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Designing Effective Book Landing Pages


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This presentation was given at the 2010 Tools of Change conference in NY.

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Designing Effective Book Landing Pages

  1. 1. Using Optimized Book Landing Pages to convert Interested Readers into Book Buyers Neil Levin -
  2. 2. book landing page take-aways 1. Build Names 2. Currency 3. Free 4. Multi-media 5. Lean 6. Friction free
  3. 3. Without strong SEO someone interested in your book will get to here
  4. 4.
  5. 5. First, a look at some book landing pages that are not effective
  6. 6.
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  9. 9. Do you know who is coming to your website? …and why? B2B Publishing community – retailer, wholesaler, rights – information seekers Media – contact information, general information B2C Impulse – just wandering through Destination – seeking a specific book ....Either way – they need the same things
  10. 10. B2C landing pages They want to: • answer a question or learn about your book or program You want to: • engage the visitor, the longer they are on the site the better • build a following • capture a name • sell a book
  11. 11. Book landing pages that work….
  12. 12. “What’s new” includes more than just new books. It includes events and projects. Daily TV programs – posted on YouTube
  13. 13. Sub-home page for browsing Different sort approaches
  14. 14. Interweave book landing page Long page goes beyond the fold but has many strong components
  15. 15. Perfect amount of copy TOC with copy Look inside via Scribd Vast majority of page devoted to book, not corporate use
  16. 16. Author information Other title suggestions Reviews – Amazon and print Trust emblems for direct purchasing
  17. 17. Press Release Preview Multiple purchase options Author info w picture Reviews Media contact info Facebook and Twitter Discussion Wall
  18. 18. PoliPointPress home page Blog Newsletter signup Download
  19. 19. Strong metadata Video Amazon reviews Additional book suggestions Look inside TOC Multiple purchase options Endorsements Additional links Facebook Hi % of page devoted to book, not toolbars
  20. 20. EverPub book landing page All important metadata Video Social media links: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog Reviews Author bio Author contact information with separate blog, FB, and Twitter accounts Downloadable files Multiple purchase options SEO embedded in design Next author appearance
  21. 21. Related website links Look inside Share Print Prominent BUY button
  22. 22. Audio player and download Press & customer reviews Additional book suggestions Customer wall
  23. 23. KOGAN home page Video News headlines Free! Free! Free! Easy navigation Clean, practical design
  24. 24. Free marketing & sales resources are used as a way to build their newsletters and direct marketing program
  25. 25. Random House Book landing page Previews Separate author section Reviews Discussion Great information but you need to link off of the page to get to it
  26. 26. making effective book landing pages Use search engine optimization Use all 5 tools available on your book page: layout, text, images, audio, and video Currency – use social media Give to get – freebies or samples Go for the comprehensive, clean, and uncluttered design
  27. 27. EverPub LLC Website development, SEO, e-commerce, Social Media marketing, e-book and digital strategy. CONTACT: Neil Levin