Evaluation Question 2 - Script
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Evaluation Question 2 - Script






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Evaluation Question 2 - Script Document Transcript

  • 1. Q2 – ScriptStephanie: How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?Ashleigh: When creating our music video, we considered relating it to the pop genreand our target audience through the use of costume, colour, location, shots andconventions. We created it around audience expectations in order for them to easilyidentify our video as being pop and therefore react to it.Stephanie: we used the green screen in our video with bright backgrounds andcostumes relating it to our genre as it is a convention. Iconic locations were used tocreate a romantic feeling and draw in our audience. Once our main video wascompleted and audience feedback collected, we had to consider how we could relateour digipak to the music video.Ashleigh: The challenging part of this was that our digipak was text based notinteractive like the video. When creating the digipak we considered the above as wedid in our video, as well as creating synergy between it and the video. We decided thatthe ways we could link our digipak to our video was through text, colour, costume andstill shots.Stephanie: The digipak consists of a magazine advert and a CD with a booklet inside.We started off by doing a DVD instead of a CD but then changed in order for ourancillary texts to look as real as possible in order for it to appeal to our audience. Themagazine advert was created first and an image of Ashleigh in the rain was used. Thisimage had a black and whit effect to make it look vintageAshleigh: We used bright pink text , Trebuchet MS as it could be linked to the genreof our video and the content as in the video, I wear pink dress. To create synergybetween the CD cover and the magazine advert, we used the same image as it wouldcreate an identity for the single so the audience could associate that particular imagewith our music video. We used the same font and colour on the CD cover andmagazine ad to keep continuity and create synergy between the products.Stephanie: another idea we used, which was found from our research, was the darkbackgrounds against the bright text as this is associated with the pop genre. Thepictures used for the magazine advert and CD were dark in comparison to the brightpink text against it. The back cover has a similar image of Ashleigh with the sameblack and white effect. Again, the same font and colour text was used as the mag adand front cover so that our audience could not only link the back cover to our musicvideo and mag ad, but the front cover as well. This created a flow.Ashleigh: The booklet uses the same font but in different colours so that they standout against the backgrounds. The pictures used for these backgrounds were taken byme and are of flowers, sunsets, beaches. These images can be related to the musicvideo as they create a romantic, nostalgic feeling which is the intention of the song.They relate to the narrative. The booklet could be related to the magazine ad and theCD as it has a couple of images of me inside wearing the same dress I wore in theband shots of the video. This continuity creates synergy itself.
  • 2. Stephanie: Our ancillary texts convey the narrative of our main text therefore addemphasis on the song and artist through the use of images and colour. They can belinked to each other which shows that that have been well planned in order for them tolook realistic and synergy to be created.Ashleigh: We could have developed the synergy of our products by having stillimages from the music video in the booklet so that the relation between our video andthe texts would have been more obvious. The genre pop is usually associated withbright colours so perhaps we could have used brightly coloured backgrounds / imagesfor the digipak to link it with our genre and thus the music video.Stephanie: in relation to possible elements, we feel that overall, we have beensuccessful in creating synergy between our products by challenging the conventionalbrightly coloured backgrounds and using black and white images. Through doing this,we have demonstrated creativity and showed that our outcome was the same as itwould have been if we had not challenged the conventions.Ashleigh: Our target audience generally conveyed an appreciation of our products asthey considered them effective and could easily identify our video as being in the popgenre. They expressed that the contrast between the black and white images and thehot pink text was effective, eye catching and endearing. Also, that the image on thecover of the CD and mag ad was emotive which could be linked to the lyrics of thesong and thus the narrative.