New Technologies...Your Classroom... Let's Go!


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My Top 10 Student Performance Resources and My Top 10 Resources to Make Your Life Easier... designed for Foreign Language teachers! Hope you find it useful!!

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New Technologies...Your Classroom... Let's Go!

  1. 1. NEW TECHNOLOGIES… Catherine Ritz MaFLA YOUR CLASSROOM… Summer Institute, LET’S GO! 08/2012
  2. 2. LEARNING OBJECTIVES / AGENDA To understand what resources are available to you and understand how to use them in a way that meets state and national standards and communicative objectives. AGENDA:  Background  Student Performance Resources  Break & Mini-Group Project  Resources to Make Your Life Easier  Some Techie Talk: the Embed Code  Open Sharing of Resources You Love  Questions/Feedback
  3. 3. MY PERSONAL BIASES :) I love technology. I just think it’s fun. I could spend all day playing with stuff online. I have to stop myself from using technology. I tend to use technology for speaking activities. It just seems incomplete without it. You should do what you know is right for your students. You should take away from this presentation what you need. You should forget about the rest! But… you should think about your students’ interests!
  4. 4. TECH LET’S GO…AUDIENCE QUESTIONS W/GOOGLE VOICE What burning questions do you have about using technology in your classroom? Please call me @ 617-651-0483 and leave me a message with your question. I will do my best to answer! On the count of three… please dial! For those of you with SmartPhones, please download the following app:  Socrative Student  We will try to use it later!
  5. 5. THOUGHTS ON CELL PHONES How many of you have discreetly checked your cell phone since I began my presentation? Don’t let this happen in your classroom…
  6. 6. KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE half (47%) of US teens say key-to-teens-social-lives-47-can-text-with-eyes-closed-6126/their social life would end or beworsened without their cell phone, Best Enemies Education inand nearly six in 10 (57%) credit Australia reveals 80% oftheir mobile device with improving teen girls actually sleep withtheir life. (2008) their cell phones, and 50% tuck their phones under their pillows and set them to vibrate. On average, teens send or receive 3,339 texts per month: that’s more than 6 texts per hour they are awake.
  7. 7. FRAMING THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY (OR ANY THING REALLY) WHY?? should I use this? HOW?? does it meet my learning objectives? WHAT?? are my learning objectives? WHAT?? should my students be able to do through the use of this activity? WHO?? can I rely on for help?
  8. 8. STATE STANDARDS  C o m m un i c a t io n  Students use the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  C u l t ur e s  Students gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures.  C o m p a r is o n s  Students develop insight into the nature of language and culture by comparing their own language and culture with another.  C o n n e c t io n s  Students make connections with other subject areas and acquire information.  C o m m un i t i e s  Students participate in com-munities at home and around the world in other languages.
  9. 9. STATE STANDARDS  Communication  Students use the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  PreK–12 STANDARD 1 Interpersonal Communication: Students of modern languages will converse in a language other than English to provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions.  PreK–12 STANDARD 2 Interpretive Communication: Students will understand and interpret ideas and information written or spoken in a language other than English.  PreK–12 STANDARD 3 Presentational Communication: Students of modern languages will write and speak in a language other than English to present information, concepts, and ideas on a variety of topics.
  10. 10. PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES MODES of COMMUNICATION:  Interpersonal  Interpretive  Presentational LEVELS  Novice  Intermediate  Pre-Advanced  Advanced
  12. 12. TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS• Creativity and Innovation • Students demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative products and processes using technology.• Communication and Collaboration • Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others.• Research and Information Fluency • Students apply digital tools to gather, evaluate, and use information.
  13. 13. TECHNOLOGY STANDARDS• Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making • Students use critical thinking skills to plan and conduct research, manage projects, solve problems, and make informed decisions using appropriate digital tools and resources.• Digital Citizenship • Students understand human, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and practice legal and ethical behavior.• Technology Operations and Concepts • Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations.
  14. 14. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 1 . Straight Voice Recording:  Google Voice  Set up free account with gmail. Choose phone number and link to your phone, then select “Do Not Disturb.”  All calls go to your inbox and can be “embedded” or played online. App available.  *You can also create groups and text your students!  Vocaroo  Free basic voice recording site. No registration. Students either email, Tweet, copy link or get “embed code.”  No app.  *New feature: “Embed” vocaroo in your site o students can record without leaving your page. Questions from Google Voice!
  15. 15. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 2. Voice Recording w/Benefits  SoundCloud  Free recording site designed for musicians.  Create free account.  App available.  Can post sound to Twitter, Facebook, email it or get “embed” code.  Can leave comments at timed intervals on recording.  ThingLink  Take any image and make it interactive. With the use of SoundCloud, you can add audio (and with YouTube, you can add video)!  Can “embed” on other sites.  No app.
  16. 16. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 3. Kooky Voice Recording  Blabberize  Free site where you can upload a digital photo and make it talk. Very fun!  Students email “embed” code or post on their own blog.  App equivalent: Babblizer  Voki  Free site where you make an Avatar talk. Can record voice or type text and set accent.  Students email “embed” code or post on their own blog.  No app.
  17. 17. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 4. Digital Storytelling w/voice recording  VoiceThread  Free site with restrictions (or $1 per registration for department).  Students create digital narrations with text or audio. Teachers and others can comment.  Students email “embed” code or post on their own blog.  App available.
  18. 18. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 5. Digital Storytelling (w/out voice recording)  StoryBird  Free. Beautiful art to inspire writing!  Can create class and add assignments.  Can “embed” or share.  StoryJumper  Free. Register, then create digital books that can be purchased, or can just share the link!  Add art from online, or select images from their databank.
  19. 19. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 6. Animations & Comic Strips  GoAnimate  Animations with voice recording  StripGenerator & ToonDoo  Free comic strip creation
  20. 20. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 7. Essays & Blogging  Blogger or WordPress  Free. Create easy -to-make websites/blogs for student essays and publishing of work created online.  Students can follow each other and post comments on each other’s work. (Comments can be moderated.)  Evernote  Free. Students can use for writing or attaching audio or images, and can email to you.  App available (with direct voice recording).
  21. 21. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 8. History, TimeLines  HistoryPin  Create tours/stories linked to maps with images, text, video/audio (from YouTube).  TimeToast  Create free timelines with text, images, and links.  Can embed on websites or share link.
  22. 22. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 9. Discussing Videos  Vialogues  Add any online video (or upload your own) and have students comment online.  Ask questions (multiple choice or check all that apply or open) at certain intervals of the video.
  23. 23. MY TOP 10 (FOR STUDENT PERFORMANCE) 10. Video Cameras on Student Cell Phones!  SmartPhone = built-in camera and video camera  Use the “Splice” app (free) to link multiple scenes together.  Email video (if small enough) or upload to class YouTube Channel (you can set the videos to private, so only you can see)
  25. 25. BREAK-OUT TIME Your mission:  to develop at least three project/homework/classwork ideas that…  1. use a new technology we’ve just discussed  2. address a mode of communication (i.e., in the TL!)  3. address both a state FL standard and a national tech standard Please work in groups of three! And enjoy a little break while you’re at it!
  26. 26. Questions from Google Voice! TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 1 . Make a Website  Blogger or WordPress  Rethink your class website  Create a department website and PUBLICIZE your department!!
  27. 27. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 2. Flashcards  Quizlet  Make (or find already) free flashcards with audio. Include games and can embed flashcards on a website.  Can also make class accounts and track how students are using.
  28. 28. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 3. Class Groups  Wiggio  Like a class FB page w/out the worry.  Students join your group and can post audio/video/ text/questions/polls, etc.  You can send reminders to students on assignments (includes calendar) and can facilitate group work.
  29. 29. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 4. Online grading  Engrade  Free and very easy to use if your school doesn’t have an online grading platform.
  30. 30. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 5. Personal Learning Networks  Twitter  The best online professional development!  Please follow me @ritzforeignlang, then see who I follow, then look for other teachers. This is not personal, it’s 100% professional resources sharing, asking/answering questions, helping other npJkDhdWidZGY1M3BuZ2RfMzFkaHA3aDlobQ&hl=en_US&authkey=CN bdw7ID teachers and getting help from them!
  31. 31. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 6. Keeping Track of Resources  Pinterest  “Pin” websites you like and categorize on “boards”  Delicious  Like a “Favorites” menu online
  32. 32. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 7. Working on dif ferent computers/sharing files  DropBox  Download to every computer you use and it looks just like a regular folder!  You can share files/folders easily.
  33. 33. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 8. Keeping up with your students  ClassParrot (no phone #) or GoogleVoice (know phone #)  Free to text your students (as a group or individually) to remind them of assignments, missing work, etc.  Obviously, you should check with your school’s policy on this and inform parents and students that you will be doing it! (CYA!)
  34. 34. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 9. Helping students with writing  BonPatron  For French or Spanish  Helps students understand the type of error they made, doesn’t just give them the right answer.  App available.
  35. 35. TOP 10 (TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER) 10. Explaining content to students  ShowMe  Record presentations with text and audio, then share link with students or embed on your website/blog.
  37. 37. TECHIE TALK: THE EMBED CODE Essentially, something interactive that is posted on another website. Like a YouTube video you see on any website. All you need to know…  Copy & Paste (don’t mess with anything inside the brackets)  Use the “HTML” editor on Blogger
  38. 38. RESOURCES FROM THIS PRESENTATION    www.thinglink .com      www.stor  www.stor      o  www.histor www.pollever
  39. 39. TECH LET’S GO… AUDIENCE FEEDBACK W/SOCRATIVE For those of you with SmartPhones who downloaded the Socrative Student app, please go to the following room and complete the questionnaire:  8323 For everyone else, please complete the questionnaire on paper. Questions from Google Voice!Please keep in touch!catherineritz@gmail.comwww.catherineritz.orgQuestions? Comments?