Geekaboo presentation 2013 - Brett Napoli


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Brett Napoli of discusses techniques to monteize your WordPress sites and skills. Ranges from beginner to advanced tips.

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Geekaboo presentation 2013 - Brett Napoli

  2. 2. Using WordPress to Create Multiple Income Streams WordPress as the Foundation of an Online Business Presented by: BRETT NAPOLI Dean of Website School WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  3. 3. Background: Brett Napoli• Founder and CEO of Ambition Insight, Website School and• Developing Online Properties for 10 Years• Using WordPress for 3 Years• Favorite Domain:• Personally own more than 250 domain names• Sold over 20K in Domain Names, over 250K in Websites & Web Services• My first WordPress website reaches 3+ million people per month, as high as 880,000 Pageviews in 1 day (1/21/13) WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  4. 4. Don’t Be Mistaken, It Wasn’t Easy• Love & Passion• Don’t Be Afraid to Fail or Start Over• Can’t StopIve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  5. 5. What It Takes• Time• Money & Investment• Risk• Dedication• Equipment• Research• Expertise & Experience• Connections• Consistent, Balanced Learning• Motivation, Planning, Self Direction• Planning, Planning, Planning, Planning WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  6. 6. Fun Facts: Am I In the Right Industry? First Half 2012 Stats• Internet advertising revenues, all-time high of $17 billion 14 percent increase year-over-year• Mobile Ad Revenue up 95% to 1.2 Billion• Video Revenue: 18% year over year, 1 Billion• Search Revenue: 8.1 Billion, up 19%• Display Ads: 5.6 Billion, 4% increase• Retail Advertisers earned 3.4 Billion• Automotive: 2.2 Billion WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  7. 7. Did You Know• The current number of internet users is 2.2 billion. In 2002 there were just 600 million. That’s a 367% increase in a decade.• Facebook accumulates over 500 terabytes of data daily. This includes 2.7 billion likes and 300 million photo uploads. Internet World Statistics, eTForcasts, Domo, CNET WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  8. 8. Did You Know• Every month Google handles 100 billion searches. 40,000 searches a second.• There are more devices connected to the Internet than people on earth.• In The USA 78.3% of the population uses the internet.• YouTube users watch over 3 billion hours of video per month. IBT, Daily Telegraph, and Internet World Statistics WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  9. 9. Did You Know• Every Minute of the day $272k is spent by online consumers.• The Internet influences $5.77 offline for every dollar spent online.• Online shoppers spent $54.47 billion dollars this holiday season. That’s a 16.8% increase from last year.• 97% of consumers use online media when researching products and services in their local area.• The most expensive Domain Name ever sold was, it sold for $16 million. WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  10. 10. Ad Category Breakouts (in millions) HY 2011* HY 2012 % $ % $Search 46% $6,843 48% $8,128Display Related 36% $5,349 33% $5,586 -Banner Ads 22% $3,266 21% $3,622 -Digital Video 6% $891 6% $1,053Commercials -Rich Media 5% $727 3% $495 -Sponsorship 3% $465 2% $416Mobile* 4% $636 7% $1,242Classifieds 8% $1,235 7% $1,160Referrals/Lead 5% $800 5% $834GenerationE-mail 1% $79 0% $78 WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  11. 11. Ok, but how do I make moneywith my WordPress website? WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  12. 12. Golden Rules of Success:How to Make Money Anywhere Solve Problems Reduce Costs Create Value WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  13. 13. Revenue Opportunities: Services• Build Websites for other people & companies, Website Reviews & Critiques• WordPress Training & WordPress Consulting• Web Hosting – Resell, Affiliate, Hosted Solution• Domain Names – Management, Registration, Renewals, Locking, Premium Sales, Brokerage WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  14. 14. Revenue Opportunities: Services• SEO, SEM• Social Media Optimization, Social Media Marketing• Web Design, Graphic Design• Logos, Print Collateral• Upsell Stock Photography WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  15. 15. Revenue Opportunities• Sponsored Posts – Advertorial Sponsorships• Sponsored Reviews - Freebies & Giveaways, Perks & Discounts• Links – Contextual, Homepage, Sidebar, Link Widgets & Groups, Link Units• Banner Advertising – CPM, CPC, Banner, Leaderboard, Popunder, Corner Tear• In-Text Ads WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  16. 16. Revenue Opportunities• Social Media Posts & Social Media Sponsorship• Email Blasts – Newsletters, Build a Database• Membership Site – Access to info product, Access to Resources, Recurring Billing, Per-Page or Per-Post Access, Temporary Accounts WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  17. 17. Revenue Opportunities• Music or Digital Delivery Goods – eBooks, Webinars, Interviews• In Video Advertising, Pre-roll Video Advertising• Sponsorships - Background Sponsorship, Section Sponsorship, IFrame• Lead Generation• Create Software - Create Plugins, Create Themes, Create Addons, Create Image Packs• Related Posts, Social Discovery, Widgets (nrelate, Disqus)• Consumer Data: Tracking Pixels & Cookies, Email Addresses & Customer Information WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  18. 18. Revenue Opportunities• Google Custom Search (Search Results)• Affiliate Products & Services: Plugins, Themes, Enhancements• Niche Websites• Get Free Products, Review Them, Sell Them• Barter• Meetup Sponsorships, Event Sponsorships, Swag Sponsorships• Video Production• Offer Skype Consulting of Any Kind• Referrals WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  19. 19. Revenue Opportunities• Sell Stock Photography Plugins• Sell Media Plugin – Graph Paper Press – Audio, Videos, Templates, images, PDFs• Articles, Press Releases• Shopping Cart, Sell Products – jigoshop• Mobile Ads• Freelance• Sub-Domain Stores (BookRenter)• Podcasting• Translation• Employee Referral• Job Board WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  20. 20. Revenue Opportunities• Message Board or Forum• Classifieds• Directory• Forum Membership• Sell Domains• SSL Certificates• Drop Shipping• eBay• Amazon Affiliates• Editing and Proofreading WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  21. 21. Revenue Opportunities• Typo-Domains• Domain Parking• Buy Other Websites, Revamp, Manage• Sell T-Shirts• Teach Online• Paid Surveys & Referrals• Expired Domain Names WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM
  22. 22. Revenue Opportunities• Specials, Discounts, Groups, Expiring Offers, Offer Terms, Lengthened Terms• Make the first dollar• Creative Value• Make a Business Plan First• Respond to Every Single Email• Go back to old emails GET CREATIVE! WWW.WEBSITESCHOOL.COM