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How to Really Get Heard - Champaign University Y 11-3-2009
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How to Really Get Heard - Champaign University Y 11-3-2009


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A quick 2-hour overview of nonprofit communications strategy, pitching old-school, social media the news and us, and some very quick and dirty spokesperson tips.

A quick 2-hour overview of nonprofit communications strategy, pitching old-school, social media the news and us, and some very quick and dirty spokesperson tips.

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  • Mission statementsGood IntentionsJargon & GibberishBackground informationGeneralities
  • Oh No!...disaster, tragedy, bad newsYes!...victory, agreement, improvementWow!...extreme, unique eventHmmm!...thought-provoking, stimulatingRituals...opening days, funerals, birthdaysNews You Can Use...helpful information
  • Imagine your audience and what they will askRoleplay, rehearse, build up to the most important news outletsList!Release!
  • Newspapers audience is up more than ever on the Web but their advertising revenue is down, down, downWes Bleed story-platform changes the message (Clay made this point better this morning) He got laid off
  • The NEW News report for the TrustThe news is increasingly UNlikely to cover you/your issue no matter how good you are
  • Our own survey-sector response to changesImpact survey is source ; scale was 1 to 4 strongly disagree, disagree, agree, strongly agreeSocial media: eb’s doing itPrint? What print?Online news coverage is workingReporters who used to cover us got laid offNot so much on capacity but not badSome status quo, some layoffs, a bit of added capacityQuestions?
  • Your point of view is the most important thing at the momentYou got here because what you know and think is of valueBeing nervous is normalChannel fear into excitement and enthusiasmUse breathing, centering—relaxation techniques that work for you
  • Transcript

    • 1. How toReally Get
      Gordon Mayer
    • 2. If you could write the headlineon your story, what would it say?
    • 3. CMWho?
    • 4. Why We Communicate
      Turnout Attendance at an event
      AwarenessUsually traces back to money
      AdvocacyBest to engage audience
    • 5. What Are Our Goals?
    • 6. Who Are Our Audiences?
    • 7. What Are Our Messages
      Got milk? / ¿Tomaleche?
    • 8. Audiences Do Not Want
      “mission statement” by Ecastro, from flickr
    • 9.
    • 10.
    • 11. FactsAreMeaningless
    • 12. WhatStoriesCarryMessagesTo Our Audiences?
    • 13. Crafting An Elevator SpeechWho We Are, In A Minute Or So
      Hi! My name is _____ and I work with…
      You know how… (problem)
      Well, what we do is…(feature)
      So that …(benefit)
      We’re kind of like the…(metaphor)
      Feature: the physical traits or description of what you do
      Benefit: a feature translated into a member’s satisfaction. What do the members get because of what you do?
      Metaphor: a comparison that can be funny or startling; goal is to make your work familiar.
    • 14. 6 Types of Stories
      Oh No!...disaster, tragedy, bad news
      Yes!...victory, agreement, improvement
      Wow!...extreme, unique event
      Hmmm!...thought-provoking, stimulating
      Rituals...opening days, funerals, birthdays
      News You Can Use...helpful information
    • 15. Pitching 2.0
      1. Package
    • 16. 2. Practice
    • 17. 3. Pitch
      “Do youhave aminute
      for meto pitch
      youa story?”
    • 18. If it’sthat easy,why isgettingnewscoverage so hard?
    • 19. ToMakeNews,YouNeedTo DoorCreate Something
      Man bites Dog, Peter Blapps, from flickr
    • 20. Social Media
    • 21. The News…
      Bob Black for CMW
    • 22. Tribune and Sun-Times, 1986-2008
      Source = Newsbank, March 2009
    • 23. …and Us
      How has communications changed? (summer 2009)
    • 24. The Alternatives May Be Better
      Community news
    • 25. Help, I’m Nervous
      Steven Poff, “July 31st 2008 - I Aimed, I Pulled the Trigger, from flickr
    • 26. Rock Star Interview Tips: Bridging
      If you are asked a question not on your agenda, bridging is the effective way to respond.
      Nikki Sixx, by Tawny Rockerazzi from flickr
    • 27. Interview Tips:Flagging
    • 28. More tips
      “For instance…”
      The three Cs
      Best/Worst, Last/First
      Ultimate expert
      Quote your enemy
    • 29. PowerofThree
    • 30. PowerPoint, Handouts, & Anchor People
      Scott, 9/12/2007
    • 31. Thank you!
      Learn more at the blog:
      Join our network at
      Gordon Mayer,