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  1. 1. TICA Presents….
  2. 2. Situation Analysis
  3. 3. Market Overview •  The fashion industry is a multi-billion dollar business comprised not !only of clothing, but beauty products, jewelry, and accessories. " •  Simmons data shows that purchases of apparel and accessories has the !greatest increase in purchasing penetration [“Online Shopping,” 2009] ! •  At16% market share, online sales of clothing and accessories outgrew !computer hardware (12%) as the largest category of non-store !purchases [“Online Shopping,” 2009] ! •  Although, online retail spending more than doubled from !2003-2008, the current economic recession is taking a toll on sales. !As retailers and fashion experts look for innovative ways to woo !consumers into spending, the level of interaction on websites has !become more sophisticated and personalized [LA Times, 6]!
  4. 4. Target Group Analysis •  These women, 18-34 years old, are generally the coveted target group of fashion." •  They are impatient, curious, health-conscious, and big-time multi-taskers." Behavior" Women are not only more likely than men to make purchases on the internet, they also appear more likely to read and give feedback on products they’ve used before" Buying Habits" 96% of women 18-54 in the U.S. who have shopped online in the past 12 months have purchased at least one product over the internet" Consumer Attitudes" 86% of surveyed consumers state they would like to buy clothes online" Lifestyle" Online shopping time is mainly “me” time - shopping for themselves rather than their" family " [Consumer Reports, 2007]
  5. 5. Competitive Analysis Based on Alexa data and the following websites, we have categorized the competitors into two age segments:" Target Group: 18‐34  Target Group: 35+  Fashionista.com  DailyCandy.com   FredFlare.com  MyBeautyMatch.com  Fashionologie.com  StyleCaster.com   nylonmag.com  WWD.com   The Sartorialist   Splendicity.com 
  6. 6. Competitive Analysis •  Visitors to the site can subscribe virtual newsletter to !receive the most up to date fashion tips, for WWD and !MyBeautyMatch.com they charge newsletter fees for !exclusive members. " •  Sites include banner advertisements for high-end retailers. " •  Blogs on websites link to other preferred and similar " !fashion websites." •  Introduce quality beauty products, while at the " !same time, the sites inviting/welcome users to write a !review for the product. "
  7. 7. Competitive Analysis •  Allowing users be more involved/ interact with the site’s !content by inviting users to other social networking sites" •  Has a registration system that lets members access extended !information, such as daily look recommendations " •  Membership is required in order to leave comments, " More engaging, interaction and encourage users " become more involved with the site’s content"
  8. 8. Problems Analysis •  Complex navigation" •  Long download times, poor customer service, and confusing !return policies also add to consumer’s apprehension. " •  Impossible for consumers to try on clothes and accessories online" •  Less likely to purchase high-end expensive fashion products" •  Difficult for smaller, independent fashion blogs and websites to !make names for themselves" •  Concerned about internet security and privacy issue over online !shopping." •  Ease of comparison gives the power of information to the !consumer"
  9. 9. Opportunities Analysis •  Ability for a number of the smaller fashion websites to link !together to create a real powerful online fashion network" •  Fashion websites allows for competitive pricing. " •  The 35-44 year olds, especially time-pressed parents, have taken !to online fashion shopping for its convenience" •  Improving customer experience " •  Leading value proposition is the wider availability of products !online " •  High gas prices keep consumers at home " •  Gift-giving made easier by wish lists and registries "
  10. 10. GAP Analysis •  Current Target Group: Females aged 18-65, a very wide !range" •  Proposed Target Group: “Mature Fashionistas” aged 35+" !- 45-64 year olds appear to be the most receptive to emails about promotions and !new products [Online Shopping, 2009]! !- 65% of online apparel sales are made" ! by women over age 35, [NPD Group]! !- The fastest growing sales are baby" ! boomer women, 55-64 years old " !- Sales of 55-64 year olds rose 11% " !despite the recession while sales of " !24-34 year olds fell 8% in 08-09" "[Source: Wall Street Journal, 8]!
  11. 11. W2WW
  12. 12. Target Group Mature Fashionistas: " Women age 35-65 " Characteristics: " Time constrained , college-educated, business professionals, " working moms, style-conscious, but not necessarily fashion-fluent" Online Behavior:" !- The fastest growing segment of Facebook users is women over !55 [Wall Street Journal, 8]! !- Social Network and blogs (reading, writing, and commenting) !are the two most popular activities for women" ! [http://www.slideshare.net/]! Income:" About half of this target group has income over $75,000" [http://www.slideshare.net/]!
  13. 13. Positioning Statement “ For the Mature Fashionistas, What 2 Wear Where is a one stop online fashion hub that provides social engagement and lifestyle advice through its unique focus on the relevant issues and concerns of its seasoned demographics. ”"
  14. 14. Logo Makeover
  15. 15. Media Planning
  16. 16. Online Media •  Display Advertising and online ads" •  Sponsorships of certain fashion related pages on websites !like MSN, Yahoo etc. " •  Examples:" !- Cbs.com" !- iVillage.com" !- Moviefone.com" !- Webmd.com" !- Wsj.com" !- Cbsnews.com" !- Amazon.com" !- Classmates.com" !- Orbitz.com" !- MSN maps and directions " "[Sources: MRI+]!
  17. 17. Marketing through Talk Show Appearances Why Talk Shows??" •  They can be inexpensive ways to create brand awareness" •  Appearance can create “buzz” around the brand" •  Traditional talk shows resonate strongly with women 35-65 [MRI index# 193]! Based on Nielsen’s Top 10 Talk Shows for Women 35-65, we recommend to begin with the following shows:" Program Name Rating Audience Total Viewers Good Morning 3.8 4,342,000 5,749,000 America The Bonnie Hunt 3.3 3,809,000 4,819,000 Show The Today Show 3.2 3,651,000 4,655,000
  18. 18. Guerilla Marketing •  Office Placement! !- Office Cafeteria" !- Coffee Rooms" !- Bathrooms" •  Hotels! !- Target hotels that the Mature Fashionistas visit by !! !having W2WW’s logo and tagline placed on hangers in !hotel rooms. In exchange, allow these select hotels to !advertise on W2WW’s website."
  19. 19. In-Store •  Partner with laundry facilities to get the !W2WW website address placed on !the plastic clothing take-out cover." •  Ads in shoe and handbag stores. It is !not uncommon for women to buy !shoes without an accompanying outfit !so this will give W2WW an !opportunity to capture an interested !group."
  20. 20. Media Budget Allocation
  21. 21. Tips & Advice
  22. 22. Recommended Goals to Set •  Audience Growth" •  Return Visitors" •  A “Thank You” page for Sign-up" •  A “Thank You” page for newsletter !subscription" •  A “Thank You” or a “Be Back Soon!” !page for the “listed items” page" •  For the blog"
  23. 23. Additions to the Website A.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)! •  Add keywords" •  Add videos" •  Tag images and videos" •  Add site map" B.  Community! •  Advice section/ live chat" •  Face of the week" •  Holding contest" •  Forums and discussion topics" •  Trial on the website" •  Recommended sites for reciprocal link building"
  24. 24. Brand Extensions •  Sections about:" -  Celebrity fashion: what’s hot, what’s not" - Dedicated to new launches" - Skin & hair care, places to travel, indie art/music & indie !jewelry" -  Best food to eat (what to eat when)" -  Suggestions based on location (when to be where)" •  Featured blogs as alternative to creating content – increase !outbound links, potential to increase inbound links." Future Forecast! •  Staff writer contributions from big cities around the globe (i.e. !L.A., Chicago, Paris, Milan, Tokyo)"
  25. 25. Ways for Monetization •  Featured food places" •  Paid listings of events" •  For the indie art, music and jewelry !sections, artists who have their work !featured can pay a fee to W2WW" •  Holiday shopping sponsorships"
  26. 26. Questions ?