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SCOLT 2015 QR Codes


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SCOLT 2015 Presentation on QR Codes

Published in: Education
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SCOLT 2015 QR Codes

  1. 1. IT’S HIP TO BE SQUARE Michelle Olah SCOLT 2015 Atlanta, GA QR codes in World Languages Classroom
  2. 2. LET’S GET STARTED!Novice: 1. Download a QR code reader from Google Play or Apple App store 2. I like i-nigma but you can choose any one 3. Scan the code below for a special message Follow me on Twitter: Advanced: 1. Sign into your twitter account 2. Scan the code below to check into the session on Twitter!
  3. 3. QR CODES Quick Response Codes - QR Codes are barcodes of information that hardlink the physical world with the online world. All you need is: *A Mobile Device (smart phone, tablet) *Software (an app) that can read the code The QR Code may take you to: •*a website •*a video •*some text •*a phone number •* generate a text message or tweet
  4. 4. GALLERY product Name
  5. 5. Scan to access this slide show on your phone etc.
  6. 6. Reasons to use QR Codes in Education 5
  7. 7. Eliminate typing long web addresses1
  8. 8. You can either TYPE this on phone: OR You can SCAN this on phone:
  10. 10. GET CONTENT DIRECTLY T STUDENTS (with little to no effort on their part) 2
  11. 11. Provide additional support to students QR codes go to Audio file of vocabulary for pronunciation and QUIA site for practice
  12. 12. Quizlet Flashcards MYFAVORITESITESTOSENDSTUDENTSTO: Voice recordings:
  13. 13. Now is a good time to show you how easy it is to make a QR code! 1. Go to a site that generates QR codes I use Kaywa: OR QRStuff: (for more colorful ones but it has ads) 2. Choose what data you want to encode 3. Generate QR code and COPY or
  14. 14. YOU MAY WANT TO DIRECT THEM TO: Audio file Class Website Step by Step Tutorial Textbook resources Song about topic Your email so they can ask you a question A website from target culture An app Online Practice or games
  15. 15. 3 THE BRAIN LIKES NOVELTY I really want to know what that cow has to say
  16. 16. How am I feeling at SCOLT today?
  17. 17. 4 DIFFERENTIATE INSTRUCTION *Use a QR code to send students to different resources based on their proficiency level *Appeal to different learning styles by adding voice or visuals (images or video) to print material *Provide additional support resources - QR codes in textbooks, on printed materials, send them to youtube videos
  18. 18. STUDENT WORK & PORTFOLIOS5 Connects physical portfolio with online projects or online version Student can talk about their work anytime/anywhere Send people to online portfolios
  19. 19. FEEDBACK SCOLT SESSION EVAL #115 Hip to be Square
  20. 20. @michelleolah lleolah/ 407.283.7152 wltechconsultants@hot My QR Contact Card
  21. 21. THANK YOU