CTN capacities


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Maritime Technological Centre capacities

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CTN capacities

  1. 1. Maritime Technological Centre- CTN Centre www.ctnaval.com 26th November 2012 www.ctnaval.comPresentación Corporativa CTN. © CNT 2009 pág. 1 TALLER UCN-CTN www.ctnaval.com pág. 2
  2. 2. TALLER UCN-CTN Who and where we arewww.ctnaval.com pág. 3TALLER UCN-CTN TALLER UCN-CTN We are a private technology transfer center 2.104 m2 Documental room with more than D l ih h 1.300 references 3 Meeting rooms+ auditory Technical Office T h i l Offi 4 Laboratories 1 Workshop 1 Underwater acoustics tankwww.ctnaval.com pág. 4
  3. 3. TALLER UCN-CTN Our added valuewww.ctnaval.com pág. 5TALLER UCN-CTN TALLER UCN-CTN Our added value. Making ideas happen  Commitment with the maritime and naval sector companies  Multidisciplinar technical office aimed at giving a highly professional service to offer t h l i l specialized solutions ff technological i li d l ti  Personalized solutions applicable to short, medium and large term  Bussiness management model gwww.ctnaval.com pág. 6
  4. 4. Technology transfer Create the necessary framework conditions to make and effective technology transfer. CTN cont ib tes b : contributes by  Analizing the feasibility of new initiatives.  Calculating the costs of the full proccess, from the very beggining up to the transfering the knoweldge.  Sea c Searching the best partner for transfering the knowledge. g e bes pa e o a se g e o edge  Identifying aspects that require further research activities.  Organizing the training for skills development.  Facilitating businesses with Spanish companies.www.ctnaval.com pág. 7 Collaborators  Secretary of the maritime regional cluster: NYM www.navalydelmar.com  Coordinators of Robotics Workgroup from the Technological Maritime Platform  CTN is a Pescaplus agent of the Spanish Maritime Fishing General Secretary. Member of:  PTEPA http://www.ptepa.org/ the Spanish FishingTechnology Platform. Platform  Spanish Maritime Technonogical Platform www.ptmaritima.org  CECOTEC net of Technological Centers of Murcia Region  Spanish maritime cluster http://www clustermaritimo es/ http://www.clustermaritimo.es/  Participation in PREVECMA.www.ctnaval.com pág. 8
  5. 5. TALLER UCN-CTN TALLER UCN-CTN Our services. R&D Services in our areas of Innovation Services specialization: • New coating removal technologies:  Competitive intelligence painting, blasting  Technological diagnosis. • Tecnologies for Fishing and  Lean School Aquaculture.  R&D grant management services • Naval and Oceanographical  Technical secretary of networks and Technologies. clusters • Underwater Acoustics.  Technological consultingwww.ctnaval.com pág. 9TALLER UCN-CTN TALLER UCN-CTN Research and Development • New coating removal technologies: Painting Blasting Painting, Blasting. • Technological Developments for Fishing and Aquaculture. • Naval and Oceanographical Technologies. • Underwater Acoustics Acoustics.www.ctnaval.com pág. 10
  6. 6. TALLER UCN-CTN TALLER UCN-CTN Some examples of technology transferwww.ctnaval.com pág. 11 Underwater acoustic  Underwater wireless communications communications,  Propagation models  Acoustic signature  Noise mitigationwww.ctnaval.com pág. 12
  7. 7. Underwater noise pollution Underwater noise impact assesment. p Noise monitoring monitoring. Mitigation measures. CTN patentwww.ctnaval.com pág. 13 ProjectsSIGETIP: Management System for IMO regulations about corrosion and painting Web solution to manage the processes of preparing, processing and inspection of surfaces. The sol tion has been de eloped solution developed by using Open Source technologies like Java, Spring, Hibernate Hibernate, Tapestry Tapestry, Postgree and Javascript. By developing this application, all business p processes are managed through a single tool, with information available for who needs it just when he needs it.www.ctnaval.com pág. 14
  8. 8. ProjectsERP implementation CTN has collaborated with many companies on the configuration and implementation of ERP. Analysis and changes in internal business processes based on LEAN management methodology. g gy Analysis of the most appropriate tool Personalization and customization of the selected tool.www.ctnaval.com pág. 15 Projects Enterprise Content Management; Alfresco Based in open-source ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Alfresco. Through Alfresco you can implement document management workflows, process management, eco ds cont ol cont ol management records control, control of content for web sites, Wikis, etc.. fo eb sites Wikis etcwww.ctnaval.com pág. 16
  9. 9. Projects LinkPark / SLPB: Management of the Spanish ships register. Developed using free-distribution standarized technologies based on standards allowing a complete interoperability among the existing systems.www.ctnaval.com pág. 17 Projects LOCALIZA: System to control and locate the presence in the ship and to man y p p overboard detection. The project is aimed to integrate into a single device a system to locate in real time -using RFID technology- the persons on board at fishing vessels, l h l h b d f h l and to detect person’s fall off boat and their position using GPS technology, water detectors and low-frequency radio linkwww.ctnaval.com pág. 18
  10. 10. ProjectsRepresentation and data collection system from oceanographic buoys The developed system collects data from an oceanographic buoy and sends them via SMS through a GPRS network. Data are uploaded into a Microsoft SQL database and they are showed in a web application.www.ctnaval.com pág. 19 Projects. European Project SELFDOT http://sites.google.com/site/selfdottpublic /partners The objective of the project is to develope a captive Atlantic Bluefin Tuna (BFT ) broodstocks and larval rearing methods to support the sustainable development of BFT aquaculture. The CTN contribution is the development of the system for collecting the BFT eggs.www.ctnaval.com pág. 20
  11. 11. Projects European Project SELFDOT http://sites google com/site/selfdottpublic/partners http://sites.google.com/site/selfdottpublic/partnerswww.ctnaval.com pág. 21 ProjectsUnderwater inspection system based on technology-IP video Portable device based on IP cameras that allows the inspection of work and underwater structures with Full HD picture quality by using high definition cameras up to 1080p. The device allows full-duplex communication between divers and the surface so that it can give instructions to the divers and these are recorded along with the images.www.ctnaval.com pág. 22
  12. 12. Summary We create the framework conditions to make and effective technology transfer transfer. Analizing the feasibility. Calculating the costs of the full proccess. Searching the best partner. Identifying further research activities. Organizing the training for skills development. Facilitating businesses. www.ctnaval.com pág. 23 Thanks. More information: Noelia Ortega Managing Director +34968197521 nortega@ctnaval.com www.ctnaval.comPresentación Corporativa CTN. © CNT 2009 pág. 24