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Shannyn Allan

  1. 1. From Blog To Brand: What Your Blog Needs To Attract Clients, Media Mentions & Get Noticed By Major Brands
  2. 2. Obligatory Personal Slide • Founded in 2011 • Was super broke so learned how to blog to talk about being broke • Used blog to be significantly less broke • Built career from blog
  3. 3. Overview • What Brands Look For When Working With A Blogger • Key Content & Page Optimization • Building A Solid Media Kit • Your Perfect Pitch • Tips & Tricks To Getting Noticed
  4. 4. Biggest Mistake Bloggers Make • Only tweeting posts or recycling irrelevant posts • No social media icons in the sidebar • Horrible photos in pages/posts, or using really corporate stock images • Not enough relevant personal info that will help us understand your voice or demographic • Oversharing & overselling (All content should be a triple win!)
  5. 5. What Brands Look • Optimize Content Pages: Pages For: Should Tell A Story And Sell Your Site As Part Of Your Brand • Social Media: Be Savvily Social & Aware Of Who Is Reading Your Tweets • Build Strategic Partnerships: Guest posts & group memberships demonstrate solidarity and sustainability
  6. 6. Build Your Media Kit
  7. 7. Inside The Media Kit • Page One: About You, Your Blog, Demographics/Readership & Topics • Page Two: Deliverables & Policies (what they can expect while working with you) • Page Three: SpecificAdvertising Options, Ad Packages, Rates & Payment Options
  8. 8. Implementing The Kit • Save as a PDF and send only on request, do not post publicly • Treat it like a résuméapplying for business with a brand is like applying for a job. kit=résumé. pitch=cover letter. • Use it as a negotiation tool
  9. 9. Pitching Your That Brand • Create a Pitch Email Requires Little Or No Customization • Decide Your Objectives & Be Specific! One sentence should be a call to action • Directly Ask for the Marketing/PR contact if you’re emailing a generic address • Keep Your Reader In Mind: busy, limited budget, focused on deliverables.
  10. 10. Pitch Email • Greeting: Name, URL, what you blog about. • Why: Why are you contacting them? • What: What Are You Offering? • Get A Lead: Who should you speak to? Or how should you follow up? • Offer the Media Kit: Disclose stats, rates, etc. only upon
  11. 11. Reasons A Company May Not Work With You • Their company isn’t structured to filter your request • You may be working with an unknown competitor • They may be working with an advertising/PR firm • They have no idea what a blog is or how to work with one
  12. 12. How out your SEO Noticed To Get with topical • Pimp posts & keywords they look for • Reach out via DM/PM on social media • Have a solid pitch & offer a media kit • Be stupid easy to contact & look human • Work with other brands to snowball success
  13. 13. Rock On & Ask Questions. Ask Questions.