An	  outlook	  into	  a	  (possible)	  future                                                       Per	  Olof	  Arnäs    ...
In	  30	  years                                                  from	  now...                                       ...wh...
e                                       S om Global	  trends                                  Climate	  change   Sustainab...
Sustainability	  will	  affect	                                       everything	  we	  doCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Environmental	  tax	                      will	  increase	  greatly                                  Consumers	  demand	  ...
Most	  of	  us	  will	  live	  in	  ciJesCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
ExponenJal	  increase	                          in	  complexity                                  City	  LogisJcs	  becomes...
We	  will	  experience	  an	  energy	                                        shortageCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Not	  enough	  biomass,            materials	  etc.                                  Not	  available	  where	             ...
Vehicles	  and	  vessels	  will	                                       (always)	  be	  ”full”CC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Specialized	  vehiclesCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Two                                          tr endsthat	  will affect                                  other              ...
b   eginning             We	  are	  in	  the	  middle	  of	  a	  huge	  exponenJal	  	  CC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs      ...
A	  new	  global	  eco-­‐system	  where	  new	  types	                       of,	  knowledge	  based,	  industries        ...
Startups	  don’t	  compete	  with	  airlines...	                                    by	  purchasing	  a	  bunch	  of	  pla...
Startups	  don’t	  compete	  with	  airlines...	                                    by	  purchasing	  a	  bunch	  of	  pla...
Homo	  DigitalisCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Even	  though	  the	  created	  world	          around	  us	  evolves	  quickly...                                        ...
People	  will	  sJll	  want	  the	  same	  things                            Get	  laid                                   ...
CC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
CC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
We	  are	  deeply	  connected	  to	                                      everything	  around	  us         From	  Minority	...
Homo	  Economicus                                  The	  Economic	  ManCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Homo	  Digitalis	  Economicus                                   Well-­‐informed       The                         Well-­‐e...
Our	  digital	  double	  will	  be	  our	                                     extension	  into	  the	  ”matrix”      No	  ...
ProsumerismCC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
CC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
3D-­‐prinJng	  will	  be	  done	  at	  home	          or	  in	  local/regional	  faciliJes                      Increased	...
CC-­‐BY	  Per	  Olof	  Arnäs
Thank	  you!           Per	  Olof	  Arnäs           Chalmers           per-­‐           @Dr_PO      ...
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Future outlook


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How will we live in 30 years time? How will the transportation and logistics industry be affected?

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    Why I Decided To Become A Cyborg by JD Hancock
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    /ponder by hobvias sudoneighm
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    Blue Marble (Planet Earth) by woodleywonderworks
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    Green Leaf of a Bio Plant in Nature by epSos .de
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    Downtown Vancouver Sunset by Magnus Larsson
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    Anymore room ? by pete
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    Dante Cyborg by Roberto Rizzato
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    Evolution by Ryan Woon
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    Lo que el viento se llevo / Gone with the wind by J. Carlos Fernández
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    Minority Report Mall Scene:

    things i believe by Martin Sharman
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    3D printing demo -- ball bearings! by dehurt:
    CES 2012: Cubed 3D Home Printer by AMussey:
    uPrint SE 3D Printer Creates Wrench with Moving Parts Already Assembled by stratasysfdm:
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Future outlook

  1. 1. An  outlook  into  a  (possible)  future Per  Olof  Arnäs Chalmers per-­‐olof.arnas@chalmers.seCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs @Dr_PO
  2. 2. In  30  years from  now... ...what  will  the   world  be  like? live? work?  will  we travel?CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs consume?
  3. 3. e S om Global  trends Climate  change Sustainability  focus Popula4on  growth UrbanizaJon Energy  shortage Efficiency  focusCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  4. 4. Sustainability  will  affect   everything  we  doCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  5. 5. Environmental  tax   will  increase  greatly Consumers  demand   transparencyCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  6. 6. Most  of  us  will  live  in  ciJesCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  7. 7. ExponenJal  increase   in  complexity City  LogisJcs  becomes   a  global  industryCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  8. 8. We  will  experience  an  energy   shortageCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  9. 9. Not  enough  biomass, materials  etc. Not  available  where   it  is  needed  mostCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  10. 10. Vehicles  and  vessels  will   (always)  be  ”full”CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  11. 11. Specialized  vehiclesCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  12. 12. Two tr endsthat  will affect other  logisJcs  and  transportaJon 1:  Homo  Digitalis 2:  ProsumerismCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  13. 13. b eginning We  are  in  the  middle  of  a  huge  exponenJal    CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs development  curve
  14. 14. A  new  global  eco-­‐system  where  new  types   of,  knowledge  based,  industries compete  with  the  tradiJonal  onesCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  15. 15. Startups  don’t  compete  with  airlines...   by  purchasing  a  bunch  of  planes hiring  a  bunch  of  pilots and  locking  up  a  bunch  of  terminals  at  airports.CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs h"p://­‐problem-­‐with-­‐innova=on
  16. 16. Startups  don’t  compete  with  airlines...   by  purchasing  a  bunch  of  planes hiring  a  bunch  of  pilots and  locking  up  a  bunch  of  terminals  at  airports. Startups  compete  with  airlines  by   invenJng  videoconferencing.CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs h"p://­‐problem-­‐with-­‐innova=on
  17. 17. Homo  DigitalisCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  18. 18. Even  though  the  created  world   around  us  evolves  quickly... ...we  as  a  species  do  not.   Well,  not  without  tools,  anyway.CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  19. 19. People  will  sJll  want  the  same  things Get  laid Get  paid Get  madeCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs Quote  from  Dave  McClure
  20. 20. CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  21. 21. CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  22. 22. We  are  deeply  connected  to   everything  around  us From  Minority  ReportCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  23. 23. Homo  Economicus The  Economic  ManCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  24. 24. Homo  Digitalis  Economicus Well-­‐informed The Well-­‐equipped Economic  Man Well-­‐connected data With  high  expectaJons  on opJmizaJon interacJonCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  25. 25. Our  digital  double  will  be  our   extension  into  the  ”matrix” No  difference  between   personal  and  professional Interac4on Nego4a4on Our  double  will  handle Op4miza4on Communica4on FilteringCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  26. 26. ProsumerismCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  27. 27. CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  28. 28. 3D-­‐prinJng  will  be  done  at  home   or  in  local/regional  faciliJes Increased  global  flows   of  raw  materials Decreased  global  flow   of  productsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  29. 29. CC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs
  30. 30. Thank  you! Per  Olof  Arnäs Chalmers per-­‐ @Dr_PO Slides  available  on  my   SlideShare  channel: Images  CC-­‐licensed,  source   in  commentsCC-­‐BY  Per  Olof  Arnäs