my website. Sorry, can’t get there on my phone. Why don’t you bring your ipad? Oh, it’s in my car. I use that for music. (And, no, I am not worried about theft of my device. I am worried about losing my charger or dropping my device. ) MORE:
  7. 7. 3 stories • PDF* versus DOC - • Springford student “What is with all the cell phones here? How do they learn?” • Bishop S. - check your PD at the door? Really? (off topic)
  8. 8. discussions (outside of TV) TEACHER  ASKS: • How do we ensure equity? • What behavioral expectations should we have for students using devices? How do we help students see devices as learning tools rather than toys? • Who is responsible for broken and stolen property? • Should the apps and tools used be universal across platforms? Or do we allow students to choose the tools based upon their devices? • What type of professional development will teachers need for BYOD to be successful? What paradigm shifts do we need to make?
  9. 9. discussions STUDENTS ANSWER: • Students should sign a release for BYOD that includes what will happen in cases of theft and damaged technology • Schools should have half-sets or quarter-sets of devices so that they can go one-to-one. (Rentals?, Universal Chargers?) • A few school-wide behavior guidelines make sense: oDevices away when the teacher is talking (phones out and down) oDuring individual assignments, students can use devices and have their headphones on oStudents need to use the devices for the purpose of learning and a teacher can require a student to put it away if it becomes a distraction • Teachers need training. Let teachers watch a BYOD class in action.
  10. 10. What can I use that is universal right now? • celly • remind 101 General Class Communication/Polls GOOGLEVOICE - (can you make a call?) (do you have unlimited texts?)
  11. 11. CELLY
  12. 12. Notetaking/Flashcards • students take snapshots of board • students take snapshots of whiteboards • make a folder in your phone (or share with class on FB,YouTube) • digital flashcards? which option works for you on your smartphone? APPS: study blue quizlet flashcard machine brainflips gFlash+ (googledocs to Iphone) OR
  13. 13. Flashcards Photos?
  14. 14. QR TAGS - for smartphones • (get the QRTag reader App) turn any URL into a QR tag -QRTags for video links (how to use machines in gym) -QRTags for homework assigments outside door?
  15. 15. Apps for Groups • Health Class uses First Aid App • Script Calculator App (recommended by Dr. M.) • Make your own Apps. (see Stanford Open Source class) ? and • create groups ahead of time, have students download applications before class SHAREPLUS
  16. 16. Quiz from any device Brainstorming very smartphone friendly EVERNOTE
  17. 17. Other new tricks? • Do on your IPAD post on your webpage.
  18. 18. Educreations - flipped classroom stuff
  19. 19. Organization Students can use Symbaloo to create a PLE (personal learning environment). Check this out:
  20. 20. Ideas for Encouraging Self-Discipline • All phones on desk - when testing, phones face down. • Class credit for leaving phones in basket (needs more discussion re: mastery grading) from an 8th grade teacher:
  21. 21. Other news? • Parents are still going to Schoolcenter and blaming you *(pdf/doc story) • Students struggling to get to Intranet (on devices and at home) • Most MS teachers not there yet ...can’t assume 9th graders will know how.
  22. 22. continued discussion...