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IFBC 2011 SAMO Monetization


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Blog Monetization presentation from the 2011 Santa Monica International Food Blogger Conference.

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IFBC 2011 SAMO Monetization

  1. 1. MonetizationOnline AdvertisingBarnaby Dorfman
  2. 2. The Promise for AdvertisersI know that half of my advertising dollars are wasted … I just don’t know which half. -John Wanamaker With Online Advertising the Impact of All Dollars Can be Measured
  3. 3. Definitions– Impression: The Viewing of an Ad by a person– CPM: Cost per Thousand Impressions– CPC: Cost per Click– eCPM: Effective Cost per Thousand– CPA: Cost per Acquisition– CRT: Click Through Rate– UV: Unique Visitor– Visit: A Single Website Session by a User– PV: Page View– PPV: Pageviews per Visit– House Ads: Unsold, Self-Promotion Spot
  4. 4. Advertorial• Sponsored – Blog Posts – Email – Twitter/Facebook• Set a base flat rate DISCLOSE DISCLOSE DISCLOSE
  5. 5. Display Advertising Begin with Design Review To Create Inventory
  6. 6. Choose Creative Types • Banners • Popups/Popunders • Takeovers • Multimedia/VideoInteractive Ad Bureau • Social Media
  7. 7. Selling: Use a Mix for Max $ Direct Selling $ Targeted Networks & Agencies Broad Networks “Remnant” Volume
  8. 8. Broad Networks• CPMs: $1-3• Can be Total Autopilot• Less Control
  9. 9. Targeted Ad Networks & Agencies• CPMs: $2-$5• More Control (usually)• Read the Contract• Watch Out for Exclusives
  10. 10. Direct Selling• CPMs: $5-$10+• A Lot of Work• Total Control• Leverage Relationships• Create a Media Kit – Traffic – Audience Demographics – Editorial Calendar – Creatives Available – Pricing?
  11. 11. Delivering AdvertisingDouble Click for Small Business
  12. 12. Numbers“It was my understanding that there would be no math”
  13. 13. So How Much Can You Make? It Takes a Lot of Traffic• Assume • 100,000 Monthly Unique Visitors • 2 Visits per Month • Average 2.5 PageViews per Visit• Equals 500,000 Pageviews/Month Ad Type RPM/eCPM Monthly Income Annual Income Adsense $1 $500 $6,000Targeted Network $3 $1,500 $18,000 Direct Sales $10 5,000 $60,000