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Steve Chou

  1. 1. Presented to you by my Daddy, Steve Chou
  2. 2. What You Will Learn Today  The psychology of selling  An actionable strategy you can take with your email autoresponder to… • Increase affiliate revenue sales • Increase sales of your own product  A peek into how I have my own autoresponder sequence setup
  3. 3. Species: Wifis Quitticus
  4. 4. My Wife’s Retirement Plan
  5. 5. My Retirement Plan
  6. 6. Making Money With A Blog  Pay per click ads like Adsense, MediaNet etc…  Pay per action ads like Commission Junction, ShareASale etc…  CPM Advertising  Selling your own products Unless you have a lot of traffic, affiliate marketing and selling your own products are going to be your big money makers!
  7. 7. Problems With My Blog Early On The money just wasn’t there.
  8. 8. Is The Money Really In The List?  I had a decent sized list at the time (about     8K) I had a nice autoresponder sequence set up that pointed my readers to my best content But the money simply wasn’t there. I wasn’t getting many affiliate clicks The ad revenue was marginal
  9. 9. Leveraging My Email List
  10. 10. Another Dilemma  No strategy for getting more customers in the door  No time to hold webinars on a regular basis  Didn’t want to turn into one of those Internet email spammers
  11. 11. 20000 Ft View Of My Blog  I have over 500 posts on the blog  Very few posts actually make money from affiliate revenue.  If a reader isn’t reading one of these posts, then the chances of making more than a $1 from an adsense click are extremely slim If you aren’t bringing readers to your money content, you aren’t going to make any money
  12. 12. The Funnel
  13. 13. The Best Kept Secret In Marketing
  14. 14. The Best Salesgirl I Know
  15. 15. Ok…What Do You Want?
  16. 16. The Setup
  17. 17. Social Proof
  18. 18. Finishing Me Off
  19. 19. Your Email Autoresponder
  20. 20. Your Lead Magnet  “Long ebooks and time-consuming giveaways might hurt you. Most people don’t read them”  “Something short and sweet is more likely to be read” Clay Collins, Pat Flynn
  21. 21. Setting Up Your Autoresponder Customer gets awesome content in bite sized chunks  The click through rate for email is way higher than a PDF  People get used to opening and reading your emails 
  22. 22. Click Through Results  Compared to giving away an ebook as a lead magnet… • A large percentage (as high as 68%) of signups read and click on my links in every email • This is orders of magnitude better than when I gave away an book.
  23. 23. Your Giveaway  Needs to be extremely valuable and teach     something If you sell a product, give away a portion of it Everything you teach must be step by step! Take advantage of both text and video mediums to steer readers towards your calls to action and links Use video to show off your personality People need to get value from your free giveaway!
  24. 24. Step 1 - Introduction  Short video which introduces myself and gives a high level overview of selling online  I tell my story • • • • I made over 100K in my first year of business I had no experience at all before I began I had never run a business before I had never sold anything in my life  Try to be sincere and relate to your targeted audience and show off your personality.  Don’t sell at this step
  25. 25. Step 2 – The Tutorial  Here’s where you put out your best content  Here’s what I teach in depth • How to find products to sell online • How to sign up for hosting (affiliate op) • How to setup a shopping cart (affiliate op) • How to accept credit cards (affiliate op) • How to get a great shopping cart design (affiliate op)  Each and every step has a tutorial video and links to blog posts  Each step has aff links for the products I’ve used
  26. 26. Tutorial Tips  In general it’s harder to get affiliate clicks     for videos I use the Pat Flynn patented method for video clickthroughs and it works well On video, people like to follow you step by step Take advantage of this fact! Start the tutorial by having the customer click on one of your banner ads
  27. 27. The Outcome Of The Tutorial  In my giveaway, I teach people how to setup an online store from scratch  Some people will take this info and run with it • These people usually purchase my recommended services.  Some people will want to learn even more… • These people are candidates to buy my course at $599
  28. 28. The Follow Up (2-3 days later)  What’s left to do?  Explain why the current tutorial is not enough • We made a ton of mistakes in starting our store • Mention that I go into much greater depth in my course • How to bring in customers etc…  Give a light sell of the course
  29. 29. Frequently Asked Questions (2 days)  Reader is likely overwhelmed and still has a bunch of questions  Preemptively answer them with a FAQ email  Here’s what I address • • • • • • How much money does it take to start? What equipment do you need? How hard is it to start a website? How much time does it take? How much does it cost for marketing? Can I really make money doing this?
  30. 30. The Hard Sell (2 days later)  If you’ve been running your course for a while, you probably have followers  Show off your testimonials and success stories  I have many students in my class making 4 figures or more per month with their shops  Try to include as much “real” proof as possible that your product works
  31. 31. The Ultimate Resource (2-3 days)  I send out a compendium post of all the products and services I recommend  This email converts extremely well for me  Most people aren’t willing to read through a large doc but they love to have a resource.  If you have established yourself as an authority, people will listen to your recommendations
  32. 32. What You Need To Do  On a typical blog, only a small fraction of webpages will make you money  Find out what these pages are!  Make sure you tag all of your outbound affiliate links to see which get the most clicks  Use a plugin like pretty link so you can change your links in one central place
  33. 33. Compile A Mini-Course  Take all of those posts and come up with a common theme  If you make money off of credit cards, make a tutorial on selecting the best card for you  Make a course on how to get your finances in order  Make sure you put out great content that includes step by step tutorials!
  34. 34. Step By Step Is The Key  People like to follow directions verbatim without using their brains  Use video if possible in addition to text  Tell people where to click in these tutorials  Do not leave it up to chance
  35. 35. My Autoresponder Performance  My email funnel converts between 2-4% of     my signups for my $599 course I’ve raised the price of my class 3 times and it has not affected sales Of the remaining 96% 4-5% go on to convert some sort of affiliate offer The payout varies from $10 all the way to $1000 Sometimes, the payout is recurring
  36. 36. Double Whammy  People who sign up for my $599 class then go and sign up for my recommendations as well  Every course signup has the potential to generate over $1k  Most everything is on autopilot via the email autoresponder
  37. 37. Maximizing Signups  Try to steer all readers of your blog to your      newsletter Make sure there’s a signup form on every page Use a popup – Aweber or popup domination Use a scroll triggered box Place forms in your sidebar and at the bottom of every post Make sure every visitor has an opportunity to get on your list
  38. 38. Key Takeaways  Set up your lead magnet as a series of       emails that teach something If you sell a product, include a followup email Include a FAQ email Include a testimonial email Include a resource email Make good use of both video and text and instruct readers to click on your aff links Please signup forms every where
  39. 39. Questions?  Email me  Twitter @mywifequit  Websites • • •