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Using Technology to Reach Your Prospects mc donald

  1. 1. Using Technology toReach Your Prospects PCMA January 9 2012 9,
  2. 2. The “Curse of Choices”• Until the 1990s, there were limited marketing communication channels• Especially for B2B marketing• N Now th there are so many channels, many don’t know what the best options are
  3. 3. First Things First: Identify Your Goals• Reach potential new customers?• Inform current customers about additional products and services you provide? d t d i id ?• Build a database?• Connect with partners & referral sources?• Provide customer service?
  4. 4. Create a Strategy• Technology is a tactical tool, not a strategy t t t• “We have a Facebook page, but nobody’s “liking” us” nobody s liking us
  5. 5. Integration is Key• Match the overall marketing plan – consistent message• Cross platform integration Cross-platform – Add icons to your website and all communications “Find us on Facebook” and “Like Us Find Facebook Like Us”
  6. 6. Be Human & Authentic• Avoid tech-speak, industry-speak, and “pitches”. Use music videos & pictures pitches music,• Not: “ABC Company celebrated our 10th anniversary” y• But: “Check out the pics from Check our anniversary party”
  7. 7. Dole Keeps it Personal With Photos from Customer Appreciation Event pp
  8. 8. Example: Dole YouTube Video • Many people love y cooking shows and learning new recipes • This is a perfect way for Dole to show off food products
  9. 9. … And Cross Platform
  10. 10. Use the Right Social Media Platforms• Example: LinkedIn vs. Facebook• Oreo – it doesn t matter who the doesn’t person behind the social media voice is• For salespeople or building customer relationships, use p , individual pages
  11. 11. SEO – a MUST• Make sure your site is optimized f ti i d for keywords – you select keywords that cause your ad to be displayed when prospective customers search certain t h t i terms
  12. 12. SEOImproves the visibility of your site organically (not through paid advertisements). advertisements) It can be free, but requires effort to: to – learn search terms your prospects search for and then use them in your website so your site comes y up first when they search –
  13. 13. Fish Where the Fish are Biting• You can also advertise within web pages – News sites – Facebook and other social media sites – Blogs where your prospects hang out
  14. 14. SEO– Involves making your website easy for Google bots to crawl with proper html tags– Involves constantly updating your website with new and relevant info– Involves linking other information such as blog and social media to website– Your I.T. support group can help with SEO, or you can enlist a professional SEO company
  15. 15. Your Site Must Be Mobile-Ready• Internet searches using iPads and smart phones exceeded computer searches for the 1st time in 2011• Make sure you have a mobile site customized t fit those it t i d to th sizes, or at least a site not wholly dependent upon Flash y p p• Check to make sure there are no broken links
  16. 16. Social Media Tips• Offer unique or interesting incentives to generate viral exposure• Offer time-limited promotions or sweepstakes to drive interest i t t• Social media is a conversation. Be sure you’re not doing all the talking. Listen g g and ask questions. And let the community respond first.
  17. 17. Example: Werner Electric Supply Sweepstakes
  18. 18. Make Press Releases More Viral• PitchEngine – free for 30 days• PRWeb – priced pe p ess release eb p ced per press e ease
  19. 19. Example: Social Media Press Release
  20. 20. Blogging• Why a business blog? – Drives prospects to y p p your website and social media – Establishes you business and lets you speak directly to your customers y y – Provides additional support to customers, pp , creates a community and allows you to promote yourself
  21. 21. Blogging
  22. 22. Do You HARO?“Help a Reporter Out”
  23. 23. Referral Marketing• Seen as more genuine than traditional marketing• You incentivize conversation about your business by providing offers for new customers and compensating direct leads from current customers• There are software providers who can help create a customized referral program for you.
  24. 24. Email Marketing• Seems old school, but…• More customers are connected to brands via t dt b d i email than social•• Email marketing is easy to track to measure return on investment
  25. 25. Email Marketing• Gather subscribers through events and promotions, but allow them to opt out• Focus on content—you must have something interesting to say. Sh t E Short E-newsletters are l tt a great way to interest subscribers• Tell stories—help y p your subscribers learn something
  26. 26. SMS Text Marketing• Reaches your prospects and customers no matter where they are• Over 90% of messages are opened and read in 15 minutes• Cost efficient, targeted, and easy to measure
  27. 27. SMS Text Marketing• Use an opt-in list and keep different lists for current customers, prospects, etc… so you can target them with different messages• Focus on high value. Provide unique offers and incentives - Gi th i ti Give them a call to action• Conduct polls and link results to social media
  28. 28. GEO Location Marketing• An outcrop of the Text Message, Geo Location Marketing allows you to advertise to a potential customer based on proximity• If a person comes within a certain di t t i distance of your f business, the text pops up with an offer, deal, or information , , about you.
  29. 29. QR Codes “Quick QuickResponse Codes”
  30. 30. They’re Everywhere• Even on tombstones
  31. 31. QR Codes• Add them to signs, print ads, ads business cards cards, brochures, and social media to allow customers to download information or special offers• Great for sharing lots of content when the format itself is limited
  32. 32. Home Depot Case Study
  33. 33. Augmented Reality• Using an app and the smart phone or tablet’s camera tablet s camera, users can point their phone and layers of information come up on their screen• Point at a building, and the history comes up Point at a up. restaurant, and the reviews of the food come up
  34. 34. Integration is a Must• To fully realize the benefits of technology, you must work to integrate y g your efforts - provides maximum impact for p p your message• Email and text messages can link to your website, social media pages, and blogs• Your Tweets can link to your blog, email newsletter, special offers or QR codes• Your Internet advertising can link to special offers and customized landing pages or your website
  35. 35. It’s a Great New World!• Set your marketing goals• Do what makes sense for y you• Don’t be afraid to experiment or ask your customers what they want• Have fun and be yourself - It s It’s all about customer relationships
  36. 36. For more information aboutthe Latinoth L ti consumer, marketing and t d contact k ti d trends, t t Kelly McDonald at 214-880-1717 or www mcdonaldmarketing com ©2012 McDonald Marketing 2700 Thomas Avenue Dallas, TX 75204 214-880-1717, Fax 214-880-7596 All rights reserved. No part of this material may be reproduced In any form without p y permission by the author. y