Starting with MOOCs for NHOC
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Starting with MOOCs for NHOC



Presentation about MOOCs for Nationaal Hoger Onderwijs Congres (NHOC) on 27th of November 2013 in Amstelveen

Presentation about MOOCs for Nationaal Hoger Onderwijs Congres (NHOC) on 27th of November 2013 in Amstelveen



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    Starting with MOOCs for NHOC Starting with MOOCs for NHOC Presentation Transcript

    • Start with MOOCS ir. W.F. van Valkenburg Except when otherwise noted, this work is licensed CC-BY 3.0 Please attribute TU Delft / Willem van Valkenburg Open Education |
    • Willem van Valkenburg Coordinator TU Delft Open Education Team Board member OpenCourseWare Consortium Project Manager OpenCourseWare Europe Open Education |
    • 1. “The number of higher education students in the world is expected to quadruple, from around 100 million in 2000 to 400 million in 2030” Foto: Ulrike Reinhard Learning Stations in Khajuraho, Rural India Open Education |
    • To accommodate them we need to build 9.615 universities in 30 years That is 3 universities For 30.000 students per week Open Education |
    • 2. Image CC BY Phillie Casablanca “Students expect to choose what they learn, how they learn and when they learn” Open Education |
    • •S Yet, this is how we teach Image: CC BY Martijn Ouwehand Open Education |
    • Terminology Open Education |
    • CC BY Tinou Bao Open Education |
    • CC-BY Alan Levine: Open Education |
    • • Free to Reuse • Free to Revise • Free to Remix • Free to Redistribute David Wiley 4Rs framework: Open By Sunshine Connelly. Original Image CC Education | image CC By RecycleThis
    • MOOC: Every letter is negotiable MOOC poster by Mathieu Plourde licensed CC-BY: Open Education |
    • Experiences from the AI-class • 23,000 students passed the online course (253 got perfect scores) • Professor Thrun has taught more students the subject than all of the rest of the computer science professors in the world. • The 23,000 who passed the course represent more students than most faculty will teach in their career. • Out of the 200 Stanford students attending the traditional course, only 41 were in class at the end of the course. • The other 159 opted for the online asynchronous presentation. • 410 online students outperformed the top Stanford student! • Students themselves translated the class for free from English into 44 languages. • The on-campus passing rate was the highest ever. CC-BY-NC-SA Zaid Ali Alsagoff: Open Education |
    • MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses (I) A. Early pioneers (2007/2008) of connectivism & social learning (now cMOOC) David Wiley (Brigham Young University) George Siemens (Athabasca University) Stephen Downes (National Research Councel Canada) Open Education | 13
    • MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses (II) B. Pioneers (2011-2012) of free massive open online classes (now xMOOCs) Salman Khan Prof. Peter Norvig & Prof. Sebastian Thrun (Stanford) Prof Andrew Nge & Prof. Daphne Koller (Stanford) Prof. Anant Agarwal (MIT) Open Education | 14
    • MOOC = Massive Open Online Courses (II) Evolution of MOOCs ‘MOOC’s and implications for Higher Education. A Whitepaper’, (JISC, CETIS; March 2013). Relaties tussen ODL, OE, OER/OCW & MOOC’s., incl. relation between MIT OCW, Khanacademy & xMOOC Open Education |
    • xMOOC platforms (USA) Opgericht: Oprichter(s): Profiel: Budget: Open Source: Januari 2012 S. Thrun (Stanford) Commercieel $ 15 miljoen Nee (licenties) # Universiteiten: # Cursussen: # Studenten: Disciplines: geen 28 ca. 1 miljoen Business, ICT, Math, Science Gecertificeerde diploma’s: Ja Examens onder toezicht: Ja (4000 locaties in 170 landen via partnership met Pearson VUE) Opgericht: Oprichter(s): Profiel: Budget: Open Source: April 2012 Koller & Nge (Stanford) Commercieel $ 65 miljoen Nee (licenties) Opgericht: Oprichter(s): Profiel: Budget: Open Source: Mei 2012 MIT en Harvard Not-for-profit $ 60 miljoen Gedeeltelijk (platform, enkele cursussen) # Universiteiten: # Cursussen: # Studenten: Disciplines: 107 540+ 5,5 miljoen Alle # Universiteiten: # Cursussen: # Studenten: Disciplines: 29 (+ 3 landen) 96 ca. 1,5 miljoen Alle Gecertificeerde diploma’s: Examens onder toezicht: (5 geaccrediteerde cursussen en partnership met ProctorU) Open Education | Ja Ja Gecertificeerde diploma’s: Ja Examens onder toezicht: Ja (1 accrediteerde cursus, identity verified tracks)
    • Screenshot from Open Education |
    • Dutch universities Open Education |
    • What does a MOOC look like? Open Education |
    • Basic ingredients of a MOOC Learning Unit 1 Learning Unit 2 Learning Unit 3 Learning Unit 4 Learning Unit 5 Learning Unit 6 Up to 10 weeks MOOC is divided into weeks. From 3 to 10 weeks Learning Unit Learning Block 1 video 4 to 12 hours study time Clear learning goals, end-of unit assessment Learning Block 2 Learning Block 3 quiz Open Education | text Each with a couple of selfcontained learning blocks quiz discuss
    • Student Patterns MOOCs Open Education |
    • Anatomy of an edX Online Class Open Education |
    • TU Delft Open Education Open Education |
    • Online and Campus Education • • • • • Learning Activities & Course Materials Free Enrolled students only, massive numbers Bachelors Level Certificate of Completion Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Open Course Ware (OCW) Campus Education • • • • • On-campus Education Top-class education and research facilities World famous university library Active student societies Great opportunities to participate in special student projects Open Education | Online Distance Education • • • • • • • • • • • • Course Materials Free Big Exposure, Worldwide audience Both Bachelor and Master level No interaction with faculty No accredited certificate Learning Activities & Course Materials Paid enrollment Enrolled students only, limited numbers Master level Accredited Course Certificate Full Master Degree
    • Online TU > … > Online Distance Education Closed (paid) Open (Free) Campus Open Education |
    • Why EdX? •Consortium of top universities •Focus on improving campus education •It is not-for-profit •It has a focus on Open •Focus on research of innovation in education Open Education |
    • Open Education |
    • What kind of MOOCs do we want? Open Education |
    • March/April ‘14 September ‘13 DelftX Courses Water Treatment Solar Energy Next Generation Infrastructures Aeronautical Engineering Open Education | Credit Risk Management
    • Teaser Aeronautical Engineering Source: Image video still from above video CC-BY DelftX Open Education |
    • DelftX Demographics (self-reported) Water Treatment Open Education | Solar Energy
    • Project team Open Education | Per MOOC
    • Open Education |
    • Questions Open Education | CC-BY:
    • Open Education |