Social Media Intermediate 2.0


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So your nonprofit has a page and some fans on Facebook. Maybe you’ve even started tweeting. Now what? Join us for the Social Media Intermediate brown bag where we’ll discuss how to put together a simple social media policy for your organization and share methods for measuring the success of your efforts. This brown bag offers a healthy mix of high-level social media strategy along with concrete tips and tricks to help your organization rock the socks off your social media efforts.

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  • NPower Northwest is where savvy nonprofits turn for technology. At NPower, we’re guided by the belief that technology can transform the nonprofit sector and play a pivotal role in creating greater good.  When you work with us, you understand all your options and can move forward with an approach that you are confident makes most sense for your organization, in terms of both impact and cost. Check out our website at to learn more about what we do and how we work.
  • See “Big Picture”See how various channels relateBecome Proactive vs. ReactiveSystem you WILL use
  • Social Media Intermediate 2.0

    1. 1. Social Media Intermediate 2.0 a brown bag presentation
    2. 2. NPower Northwest• Vision – A thriving community with high performing nonprofits.• Mission – To strengthen the nonprofit sector by catalyzing innovation and driving adoption of technology solutions.
    3. 3. Poll• Primary Role representing here today• Why are you interested in topic?
    4. 4. Road MapSocial Media• Some numbers and a brief overview• Choosing a focusGet a RoutineQ&A
    5. 5. Social Media: Some numbers
    6. 6. 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Report % of Nonprofits using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Myspace Download the full report
    7. 7. Facebook and Twitter Frequency of Use % of users who use the site at least once a day 52% % of users who use the site at least once a week 84% % of users who use the site at least once a day 33% % of users who use the site at least once a week 48% Source: Pew Research Center
    8. 8. Social Media:A brief overview
    9. 9. Expectations Management“Our limitations and success will be based,most often, on your own expectations forourselves. What the mind dwells upon, thebody acts upon.”Denise Waitly Photo by KayVee.INC
    10. 10. Re-Define SuccessIts about the Quality, not the Quantity Vs100 fans who 10 fans who takearent engaged action
    11. 11. Build RelationshipsRemember “Social” comes before “Media” for a reason • Don’t connect only when you need something • Be deliberate about creating relationships • Respond when others reach out
    12. 12. Social Media Reflects Mission Offline goals should = Online goals
    13. 13. Social Media:Choosing a Focus
    14. 14. Possible FocusesAll 3 are important parts of a complete socialmedia strategy, figure out your percentage• Storytelling• Information Hub• Community Building
    15. 15. Storytelling Nonprofit Case Study• Personalized• Strong focus on creating good content (pictures, blog posts, videos, etc)• Day-in-the-lifeOther Orgs to Watch:• Operation Homefront• Big Cat Rescue
    16. 16. Information Nonprofit Hub Case Studies Other Orgs to Watch: • GLAAD • Grist• Trusted source for info about specific topics• Connected to similar orgs
    17. 17. Community Building Case Study Other Orgs to Watch: • • Goodwill Industries• Emphasis on call to action• Focused on building relationships with individuals Watch the full video here
    18. 18. Get a Routine
    19. 19. Get A RoutineImage Credit:
    20. 20. Get A Routine | Listen (RSS)
    21. 21. Get A Routine | Engage YourselfIf you want people to join your community you should be active in theirs as well
    22. 22. Get A Routine | Listen (Alerts)Google searches and send you emails when it finds what you need
    23. 23. Get A Routine | Schedule• Multiple Platforms• Monitor key terms• Schedule Posts• Analytics
    24. 24. Get A Routine | Schedule Get ready now…goes out later.
    25. 25. Get A Routine | Editorial Calendar
    26. 26. Get A Routine | Editorial CalendarPromote Event Follow-Up
    27. 27. Get A Routine | Create a PolicyThe YMCA of Metro Chicago created this chart to help staff know how to respondto comments on social media channels. [link]
    28. 28. Get A Routine | Monitor Community
    29. 29. Questions
    30. 30. Take Aways• Goals keep you focused on the mission• Choose a focus for your social media efforts• Tools are key to being efficient Analysis Goals• Ever-evolving process Tools Strategy Tactic
    31. 31. Thank You Abby Nafziger AmeriCorps VISTA at NPower Northwest Twitter: @abbynaf NPower Northwest Website: Facebook: Twitter: @npowernw