68 ways to monetize your blog by julia scott


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68 ways to monetize your blog by julia scott

  1. 1. monetize your blog up the wazoo 
 Julia Scott" BargainBabe.com" BargainBabe.com"
  2. 2. first steps•  Create an appealing site/blog"•  Get into an entrepreneurial mindset"•  Set up diverse revenue streams" BargainBabe.com"
  3. 3. How many ways " can you " make money "from a website?" BargainBabe.com"
  4. 4. advertising•  Ad networks – beyond AdSense!" " o  Top ad networks http://lists.econsultant.com/ top-10-advertising-networks.html " BargainBabe.com"
  5. 5. banners and more •  Email newsletters" •  RSS feed (AdSense->MyAds->Feeds)" •  Pop ups" •  Target only new visitors with Chitika" •  Join or create an ad network with related blogs" "Tip: Reposition ads and test colors, fonts, borders,and content in ads to optimize payout " BargainBabe.com"
  6. 6. be your own salesperson•  Sponsored post"•  Sponsored giveaway"•  Mini-sponsor"" BargainBabe.com"
  7. 7. ad placements•  Dedicated email blast " •  Product reviews•  Text link " - Charge for this!"•  Embedded video " •  Spot on your YouTube•  Facebook updates" channel"•  Tweets" •  Podcast placement "•  Host a contest or •  White paper placement" giveaway •  High-traffic landing - Very successful on page" BargainBabe.com! BargainBabe.com"
  8. 8. great rate sheets BargainBabe.com"
  9. 9. great rate sheets BargainBabe.com"
  10. 10. great rate sheets BargainBabe.com"
  11. 11. how to sell•  Build on existing relationship"•  Ask what their goal is"•  Share your track record" –  Stats and past performance"•  Give them options"•  Be flexible "•  Disclose!" BargainBabe.com"
  12. 12. affiliates•  Guide: http://zacjohnson.com/affiliate-marketing-guide-book/"•  Flat fee: eBates, Swagbucks"•  Networks: CJ, Linkshare, MySavings, Logical Media, Share a Sale"•  Per print: Coupons.com, SmartSource, RedPlum "•  Amazon: 4-8% of sales " –  BARRED in AR, CA, CO, CT, IL, NC, RI" –  Residency loophole alternative? http://www.viglink.com/"•  OpenSky: unique products from small bizes"•  Sales force to create Groupon-type deals "•  Analog Analytics makes deal, you sell it" –  OC Register made $100k in one day "•  Music downloads though Amazon and iTunes "Tip: Are affiliates legit? http://www.npr.org/include/howtosupportnpr.html" BargainBabe.com"
  13. 13. daily deal$? Flat Sign Up Fee! % of Sales!Groupon" $10 Groupon Bucks" 2-10% (through CJ)" (through G)" 2% for existing users" 10% for new users"Living Social" $2.50 (through LS)" 30% (through LS)"Saveology" $10 Saveology Dollars when 5-20% (through S)" two friends buy deals" 5% for existing users" 20% for new users" OR 5-15% through CJ"Gilt City" None" 10% (through CJ)""Tippr" $5 sign up & " None" $5 for first purchase" BargainBabe.com"
  14. 14. paywall if you dare•  Access to forums " –  Established, niche sites" –  VideoUniversity.com"•  By quantity " –  New York Times!•  By quality " –  MediaBistro" BargainBabe.com"
  15. 15. blog as springboard BargainBabe.com"
  16. 16. paid content is a reality!•  Blog on other sites "•  Ghost write for another site  "•  Articles for traditional media "•  Leverage column in newspaper or magazine"•  Syndicate your content with newspapers"•  Guide to pitching editors" http://goodwritingblog.blogspot.com/2011/01/ how-to-pitch-article-to-editor.html" BargainBabe.com"
  17. 17. create media•  Book, eBook, or Kindle single"•  White paper "•  Audio classes•  Budget worksheets"•  Podcasts and videos•  Host a live chat•  Holiday gift guide" BargainBabe.com"
  18. 18. sponsorships•  Site sponsorship: mega ad package -Banners, posts, social media, etc.•  Brand rep or panel member"•  Get paid to attend conferences and events•  Endorse a brand or product•  Spokesperson"•  Satellite Media Tour" BargainBabe.com"
  19. 19. offline $$$Get Out of the House!"•  Host an event sponsorships, sales, event fees, publicity "•  Workshops, how to sessions, coaching "•  Courses to readers: NYTʼs " "Knowledge Network"•  Speak to groups about " "blogging or your blog topic"•  Consult other bloggers, " "brands, and organizations"•  Teach college or high school" BargainBabe.com"
  20. 20. star struck•  Paid TV contributor, host, or star"•  Get paid to judge a contest/entries•  Keynote speaker BargainBabe.com"
  21. 21. what else?•  Grants: community benefit?"•  Donations via Paypal button"•  Voluntary membership with perks  "•  Paid Tweets via MyLikes.com"•  Angel investors"•  Social media consulting & implementation "•  Site structure, content organization, and implementation"•  Spin off a micro site"" BargainBabe.com"
  22. 22. sell your siteWhat would make your site valuable to a buyer?"•  URL"•  Traffic"•  Brand value"•  Revenue minus expenses"What steps would create that value?"•  Emotional value v. perceived value"•  Guide to selling your blog " "http://www.catswhoblog.com/how-to-sell-a-blog-efficiently"•  Top 10 most expensive blogs" "http://www.catswhoblog.com/the-10-most-expensive-blogs-of-all-times "•  More tips on selling" "http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/07/08/how-to-sell-your-blog/ " BargainBabe.com"
  23. 23. ethics Transparency will save you!" Where is your ethics/disclosure policy? "•  My ethics policy: http://bargainbabe.com/about/ "•  I do not accept money from any business or manufacturer to blog about their product on BargainBabe.com. If I write about a restaurant, retailer, Web site or product it is because I believe there is a good deal to be had. I sell sponsored posts and advertising on the site and participate in referral programs, however, because I gotta pay my bills. Paid content is always identified." BargainBabe.com"
  24. 24. policies•  Get your own" "http://www.disclosurepolicy.org"•  FTC guidelines for bloggers http:// www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm (Release dated 10/5/2009)" BargainBabe.com"
  25. 25. monetize your blog Julia Scott Julia@bargainbabe.com 
 BargainBabe.com Strategies, coupons & inspiration " to save on everyday expenses!" BargainBabe.com"