It started out as a small tremor on the lower decks...
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It started out as a small tremor on the lower decks...



About PubSub and how the transport industry really needs an upgrade. Really.

About PubSub and how the transport industry really needs an upgrade. Really.



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It started out as a small tremor on the lower decks... Presentation Transcript

  • 1. It  started  out  as  a   small  tremor  on  the  lower  decks... About  PubSub  and  how  the  transport  industry  really  needs   an  upgrade.  Really. Per  Olof  Arnäs Chalmers  University  of  Technology per-­‐ @Dr_PO Slides  published  to Images  CC-­‐licensed,   a<ribu=on  in  comments
  • 2. The  transport  industry 3  things Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 3. …physical
  • 4. …public Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 5. …analogue Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 6. Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 7
  • 7. Transporta=on  has  developed more  or  less  linearly the  last  5500  years... Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 8. ...which  the  informa=on   technology  has  not.CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Technology  Management  and  Economics Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 9. replaced been byThe has map the compass Seth  Godin
  • 10. Historically,  the  transport   industry  has  been  very  reac=ve Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 11. You  cant  just  ask  customers  what  they  want   and  then  try  to  give  that  to  them.   By  the  =me  you  get  it  built,  theyll  want   something  new. Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 12. It’s  =me  for  proac=vity Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 13. DIGITAL  INFRASTRUCTURE Technological  pla]ormsLarge  flows  of  data Seman=cal  pla]orms Form Divergent  data  flows Source Contents Quality Integra=on  pla]orms Con=nuity 14
  • 14. We  need  a   new  digital   platform Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 15. More  popular  than  ever  -­‐   Pigeon  version  20.0 Technology  Management  and  EconomicsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Logis4kcs  and  Transporta4on
  • 16. Time  to  change  birds
  • 17. Su bs Sub cr bin e scr ip=o Com M as ip= n huSubscrip= on Create  value p on Re m i x =on scrip Sub My   own   data
  • 18. Su Sub bscubs scriiprp crip =on =o =o nscrip=onn nubscrip=o Publish PubSub
  • 19. Benefits  in  transporta=on Dialogue  between   Footprin=ng Increase  efficiency   vehicle  and   by  sharing  data infrastructure
  • 20. Dialogue  between  vehicle   and  infrastructure Access  control Journey   Text Probe  data planning  data Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 23
  • 21. Footprin=ng Energy  use Environmental Economical Infrastructure  use
  • 22. Increase  efficiency   by  sharing  data Matchmaking Bo<le-­‐neck  planning Op=mize  vehicle  use Op=mize  infrastructure  use Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 25
  • 23. Obstacles Old/outdated   No  cri=cal  mass Security  issues, values,   both  business-­‐   knowledge,   and  data-­‐ ideas Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 26
  • 24. Security  issues Separate   business  data  from   opera=onal  status   informa=on Do  not  publish Publish Control  access Use  filters  etc.
  • 25. Old/outdated  values,   knowledge,  ideas Lead  on.  Those   Spread  the   who  understand   knowledge will  follow  and   evolve  with  you Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 28
  • 26. No  cri=cal  mass Forget  the  map  -­‐   Build  ramps   use  the  compass instead  of  stairs ”Roughly  west” Incremental  win-­‐ win Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 29
  • 27. Use  the  compass  -­‐  not  the  map Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 30
  • 28. Build  ramps  -­‐  not  stairs Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 31
  • 29. Soon... Ins=tu=onen  för  Teknikens  ekonomi  och  organisa=onCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Avdelningen  för  logis=k  och  transport 32
  • 30. Su bs cr ip =o nscrip=on And  keep  broadcas=ng  ;-­‐) Thank  you  for   listening! Slides  published  to Images  CC-­‐licensed,  a<ribu=on  in  comments